The NeelDown iMPACT Zone


The NeelDown iMPACT Zone – 1.15.2005

– From the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida

– Hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

Abyss v. Jay Lethal
The usual Lethal squash, he gets in a move of offense or so before getting destoryed.
Winner: Abyss

– Tenay presents AJ Styles with his third straight TNA Wrestler Of The Year award. The Prince of Punk interupts and powders Styles then steals the award. Oh man, they are really dragging this feud out aren’t they?

– Rundown of the 4LK events leading to Mr. Ass and Road Dogg saying Konan will get an ass wooping.

Samoa Joe v. Cassidy Riley
So when are they going to do away with the number one fan gimmick? Joe drops him with an enzigiri then gets an atomic drop and boot. Moore runs through the ring getting chased by Styles, Joe assaults Styles when he runs in, so Styles gives him the Pele in return. Riley covers for two, then gets destroyed and choked out.
Winner: Samoa Joe

– Joe gets a chair but Daniels, who was previously doing guest commentary, interupts and takes the chair forcing him to bail.

– We get fan’s comments on Sting. They say “it’s great he is coming to TNA.” Man, it’s like EVERYBODY is forgetting that we have, for lack of a better phrase, been there, done that.

– Jackie again refuses to spill the secrets on JJ. D’Amore says that her demands are too much. The Moore-Styles chase continues. Sickening.

Matt Bentley, Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin v. Team Canada
Good to see Petey finally return to action, and hopefully this is good follow up six man tag action to last week. Sabin and Bentley double team Petey to start and get a double elbow for two. Petey gets distracted by Tracy and gets schoolboyed for two. Bentley catches him with a hip toss for two. Dutt is in who gets a low dropkick. A1 comes in who gets kicked down by Dutt, but he gets caught on a spring board and A1 turns it into a slam for two. Dutt gets a headscissors and tags in Sabin who gets a missile dropkick. Sabin gets a brainbuster, pin is broken. Petey gets out of the Cradle Shock, Sabin gets tripped up by Alex Shelley who was taping from outside, giving Petey the Canadian Destroyer (!) for the win.
Winners: Team Canada
***, a solid effort from everybody, a lot of good spots by all the x-division guys.

America’s Most Wanted v. Rhino & Christian Cage
Christian and Wildcat fight over a headlock to start, won out by Wildcat who follows with a shoulder. Christian get a ranna and snapmare takedown for two. Rhino comes in with a shoulder for two. Storm in who gets pummeled. Rhino misses a blind charge and Storm gets a single arm DDT. Wildcat back in and Gail gets a cheap slap from outside. Rhino retaliates with a Samoan Drop and tags in Cage who gets a backbreaker for two. Wildcat belly to bellys Cage to the outside. Back in Wildcat gets a delayed suplex and tags in Storm who headbuts him down for two. Cage blocks the superkick and gets an inverted DDT. Dueling tags and Rhino cleans house, per usual. Spinebuster gets two. Cage gets a high crossbody for 2.999. Christian tries the Unprettier but Gail Kim comes in with a low blow for two. Gail up top, Team 3D come down and knock her off, 3D on Wildcat. Gore on Storm. Frog splash by Cage ends it. Jarrett, Monty and Abyss break up the celebration and Monty POUNCES Cage. Guitar shot on Cage. Now what, Lambert?! I probably shouldn’t be saying this due to the RAW sign Monday.
Winners: Christian Cage & Rhino
***, a good match besides the screwy ending with 17 people running in, the usual for a face vs heel main event.

End of show.

The NeelDown: Well, this was a solid show with a pair of *** matches, a general step up from the usual squash-fest. Reccomended to catch the replay, but unless you’re a TNA mutant you’ll probably be watching the TLC match and Angle-Michaels on RAW.