Plastic Man #20

Story Title: The Edwina Crisis: Prologue Part Six
Reviewer: Paul Sebert
Writer, Art, Inking, Coloring, etc: Kyle Baker
Editor: Joe Vavalieri
Publisher: Detective Comics Comics

There are two types of people in this world…

1.People who read and love Kyle Baker’s Plastic Man.

2. People who hate comics.

Yes I fear now our darkest hour has fallen upon our beloved industry. Through a deliberate campaign of false information and misspending the enemies of comics have convinced the world that what the American people really want are ultra-violent mega-crossovers, X-Spinoffs, and Frank Miller’s latest attempt to destroy the Batman franchise once and for all. Yes these diabolical fiends have taken over medium, and through their senseless actions they have caused the cancellation of Plastic Man, one of the rock-solid foundations of quality comics. A book with no less than three Eisner Awards, and two Harvey awards. Yes you heard that right, multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards; and you might not have read this title? What is wrong with you people?! I come out here week after week trying to help you sort out what books are worth checking out, and this is how you repay me? I suffered through Daniel Way’s Venom for you people! Daniel freakin’ Way!

That said we are not without hope… Kyle Baker has another, as of yet unannounced, project coming from DC and we have one last bright shining moment of Plastic Man flavored joy to read. In addition to introducing/killing/reviving EVIL SUPER VILLAIN REY EL REY, Kyle Baker has filled this arc with such shocking ideas as The Legion of Tiny Plastic Men, the new Spectre & Teen Spectre, and the “death” of one of DC’s major superheroes. Now with Plastic Man and his family trapped in the lair of Ras Al Ghul, Kyle Baker sets his satirical sights on Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, and even Dark Knight Returns! Nothing is sacred and no major DC event is left unscathed! Longtime fans will thrill as Baker comments on DC’s recent love affair of death scenes, Wonder Woman’s recent characterization, and Dr. Light’s New Power! Oh and we also get to see Plastic Man turn into a missile.

Even if this wasn’t the funniest comic in years (and it is) this issue is also a visual wonder for long-term fans of comic-style art. Readers with an educated eye will spot loving homages to Jack Kirby, Rags Morales, and Frank Miller. It’s astounding how much detail Baker manages to fit in to each page, and the variety of styles he manages to fit into his work while never abandoning his cartoonish roots.

Kyle Baker’s Plastic Man has been one of the most consistently entertaining books DC has put out in recent years, and alas like many of the truly brilliant satires of the comics industry has proved to be rather short lived.