TNA At Ringside: Final Resolution Preview


Welcome back to ringside everyone. As you are reading this, I am probably on a plane to Philly or I?m in Philly. I plan on wearing my Terrell Owens jersey while in Philly so if you don?t see anything from me in awhile; I?m either in the hospital or dead.

News And Shit

Sting is getting along with everyone backstage

As much as TNA is paying Sting he better be getting along with everyone backstage. But really, it?s very nice to see Sting getting along with everyone and it?s good to hear that he?s willing to put the young guys over. If Sting continues down this road for his year in TNA then they could slowly creep up on WWE. No, it won?t happen right away but with the name of Sting and knowing that more people will leave/get fired from TNA, it could happen in time. I?m really excited to see if Sting can still go in the ring this Sunday at the PPV.

WWE releases Juvi

No, this is not TNA news but it could affect TNA. Do I think they should sign Juvi? Sure, he?s a great talent in the ring despite his backstage problems. Will they sign Juvi? No, they fired Kid Kash who is just as good in the ring because of his backstage problems. If Juvi couldn?t change his attitude being in the SD Locker Room (with leaders like JBL, Taker, and Holly) then I doubt he will change his ways being in the TNA locker room.

TNA pulls another 0.9 Rating

So close once again. Now I think that the 1/14 episode or the episode after the PPV will pull a 1.0 Why? BECAUSE THAT?S HOW I ROLL!!!! Yes, I got it in early this time. Anyway, I think people will want to see if Sting will show in the episode before the PPV and they will want to see match highlights on the episode after the PPV. If one of those episodes doesn?t pull a 1.0 then the first episode where Christian is the Champion will pull a 1.0. Bank on it.

TNA Final Resolution Preview

*Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Monty Brown

This match seems pretty predictable to me. Christian will pin Jarrett to earn a title shot at Against All Odds. If that doesn?t happen, then I don?t know what the hell will. I guess the only other solution would be to have Sting pin Jarrett to earn a title shot. If the team of Jarrett/Brown wins then TNA booking screwed up. Becuase there should be no way in hell that Sting or Christian job in Stings return and Christians first Main Event match. They?ve built this match very nicely with the absence of Sting. Christian has been spot on with his promos on Jarrett and I enjoyed the spoof on Sting (not as much as Neely, but it wasn?t horrible after editing). I expect this match to play out like most tag matches: Faces start off hot, Heels gain advantage, Heels work over on Christian, Christian makes the hot tag to Sting, The crowd goes ape shit, More wrestling, And the faces win.

*Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels

Build? What build? TNA is pretty much saying “It’s Joe, It’s Daniels, You’ll watch.” And in a sense, they’re right. When I found out Joe/Daniels was on this PPV, I didn’t need a build. I was going to rent the PPV regardless. I will admit that the build should have been a bit better considering the only thing that happened was promo cutting but hey, I can live with that. These two guys let their wrestling do the talking. All that said, Joe is going to win the match. I can’t see his unbeaten streak coming to an end one month into his X Division title reign. This is your early MOTY candidate and it most likely won’t hold up until December but people will be talking about it for a few months. Unless TNA throws out another Joe/Daniels/Styles match. Hint hint.

*America’s Most Wanted vs. Team 3-D

Now this won’t be a squash type match like last month. Turning Point was nothing but a revenge match for Team 3-D and it served its purpose. This month it’s about the titles and a good wrestling match. Last year at this PPV, AMW and Team Canada put on one hell of a tag match, if these 2 teams can half that effort then we are all in for a treat. I figure now would be the best time to take the titles off AMW. They’ve had the belts since October and haven’t had a high profile feud until now. Take the belts off of them and establish new tag teams.

*Abyss vs. Rhino

Here is your monthly brawl. And we shouldn’t expect any more or less out of these two. It’s not going to be a mat classic or anything like that. It’s going to be two men beating the living hell out of each other for no reason other than just to see each other bleed. TNA has specialized in brawls the past few months and these guys are two of the best. I think Abyss will win setting up a King Of The Mountain match Against All Odds. But more on that next week.

*AJ Styles vs. Tanahashi

I can’t really say much about this match because I don’t know who the hell Tanahashi is. I hear really good things about him from different people so that’s a good thing I guess. I figure AJ will get the win and then Shannon Moore will attack AJ setting up their feud.

*Raven vs. ?????

As I have mentioned before, I think bringing in Tommy Dreamer would be the best move here but it most likely won’t happen. Eric S. and I agree that The Sandman will be the man brought in for this match. There are of course other guys they could bring in but Sandman and Raven have a history in ECW and can both put on a hell of a brawl (which we all know that Larry will make this match some type of brawl.) I think Raven will go over again setting up the King Of The Mountain Match.

Plugging Hevia

So in the latest Crucifix, Dan Hevia brings the goods. I’ve always liked Hevia’s work and liked it even more after he gave me a paragraph of praise in a past column. So read The Crucifix

Now I tried to send an e-mail to Hevia but it didn’t go through. So here’s the e-mail in my column:

Oh man Hevia, you had me in stiches with that column.

I loved how you tore apart that e-mailer and I agree with every thing that you caught him on. I loved point 7 the most.

The baby comments were funny to me. Especially the one about them not getting the proper push. I’m surprised you didn’t go the route of talking about how the kid could wind up with Trips Nose and Stephs Voice. Boy would that be a horrible combo.

Dane Cook is a silly bitch. I’ve been listening to a lot of his stuff recently so it was pretty cool to see you throw in that line.

Keep it up man.


Ok, I’ll get off his nuts now.

The E-Mail Bag



He is of course making reference to my reference of Sean Taylor in the latest Impact Recap. I don’t know if he spit or not but Patrick N mentions it.

“TNA Fans bash WWE on Byte This

I personally love this story. Some people will say that “TNA fans are jealous” or “TNA fans are pricks.” But that’s not the case at all. TNA fans just care. They are willing to call another companies show and say the letters T-N-A, knowing a hang up is waiting. Then Grisham because a little bitch and just calls them retards because he can’t think of anything better to say. If WWE was smart, they would turn this into a weekly segment. TNA fans call in and argue with Grisham. Hell, if they did that, I might actually watch the show.”

I agree, it sounded pretty funny. However, what would you bash Grisham for calling them retards and hanging up? Isn’t that what the typical WWE fan viewing the show would think anyway? I mean, it’s a WWE show, it isn’t like if they get a call from one of the many TNA mutants and go “tna rulez, wwe suckz!!!” that it should be tolerated. Besides that, there are times and places for the TNA-WWE battle. Byte This is a show where you call in to talk related to the subject on the show, not to talk about random things such as TNA.


I agree that Byte This is a WWE show and they should talk WWE but tell me a TNA/WWE Argument Segment wouldn’t sell. I never watch Byte This, if anything, I read Matt’s Report. The only Byte This I have ever watched was the TNA fan calling in (and yes, I skipped ahead right to that moment.) I would watch Byte This every week if they had Grisham and Fans argue. I don’t even care if they edit it so Grisham doesn’t look like a tool, I’ll watch.

Hey Lambert, your favorite critic Ramsey here. Just a couple things this week.

~Loved the format of the column…looking forward to seeing this more.

~Yes, AJ deserved to be Mr. TNA, especially in a year where he won the World AND X Division straps. However, in Joe’s six months he’s been with the company, he’s made a bigger impact. Since Joe hit the scene, AJ’s taken a backseat to Joe, at least as far as the X Division goes. Now, given, Joe deserves to be in the heavyweight division, but he has definately made his prescence felt and is becoming the most over worker in the company. Like I said, AJ deserves the honor because he’s had a stellar year, but Joe is nipping at his heels and, if he stays with TNA, he’ll definately be Mr. TNA 2006. Which brings me to my next bullet point…

~TNA is in a predicament. On one hand, they have Joe, who’s almost the most over worker in the company and one of the best wrestlers in the world. On the other hand, they have (supposedly) a shot at getting Benoit, the best all-around wrestler in the world (Angle, of course, is the best in the business). Benoit also has huge name value and there are literally dozens of dream matches he could have in TNA. Now, which do you think TNA will chose? Jump into a bidding war over Benoit, or keep Joe happy and pass on the Rabid Wolverine? In a perfect world (well, in a perfect TNA world), Benoit jumps anyway and they resign Joe. That match makes me aroused in a purely non-sexual way just thinking about it….

~I wish WWE would grow a sack too and acknowledge the TNA crowd (although Grisham had a funny quip two weeks ago when the first call hit by saying “Don’t they have a show? I think it airs at 4 AM….in Japan”). It’s a good dynamic they could add to their website and a chance to even lure TNA-exclusive viewers to their product. Jump start the war, WWE, since TNA is still a ways away from being a true contender.

~Shark Boy needs to lose the mask or go away…he’s been utterly useless during his TNA stint, and being a punching bag for Triple J and Dumbass McGee isn’t helping.

~I’m losing faith in the Sting angle…being Jarrett’s job boy, even in promos, isn’t a good sign.

~Gayda is the worst acquisition ever…she has 0 name value, she doesn’t wrestle, and there are plenty of hotter faces to put on TV (what in the hell ever happened to Goldylocks?)

~AJ vs. Moore is going to be a sleeper…not looking forward to it one iota. They would have been better off resigning Frankie Kazarian.

That’s all I’ve got…keep up the good work man. ‘Til next time.

Yes, the leader of my cult following (which really only consists of you). Man, if that’s a couple things, I would hate to see a lot. But I shall respond because I do it for the kids.

I agree that Joe has accomplish a lot in 6 months but AJ put on great match after great match and won the World and X Title. If Joe had been in TNA all year, then he probably would have won.

According to a few sites, Benoit isn’t going anywhere. Joe is more of a sure shot then Benoit because TNA can’t out bid WWE. They can offer him things WWE can’t (light travel and the World Title.) but they can’t offer him more money. Joe has proven his value to TNA, so they must keep him.

Yeah, Grisham’s comment was funny but they guy had hung up at that point. I still thing they should turn that into a show/segment. WWE should be smart and try to burry TNA before they do become big.

I agree about Shark Boy. I like his gimmick and everything but he’s dead weight. They should release him and pay other guys more. Although I would rather them release the big money makers like Nash and Hardy instead of little ol’ Shark Boy.

I still have faith in Sting. He doesn’t even have to be World Champion, his name draws and he’s willing to put people over. It’s a good combo.

I agree with Gayda. She was horrible in her promo and really does have no name value (it’s not like Tough Enough became a huge hit). I’d still hit it though.

AJ vs. Moore will be good because AJ is in it. I want to see how Moore performs against a good wrestler with a good amount of time. In WWE he had quick matches on Velocity and that’s about it. Yeah, bring back Kazarian.

Yes, see you next week.

Roundtable Predictions

So after WWE New Years Revolution I am 4/6 with losses coming from Edge and Helms.

I didn’t count Benjamin/Viscera or Edge/Cena because they weren’t on the official card.

Overall – 4/6

The End

So before I end this shit I have something to announce. I’ll be attending RAW this Monday in what looks like a huge show (Angle vs. Michaels bitches). So if you’re some sort of stalker or something then you can look for me in my Captain Charisma T-Shirt with the following signs: “Neely Is A Wrestling God” (That’s right, I’m plugging my buddy Neely.) “Read The Rabble” (Also plugging Hatton and P4Ls.) “Where’s My Chicken Soup?” (In reference to Shelton’s mom of course.) and “Jericho Will Make A Impact” (A secretive TNA Sign.)

Next week I bring you the Final Resolution after match and the 2005 TNA Supercard. So drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside.