[WWE] Original Wrestlemania Main Event Plans, Update on Hogan/Austin


According to the Wrestling Observer, the original “hoped for” Mania main events were to be Austin vs. Hogan, Cena vs. HHH and Batista vs. Orton. With Batista injured and Cena not expected to get the belt back before the big event, the two planned championship matches are unlikely at this point (although plans on RAW can change to make that one happen). Austin vs. Hogan, as previously reported, is unlikely due to political reasons and a possible scheduling conflict with production of Steve Austin’s upcoming film.

Hogan has said in the past that he would work with Cena, Big Show or Kurt Angle, but none of those seem probable at this point. WWE has offered to bring Hogan back in a “legends match” against someone like Greg Valentine, but Hogan doesn’t want to have a low-profile match. Hogan vs. Foley or his former tag-team partner Edge had not been discussed as of early in January.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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