[SD] Notes From Last Night’s Tapings (Spoilers)


Some notes from last night’s Smackdown:

– Tatanka wrestled in a Velocity or dark match.

– Kid Kash beat Psicosis in what was likely a Velocity match.

– Gymini defeated Scotty 2 Funaki for Velocity.

– Chris Benoit beat Matt Hardy, JBL and Orlando Jordan to win a US Title shot at No Way Out.

– If Booker T doesn’t defend the belt himself, he loses it.

– MNM beat Kendrick and London after Melina issued a challenge to any tag team.

– Melina might be trying to get Hardy to join her stable.

– Randy Orton did another anti-Eddie promo, coming out in the lowrider, talking smack about Eddie’s book, etc., until Rey came out and they fought until pulled apart.

– Tzuki and Octagoncito faced Mascarita Sagrada and Valencia in a juniors match, but Fit Finlay came out and killed all four men. Could this mean they’ll use juniors to get heavyweights over, and stop doing this with cruisers? Hmm…

– Gregory Helms retained the CW title vs. Nunzio, with Kid Kash coming out at the end to set up a future match, possibly for next week.

– Jillian Hall accepted a match for JBL vs. Lashley for No Way Out. JBL seemed unhappy with her about taht.

– Boogeyman struck, as Booker T and Sharmell’s car trunk was filled with worms.

– The Undertaker faced Mark Henry in the main event, with MNM and Kurt Angle coming out at the end for the schmozz finish when Taker had the match won.

– Angle and Taker vs. MNM and Henry will headline next week’s show.

– Angle beat Undertaker and Mark Henry in a three-way dark match after the show.

Credit: PWInsider.com, WrestlingObserver.com

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