[WWE] Historic Weekend in Detroit Puts WWE Against TNA


– On a weekend in mid-March, Detroit, Michigan, will be host for an historic weekend in wrestling, as TNA goes up against WWE. TNA’s first house-show will take place on the 17th, followed by the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event with a taping on the 18th. PWInsider.com is reporting that WWE’s booking was done months earlier than TNA’s.

– The Lilsboys at the UK Sun will be interviewing Bret Hart and Matt Hardy soon, so check this link for more info.

– WWE.com has several updates today, including:

*Carlito on the CoachCast
*Droz commenting on his recent visit to Smackdown
*Rey Mysterio on the trip to Mexico
*The latest episode of Heat featuring two Royal Rumble qualifying matches
*A video clip of Stacy Keibler talking about her experience on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Stacy was interviewed on tonight’s “Access Hollywood” about her incredible performances, and was ranked at the top this week for the second time in a row.
*The re-named “Five Questions with John Cena” in long- and short-form video segments.
*Daivari has been moved to the Smackdown Superstars page.

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