[RAW] Potentially Confusing Angle to be Explained on Monday (Spoilers)


PWInsider.com is reporting that as of right now, the scheduled “tiebreaker” match between Kurt and Shawn on RAW is still scheduled, with the plan being for “the storyline that started on Smackdown to carry over to Raw, where Angle’s future will be explained.” Dave Scherer is promising more details on tomorrow’s “No Name Show” in the site’s Elite section.

Hopefully some questions — thus far unexplained — will be answered, such as:

– Is Kurt still on the RAW roster, giving that promotion BOTH major titles?
– Or has Kurt Angle been switched to the SD roster?
– Was he traded? Did his contract run out? Did he ask Vince for his release so he could sign with SD?

Additionally, according to WWE.com, NEXT week’s Smackdown is being taped on Sunday, January 15 at 7:30pm in Florence, SC. Essentially that means we may know what happens on RAW based on SD tapings occuring a day earlier. A bizarre week in wrestling indeed!

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