[TNA] Nash Returns to the Ring, Waltman Problems & More Notes


– Kevin Nash, who was unable to compete in his last scheduled TNA match due to heart-related issues, has recently wrestled low-exertion matches in South Africa. He has also been pursuing more acting roles.

– Contrary to Internet rumors and comments from Dixie Carter, TNA is NOT planning house shows for 2006, as they are not profitable business at this time. They may be looking to team up with local promoters to do some shows, however. Another possibility is testing another market to use to run PPVs.

– TNA was thinking about bringing in some talent from Mexico, but most of the top names are in CMLL, and Konnan has had some political problems with that promotion.

– Sean Waltman will likely come in at some point, but one thing that won’t help his cause is a report that he recently passed out in his hotel and needed to be revived. He denies additional rumors that he had to be carried out of his room.

– Alexis from WWE Diva Search had been seen as a TNA ring girl, but not on TV.

– Xplosion is not on in the US due to Spike TV’s exclusivity deal. An interesting note: on Spike, they’re allowed to show blood, whereas they weren’t allowed to on FSN. Morphoplex is paying 200k per month to sponsor the shows on Spike.

– In other TV-related news, the Fight Network in Canada is thinking about touring mixed Wrestling, MMA, Kickboxing and Boxing shows.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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