[WWE] Smackdown Renewed For Two Years


– Variety is reporting that the new CW network will still be showing Friday Night Smackdown. Apparently a deal had been struck between UPN and WWE shortly before the UPN/WB merger was announced. The new deal reportedly sees Smackdown extended for two more years on its current timeslot. Read the whole article here.

– Jimmy Snuka’s son wrestled a dark match at the Raw tapings this week, under the name of Deuce Shade. He tagged with Cliff “Domino” Compton and was accompanied to the ring by Kara “Cherry” Slice. The trio are working a ’50s style gimmick.

– SummerSlam 2005 is now up to a total of 640,000 buys, which would make it the second highest in SummerSlam history. SummerSlam 1998, headlined by Stone Cold and The Undertaker, remains the most-bought August event.

– The first of the new Saturday Night’s Main Event shows will air on a three-hour delay on the 18th March.

– Triple H was said to be upset at WWE.com for ‘breaking character’ on his behalf and posting the news about Stephanie McMahon’s pregnancy.

– It is expected that Shelton Benjamin will be winning the Intercontinental Title soon.

– The most likely WrestleMania opponent for The Undertaker at the moment is said to be Mark Henry.

– Spike TV cancelled the planned TNA primetime Monday special, which would have gone up against a pre-empted Raw on USA Network, because they wanted the promotion to sign another big-name star like Sting but they were unable to do so. Jeff Jarrett has been in contact with Bret Hart and The Rock but both are highly unlikely to appear in the promotion. Chris Jericho was said to be interested in going to TNA but only for a similar wage as Sting, which they were unable to provide. Vince McMahon did indeed contact Sting, who he originally tried to sign for WrestleMania XVIII, but Sting did not want to work the 12-15 days per month that WWE required and so went to TNA.

Credit: Variety.com, PWInsider.com, Wrestling Observer