[MISC] Tons of News on Penny Bannar, Christy Hemme & More


– Female wrestler Penny Banner is in the midst of five months of chemotherapy. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to her and her family.

– There was talk a few weeks back of Christy Hemme and Daniel Puder starting a radio show.

– Kenzo and Hiroko have booked Hustle dates in Japan.

– At the recent Adult Video awards, “1 Night in China” (the Waltman/Laurer sex video) won the award for best-selling porn video. Also of note, Luther Reigns was working as a bodyguard over the weekend.

– Terry Funk had a small role in The Ringer and Hacksaw Jim Duggan will be in a comedy called Coming Attractions. Big Sal E. Graziano is in a DVD that was just released called Martin & Orloft. Also, Eric Bischoff and his business partner Jason Hervey have acquired the rights to a NASCAR movie.

– Earl Hebner has a book coming out where he will say the “selling merchandise without permission” claims are false, and that he was let go after he asked Johnny Ace for a lighter schedule. He says he is still on good terms with Vince.

– Former WCW Tag Champ Sean O’Haire is scheduled to face former NWA World Heavyweight Champ Dan Severn in a shoot fight on February 3 for Rick Bassman’s Valor Fighting promotion in Sacramento, CA.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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