[WWE] Angle vs. Michaels IV “Still On” for Monday


From WWE.com:

Still On
Despite winning SmackDown’s World Heavyweight Championship Tuesday night at the television taping, Kurt Angle will still be on RAW this Monday night to take on Shawn Michaels…

RAW Preview: Michaels vs. Angle IV
January 16, 2006

The new World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels have had some of the best matches in WWE history. They are considered two of the best all-around performers that the sports-entertainment industry has ever seen. They delivered an instant-classic at WrestleMania 21, and Angle walked away with the first victory in what would turn out to be an extended rivalry.

Their match at WrestleMania was an interpromotional one, but after Angle was drafted to RAW in the Draft Lottery, it was just a matter of time before they locked horns again. The rematch was at Vengeance, and while the match was another classic, the result was different as HBK picked up the big win.

Mr. McMahon then put a smile on every WWE fans’ faces when he announced a third match between the two for the big WWE Homecoming last October. To make things even more interesting, though, he made the rubber match a 30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match. The two battled to the point of exhaustion for 30 minutes, and in the end, they both scored two falls apiece, and the match was ruled a draw.

After HBK and Angle had a falling out during a tag team match on RAW, Mr. McMahon thought it would be the perfect time for HBK vs. Angle IV. And who could argue? Don’t miss RAW Monday night in what is sure to be another instant classic between these two amazing competitors.

Plus, what ramifications will there be after John Cena interrupted Edge and Lita’s live sex session on RAW? Earlier in the evening, Mr. McMahon had told Cena that if he got involved in the “session” he would lose his right to a rematch for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. Did Cena inadvertently cost himself a shot at regaining the gold?

And Kane, Chavo Guerrero and Shelton Benjamin all qualified for the Royal Rumble. It was also announced that Rob Van Dam would make his big return to the squared circle in the Royal Rumble Match. Who else will qualify for the Royal Rumble? Tune in to Monday Night RAW at 9/8 CT on the USA Network to find out.

Smackdown Preview: Looking for answers
January 20, 2006

What will happen on SmackDown this week after last week’s historic events? On the last SmackDown, Kurt Angle shocked the world by entering – and winning – the Battle Royal to determine the new World Heavyweight Champion. What will the new champion and Olympic gold medalist have to say about the shocking events? And what will be the stance of SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, who seemed to approve of Angle’s presence on SmackDown?

Also last week, Randy Orton found a way to defeat Chris Benoit – handing Booker T the United States Championship. Afterward, “The Legend Killer” said that Booker owed him one. Will Randy cash in that favor on SmackDown this week?

In addition, fighting Finlay will debut. After weeks of introductory videos, how will Finlay fare against the still competition on SmackDown?

All this and much more on Friday (9/8 CT) on UPN.

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