[SD] TV Taping Results (Spoilers)


Credit to WrestlingObserver and Ric G.

Matches announced for the show are Mark Henry vs Rey Misterio in a #1
contender match, and Kurt Angle vs Daivari (I’m guessing something will
happen on RAW to set this up).

Lashley defeated JBL. During the match, the Boogeyman came out, distracted
JBL and Lashley got the pin. Boogeyman ate worms in the ring after the

Kurt Angle is walking around backstage, being congratulated by the
Smackdown! superstars. Rey Misterio gets in Kurt’s face, then seconds later
Mark Henry also gets in Kurt’s face.

JBL is backstage, yelling at Teddy Long to do something about the Boogeyman.
Long makes a match for the Rumble: JBL vs Boogeyman. JBL looks scared.

Booker T and Sharmell come out to celebrate U.S. Title win. Balloons fall
from the ceiling. Out comes Orlando Jordan, demanding a match tonight with
Booker. Booker says he’s not cleared to wrestle yet. Jordan shoves Booker
down. Teddy Long comes out and makes a match for later tonight: Randy
Orton (as Booker’s substitute) vs. Orlando Jordan.

Matt Hardy defeated Fit Finlay by DQ. At the end of the match, Finlay has
Hardy in the ropes, and starts delivering hard crossfaces. Ref counts to
five, Finlay is still delivering the crossfaces. So the ref DQs Finlay and
awards Hardy the match. Finlay gets on the mic and says “I’ll give you
something to DQ me for.” He puts Hardy’s head on the steel steps and stomps
on his head.

Footage of Batista’s surgery is shown, with a message from Batista saying he
will be back.

Rey Misterio vs Mark Henry. Henry kicked out of a 619 and frogsplash.
Henry wins with a powerslam, setting up Henry vs Angle at the Rumble for the
world title. Misterio sold the injured ribs for a good five minutes, and
the refs carried him back to the back.

The Gymini defeated Brian Kendrick and Paul London. Mr. Kennedy at ringside
for this match providing commentary.

Randy Orton defeated Orlando Jordan. At the end, Jordan is on the top rope,
poised to attack Orton. Sharmell and Booker T come down. Booker nails
Jordan with the crutch, Orton follows up with the RKO for the pin.
Afterwards, Chris Benoit comes down and chops the hell out of both Booker
and Orton. That sets up Benoit vs Orton at next week’s Smackdown! tapings.

Kurt Angle defeated Daivari by DQ. Mark Henry and Melina at ringside to
scout the match. Angle puts Daivari in the ankle lock, but Melina
interferes, causing the DQ. Angle puts the anklelock on Melina, causing
Henry to come in and attack Angle. Henry nails Angle with the steel steps
and leaves him for dead. Daivari grabs the mic and announces he is the new
manager of Mark Henry, and that he “screwed” Angle. Show ends with Daivari
and Henry celebrating while Angle is hurt outside.

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