The NeelDown iMPACT Zone


– First, I just realized something which is totally random, but it is worth mentioning. I believe the Impact Zone now replaces the now defunct Nickelodeon Studios. I don’t know if it is the exact sound stage, but I know they are close at Universal Studios. That place used to OWN. The tours. The slime geyser. The time capsule buried in the ground in 1992. Classic shows taped there like Legends of the Hidden Temple, GUTS, Double Dare and Pete and Pete. Ah, the good memories.

– From the Impact Zone in Orlando Florida

– Hosts are DW and Mike Tenay

Diamonds In The Rough v. Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin
Sabin has blond streaks through his hair and has it trimmed up a bit. A pretty good look for him, beleive it or not. Double clothseline sends Skipper to the floor, slam on Young gets two. Simon interferes and Skipper springs in with a lariat, then holds Dutt up so Young can spring in with a double sledge for two. Young misses a corner splash and Dutt rannas him down and tags Sabin who cleans house. Tornado DDT on Young for two. Dutt gets the Hindu Press on Young for the win.
Winners: Dutt & Sabin

– Styles rags on Moore hyping the main event street fight tonight until Daniels interupts about the towell throwing.

Team Canada v. Ron Killings, Lance Hoyt & Shark Boy
Sharky and Petey start and exchange chops until Sharky gains advantage and gets a back drop and dropkicks. Sharky with the VICOUS SHARK BITE ON THE ASS trick on Young. Killings slams Young for two. A1 gets a cheap back breaker, Young covers for two. Petey in who pummels Killings and tags in Young who mocks the dance, so he gets suplexed. Dueling tags to Petey and Hoyt who cleans Canadian House Eh. Powerbomb on Petey gets two. Sharky with a blind tag and missile dropkicks A1, but turns around into the Destroyer giving them the win.
Winners: Team Canada

The James Gang v. Bucky & The Job Squad
The other half of the Job Squad this week is Kenny King, not the other token black jobber Lethal. Well, these guys are going to remind everyone of Hunter being a dick. King actually gets a chant to start, but who wouldn’t against Mr. Ass. King gets pummeled, a bunch of other stuff happens, yadda yadda – Kip pins King for the win.
Winners: The HHH ripping Gang

– “LAX”, Latin American Exchange, interupt on the titantron. Man, THIS crap is what evolved from 3LK?

AJ Styles v. Shannon MFer Moore
They go back and fourth to start and Styles dumps him. Moore suplexes him over the railing and they go up high past a set of stairs, where Styles backdrops Moore of the ledge, then jumps off of it with a plancha. Moore sets up a chair in the ring, but Styles sends him into it with a drop toe hold. Styles vices the chair in his neck and sends him into the post. Moore attacks the knee. Chair is on Style’s neck, but he blocks something from the top. Moore blocks the Styles Clash and locks in a single leg crab. Daniels comes down and throws in a towell to get revenge. Moore rolls him up distracted for the win.
Winner: Moore

– Christian tells us that Sting couldn’t make it because he was watching the life story of Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown, Brokeback Mountain. Lambert is probably marking out like a schoolgirl who just got her first Easy Bake oven. Out comes Jarrett with the contract who says he doesn’t care about Stinger or who his opponent is. He doesn’t even care if it is Jericho. It’s fan voting, by the way. If it is, Jarrett will send him back to where he belongs, mid-card status, then he gives him a cocky slap. Cage attacks until Monty attacks and they double team him. Rhiyno (had to steal one from you there, Eric) evens things up. Yeah, we’ve NEVER seen anything like this happen They fight over who will get the contract, enter Abyss who wants some. Monty is left in the ring with the contract as we fade off the air.

End of show.

The NeelDown: Ignore the replay, unless you feel the need to watch wrestling after RAW.

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