[WWE] Shrinking Physiques, Seat-Fillers, Shelton & More


– Backstage, wrestlers have been talking a lot about shrinking physiques since plans for a drug testing and wellness policy were announced. Even “cut” wrestlers that still appear so on TV aren’t as “thick.”

– There is a split within WWE on the philosophy of WWE.com — breaking stories before other IWC sites do vs. staying kayfabe.

– Shelton Benjamin’s negative push late last year was due to him copping an attitude with a veteran agent.

– Ric Flair was recently seen making out with his younger girlfriend in a parking lot at New Year’s Revolution. Woo!

– WWE is hiring seat-fillers for empty on-camera seats at the TV tapings and PPV events. They are told to be polite, brings signs, and not drink too much, among other guidelines.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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