[RAW] Edge and Lita Uncomfortable with Sex Segment?


The Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter is reporting that Edge and his wife have reconciled and are working through their issues, with Edge and Lita no longer a couple off-screen. Edge’s wife had made pretty angry statements, to say the least, on Matt Hardy’s Web site last year during the climax of this public situation.

This has led to the “Live Sex” segment from last week’s RAW making the two feel rather uncomfortable, but neither put up any resistance. Edge has a reputation of being a company guy and will do what’s asked of him for the most part. They found a happy medium that everyone agreed with before putting the finishing touches on how the angle would go down.

Also from the Torch, Lita legitamately feeling bad that Hardy lost his job last year, coupled with the fact that the situation was public and there was whispering in the workplace were all factors contributing to their relationship not working out. Lita’s a very private person and has mixed emotions about playing up the “slut” character, while understanding it is a great on-screen role with solid heel potential.

Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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