[TNA] Samoa Joe Health Update


Samoa Joe posted the following on his blog:

Health Update.

Just to let everyone know what is going on.

After my last show in detroit I noticed a small cut underneath my right arm right near the armpit. It was a little red and irritated so I cleaned it and paid it no mind.

Over the next few days it had swollen (to about the size of a large marble) and I decided to head to the doctor right away.

As I susupected the doctor diagnsed it as a pretty severe Staph infection and I am now on antibiotics. Next week I will be looking into getting it drained.

If anything my non participation this weekend is not only for my safety but the safety of my co-workers in ROH. The last thing anyone needs is a epidemic and for something like this to spread.

A note to indy promoters out there.


I am suprsed I have actually gone this long unaffected.

It takes nothing more than some diluted bleach and a handtowel wipedown to prevent this type of stuff from afflicting your wrestlers.

I apologize to the fans of the midwest this weekend and I promise I will do my best to make it up to you all next time ROH swings through the midwest.

My special thanks to Gabe Sapolski and the Ring of Honor office for being VERY understanding. Regardless Low Ki has been added to the shows so rest assured I should not be missed too much.

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