[WWE] News on ECW PPV & More


Some notes on the ECW PPV:

– There are plans for the second ECW One Night Stand PPV to take place on 6/10.

– There have been discussions about holding the show again at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City or moving it to a location in Philadelphia, PA. The location in Philadelphia would obviously be the old ECW Arena. PWInsider is reporting that they may not want to use the arena because it has been renovated and doesn’t look like the old ECW Arena. Take that for what it’s worth.

– Johnny Ace has contacted Terry Funk about working the show, but no deal is in place. Funk has been canceling indy appearances since he sold the Double Cross Ranch. He is starting to pick and choose where he works, at the ripe old age of 61.

– The word going around is that WWE is interested in signing outside talents working the ECW PPV to a stronger deal this year. This would be to prevent shows such as Hardcore Homecoming from popping up, due to the talent being locked under a stiffer contract.

– Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko have pitched the idea of working against each other on the PPV in a tribute bout to Eddie Guerrero. Malenko was unable to work last year’s show because his wife was scheduled to give birth the day of the show.

– Yoshihiro Tajiri is expected to come in from Japan to work the PPV.

– WWE may have a harder time coming up with talent for the show than last year, as The Dudley Boyz, Rhino, Jim Mitchell, and Sabu are now tied to TNA contracts.

– PWInsider reports that they doubt Blue Meanie will work the show, due to his run in with JBL last year. Again, take that for what it’s worth.

– WWE Talents who didn’t work last year but are available are Rob Van Dam (injured), Roadkill, Johnny Swinger and Al Snow, who weren’t used in matches on the first PPV.

– A commercial for Saturday Night’s Main Event came on during Smackdown in Detroit. The commercial confirmed it would be both a Raw and Smackdown show. It also said that there was a special start time at 6:30. They were also using the old logo.

– PWInsider, in an interesting note, Chavo Guerrero was actually never officially eliminated from the Royal Rumble. He went through the middle rope to go to the top rope and was then knocked down to the floor. If you want to look deep into it, Chavo getting on the top rope constitutes him being back in the ring, making his elimination valid. (Thanks Pk)

Credit: PWInsider.com