[WWE] Personnel News Including Two Big Contracts Expiring in 2006


– Paul Heyman signed a short-term deal while a longer one is being worked out.

– With Juvi released, Vito is the next wrestler on the watch-list, as he has a bad reputation backstage.

– Big Show and Mark Henry’s contracts are up this fall.

– Finlay’s return was planned since September, but kept hush-hush until the promos started airing.

– Jim Ross was originally written into the December 5 “Trial of Eric Bischoff” show as a witness, but he wasn’t cleared to fly at that point by his doctors.

– Vince and Linda McMahon are no longer paid as performers, but of course still make huge money through salaries and dividends (Vince being a very large shareholder).

– Dave Taylor, who teamed with Regal in WCW, has been signed to train in Deep South Wrestling.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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