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Tim, you’ll be happy to know that I managed to snag a complete run of Aztek on Ebay. I’ve not quite finished it yet. What sucks is that I really only needed issues #6-8 and 10. Oh and I also picked up the final arc of Gotham Central. But I haven’t finished reading all of my latest purchases so don’t spoil anything for me. If any major character bites it don’t ruin it for me.

My lips are sealed. I never want to spoil anything. Good job on getting those Aztek issues though. They are well worth it, even if it means you own some doubles now. You can do what I did a year or so ago and have a contest for the doubles, if they are taking up too much space. One lucky reader got a decent amount of Hourman and Chase issues out of me in that contest.


Since I’m having computer problems, I’m not going to link this week. But Tim, if you want to, you can.

Don’t worry my friend, I’ve got your back!


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Ok, so remember how last week I said the questions weren’t going to be “subjective”, well I’ve had a change of heart. I mean, y’all ask Tim and I questions that require us to give opinions and we answer them, so I’ll give y’all the same opportunity. Thus we have our first batch of questions;

Question one; So, my girlfriend has a kid in grade school and I really want to introduce him to the DCU. But I don’t know what trades would be suitable for kids. Can you give me a few trade suggestions with iconic characters or fun stories?

Question two; I was arguing with my best friends and we almost came to blows. Our argument was over the worst DC movie, with one of us representing Superman IV, Catwoman and Batman & Robin? So, which one is the worst DC movie? And can they really compete with Nick Fury the first Punisher or the first Fantastic Four?

Question three; I despise Guy Gardner. What one story arc of Warrior, would sell me on the character?

Tim, would you care to toss some questions into the Bizarro Pit?


Question the first: If you read this column, you know I love my villains. Especially the obscure (some would say lame) ones. Who’s the “lame” villain you think is cool and what (if any) storyline shows him or her living up to their potential badassness.

Pregunta Dos: Who’s the best non-superhero sidekick/mascot in the DCU (you know, of the Jimmy Olsen, Snapper Carr, Harold, etc types)? Why?

La Terza Inchiesta: Think of your favorite writer of DC Comics (past or present). Got it? Good. Now what’s their biggest misstep? You know, their worst storyline or single issue? Why’s it so bad?

Mathan did three, I did three. Now you (yes, you) commence the answering!

What I Read Last Week

Bulleteer #3 – This was a fun read. I liked the look at the less than famous heroes around the DCU. I’m also glad to see that someone survived #0. This entire storyline really is picking up.

Hmm…well, I stick beside my review. I like the book but it drives a little bit nuts with frustration, too.

Nighthawk #6 – Boo. Y’know one day I’m really going to air my grievances with this mini, but I’m so disappointed with this mini. I’m darn near offended. And was the epilogue really necessary? This mini could have been a great read that showed development and understanding of the character, but instead we got a lame Batman clone. Boo!

This issue was disappointing. It was the first one (to me) that felt like the writer was saying, “See, look. This ISN’T Batman! Batman would never do this.” The previous chapters, I thought, weren’t nearly as blatant about it. But, that’s just me.

JSA Classified #8 – Interesting. It seems pretty obvious to me, that this issue was supposed to run in the main book, but I don’t mind it getting time here. I can’t really see how Ted is going to beat Jay though.

Detective Comics #816 Great Cliff Chiang art, pretty decent story. I’m really diggin’ Zsasz’s new look, he’s much more menacing. I’m worried that his tally is off.

X-Factor #3 – The scene with the riot was pretty poignant. I’m going to miss Sook’s art, it kind of sucks that he can’t stay on a title for more than a handful of issues. I’m worried that he’s really going to hurt his rep. But, yeah, this issue did rock.

Desolation Jones #5 – Don’t know how I missed this book when it came out, but it was a romp. I’ve got to admit that I feel sorry for Mr. Jones. He’s had a rough life. I am glad that things are beginning to fall into place.

Rann-Thanagar War Special – Decent resolution to the mini. I dig how it left enough open yet wrapped up enough of the dangling threads from the mini. I am truly sorry to see Jade go. And now I’m going to take a moment to remember her.

R.I.P. Jade

Jade was a true pioneer. She was an icon for green skinned characters in the DCU. Could Brainiac 5 have risen to prominence in the 31st Century if not for the bold trailblazing of Jade? Probably not. I’ve got to believe that Vril Dox would have kept the pale hued skin of Milton Fine, had Jade not been such an iconic figure. Jade also showed a young Beast Boy that it was possible to be celebrated green-skinned hero in the DCU, an example that he’s followed to this very day.

So Jenny Lynn Hayden, know that you will be mourned by your old as hell father, Alan Scott; by your (hopefully only temporarily) stable brother Todd Rice (and possibly his boyfriend) and by your (hopefully soon to be unhinged) ex-boyfriend Brainwave.

Oh and Kyle will probably miss you too, even though you did cheat on Kyle by shagging another guy in his bed in his apartment while he was off in space.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Especially that last part.

Legion of Super-Heroes #14 – Fun issue. Checking out the aftermath was cool. The letter’s page was a blast, as always. And it was great to see Shrinking Violet basking in her notoriety.

The Exterminators #2 – I enjoyed #1, but this issue was like 10x better. What a powerful ending. This issue was so great, I swore that it was #3! (Ok, I’m not quite sure what that means, maybe it was just jam packed with character development.) Tim, I hope you’ve not dropped this title yet.

I had, but with a recommendation like that, I’ll be sure and snag a copy.

Outsiders #33 – Ouch. Subpar writing, subpar art. This issue had nothing going for it. If it weren’t for OYL I couldn’t fault anyone for dropping this title.

Green Lantern #8 – I really liked the “out” that was taken in regards to the Black Mercy. It was cool to see Hal’s vision of the Corps, as well as Onomatopoeia again. The other big death of the week; Mongal. Tim, if you want to take a moment and share your pain with the readers, feel free.

Some…Some things are just so…no…no words.

Hard Time #3 – Whoa, what a creepy issue. Cutter looks to be very intense. Poor Ethan, eavesdropping and getting the wrong idea. I do think that everyone should be reading this title.

Y The Last Man #41 – Finally the Ampersand spotlight we’ve all been waiting for. Nice to see that Ampersand was destined for Dr. Mann but ended up with Yorick. It’s also good to know that there’s a link between the two Dr. M’s. Of course the link between Ampersand and Yorick and the fact that Doctor M’s sex hasn’t been stated yet, would seem to give credence to the idea that Doctor M is a man. God, I do love this book.

Aquaman #39 – I really do like Williams II’s art. I hope that he does big things at DC. I was disappointed with this issue for many reasons. I don’t like how the Malrey situation wasn’t resolved (I remain convinced that Acudi planned on revealing Malrey as a psycho who was never a cop and used “Sub Diego” as a means to alter his life). I was also disappointed that Black Manta appears to be dead. I’m sure he’ll turn up alive at some point, but the idea that his actions this issue pushed Aquaman over the edge was just a bit “extra” in my eyes. Black Manta was just getting to become an interesting character again.

No worries, he’ll be back again. Eventually. Whenever Aquaman (THE Aquaman) comes back after the OYL pseudo relaunch of the title.

Joey gets props for placing the lyric last week.

This picture is dedicated to you.

Adorable, no?

Joey dwells in darkness

What’s the deal with Eclipso? I remember him (with the elf hat) being not that formidable a foe as the current Jean Loring version. There’s a large chunk of time that I didn’t read DC (I eventually saw the light though) but was surprised at how much of a power player Eclipso is now, she almost seemed invulnerable in a recent JSA arc. If she’s on the same level as the Spectre, how come she isn’t bound by the same rules (him getting bound to Crispus)?

Yes, Eclipso is on the Spectre’s level. As for the reason for the lack of binding, it’s pretty easy; Eclipso came first.

To put it rather simply; Eclipso was The Spectre 1.0. Eclipso was the original “wrath of God.” However where Eclipso’s goal is revenge, the Spectre is all about vengeance. Subtle distinctions, but they’re there for a reason. Thus, the Spectre has a human tether which keeps the “vengeance” on track.

That was how Eclipso came to be, in a historical context.

Now we’re going to jump back to 1/14/04, where I delved a bit into Eclipso’s powers and abilities.

Originally whenever there was an eclipse Dr. Bruce Gordon would turn into Eclipso. Eclipso was super strong. He also had a nifty black diamond. When it was held to his eclipsed eye it would fire a “frigid beam of impenetrable black light.” If he used his uneclipsed it shot out your typical destructive laser beam.

But then in the 90’s he became much cooler. See it turned out that there were hundreds of black diamonds floating around. They were all cut from one large stone, which held Eclipso’s essence. The diamonds made their way around the world. Now if you happened to be in possession of a black diamond and something made you mad one of two things would happen.

The first that could happen is that you would evoke Eclipso and become eclipsed yourself. You would be just like Bruce Gordon was, super powered and all, for you to enact your revenge. After you got your “revenge” then Eclipso would still be in possession of your body to do with as he pleased. The only way for you to become normal again would be to get blasted by sunlight.

Now the other thing that could happen is that you would manifest an eclipsed form. Say you were mad, and wanted the object of your anger to get killed by a pack of rabid hamsters. If you happened to be in possession of a black diamond, a pack of rabid hamsters would manifest from you and take care of your nemesis. Then Eclipso would be in control of them. Again I can’t urge you enough to pick up the comic series Eclipso.

So as you can see in the 90’s Eclipso became a powerhouse because of his ability to “eclipse” folks. This is a guy who was in possession of Hal Jordan and Kal-El. He was a very formidable guy.

He also had a short-lived series, where he slaughtered more C-listers than Superboy-Prime. Good times, good times.

I refuse to accept that. Superboy-Prime is THE slaughter of C-list characters. He’s got a business card and everything.

But why Eclipso is so much more of a threat with Jean Loring is that they’ve both got an axe to grind. Eclipso is still bitter about his fairly recent defeats by the JSA and Superman. And Jean is a homicidal maniac (by Tim Stevens standards), who has killed a member of the JLA!

Are you really going to argue that Loring wasn’t a maniac?

But yeah, I think I pretty much answered your question awhile ago so I’ll end things there. Tim, don’t you think that it’s time for Eclipso to make a comeback?

Has he/she really been gone long enough to even need a comeback. Between the “Princes of Darkness” and “Black Reign” JSA storylines and “Day of Vengeance miniseries, Eclipso has, as of late, enjoyed his/her highest profile since the days of the solo title. So, I don’t think Eclipso needs a comeback because, really, he/she hasn’t really left yet.

Joey wants us to play favorites.

Second question, in your opinion(s), who has been the most stand-out character for you thus far in the Infinite Crisis? For me it’s Batman, his scenes in issues 1, 3, and 4 stood out for me and made me more interested in him again. I also enjoyed him in OMAC Project.

Well until Superboy-Prime and Alex Luthor actually come out, they’re disqualified from the running. But here’s a rundown of who I’ve really liked from Infinite Crisis

Batman – His “..when you were dead” line was classic Bats. His showing his tender side by having Dick Grayson on his mind was sweet. And even though it was used to great effect, having him pull out his “green K” ring was too cliché.

Kal- L – It’s cool to see someone willing to take action. He’s optimistic and not taking any mess from anyone.

Lois Lane – On her deathbed, she’s got people fighting to save her life and change the world. Terri Schiavo has nothing on her.

The Joker – Yes, he’s appearing in Gotham Knights and Batman, but I’m more interested in his next appearance in Infinite Crisis.

George Perez – His work on this series, while minor, has been great. I loved his Crisis recap and his “end of the Speed Force” pages.

Breach – It’s the only place his appearing, so he kind of stands out. Right?

Tim, who do you think stands out most in Infinite Crisis?

While I’ve really been enjoying this mini, it has been sort of light on standouts. To date I would say that they are:

Batman– You guys said it first and you were right. He’s the only one so far that has had any sort of onscreen evolution from “jerk on the moon” to “nearly having a nervous breakdown” to “not taking the easy way out” to “learning to call on his friends again”. Moreover, he’s obviously not done yet.

All the People Returning from Earth-2: Kal-L, Superboy-Prime, Alex, and Lois have arrived in Earth-1 with a big splash. There’s no denying that, in little time, they have had quite an impact. Just ask Power Girl, Risk, or Lex Luthor.

Besides them, however, I do not have any stand-outs.

I do, however, have a few characters that I am surprised have not stood out/think will stand out before the mini wraps.

Booster Gold– It’s got to happen. Booster was Ted Kord’s (the recently deceased Blue Beetle) best friend and he’s the first to have tracked down the mystical scarab associated with Kord’s predecessor (and thus, probably, the new, living, Blue Beetle)

Blue Beetle– He’s a new incarnation of a recently dead fan favorite. Plus, he’s on the recently released cover to Infinite Crisis #5

This whole thing is like his coming out party.

Power Girl– She’s really from Earth-2! And now she’s asleep? I’d be a stunned (and disappointed) if that stuck.

Joker– One great scene a standout does not make, but me thinks he’s in for at least one other before all this is through.

Superman (Earth-1 Flavor)– Come on, he’s Superman. This is a huge crossover not named “Underworld Unleashed”. You gotta know he’s going to be important.

Lex Luthor– My magic eight ball says that this bad penny definitely turns up before all is said and done. I can’t imagine his confrontation with Alex is over. Not nearly.

Nightwing– What’s Batman gonna ask him to do? I don’t know but I bet it will be cool and stand-outish.

Breach– Because being attached, and unconscious, to a Macguffin is not “an important part of Infinite Crisis.” Fulfill your promises DC, fulfill your promises.

Coren is working in his favorite medium: clay

Mathan, make the clayfaces make sense please? There are like, 6 of them now? Seven? Hellllllp

Y’know when I read the numbers that you suggested, I scoffed. It’s absurd to think that there could possibly be seven Clayface’s running round. However I decided to consult with Mathan from 8/31/04 and here’s what he had to say;

I wish these guys got more play. I really enjoy the Mudpack.

Clayface I was Basil Karlo a famous horror film actor back in the day. But that day was long been gone. A famous director decided to utilize Karlo on a new project. Unfortunately it happened to be a remake of one of Karlo’s greatest roles. At that point Karlo decided to kill the cast. He adopted a clay-like mask as his disguise.

Two murders in the killings came to the attention of Batman and Robin. Bats deduced that Karlo was “Clayface.”

Clayface II was a guy named Matt Hagen. He had the sweet idea to get rich by looting sunken ships. He found one that was full of jars. While still underwater he opened one and found it had a strange oily substance. When he came in contact with it, it altered him physically. He became completely malleable, and claylike. He fought Batman and Robin and was defeated numerous times. He went to the big mudhole in the sky during Crisis. (He’s also the Clayface that the Clayface in the Batman cartoon was based on.)

Although that characterization of him does draw some inspiration from the Basil Karlo version as well.

Clayface III was some dude named Preston Payne. Poor Preston was born with acromegalia. His chronic hyperpitutarism caused his physical appearance to be deformed and disfigured. But he was also smart. He tried to go the Nip/Tuck route but to no avail. He managed to get a blood sample from Matt Hagen. Then he distilled the blood down to a single ingredient, which he then injected into himself.

For a moment everything was cool. His flesh became malleable like Hagens. But then he started getting fevers and headaches. The only way to get rid of the maladies was to touch another person. The problem was that he had developed a corrosive touch, which caused the people he touched to dissolve.

Preston built an exoskeleton to support his now unstable physical form. The suit also provided him with super strength. He also went crazy, falling in love with a woman. But not just any woman, the only woman would he could still touch; Helena, a mannequin. Whenever Batman would beat him he’d usually end up in Arkham, for obvious reasons.

Clayface IV or Lady Clay used to be known by the name of Sondra Fuller. Like most women, she didn’t like the way she looked, so she let Kobra experiment with her. She’s almost identical to Clayface II power-wise, except that for some reason when she imitates the appearance of someone she can duplicate their abilities.

Karlo masterminded a union of all the Clayfaces, even the remains of the deceased member, called the Mudpack. They captured Batman and tortured him. But Karlo wanted more power. He took blood samples from them and injected them into himself. He gained all of their powers and dubbed himself “ultimate Clayface.”

Clayfaces III and IV fell in love and lived in a cave outside of Gotham. They had a kid, which they named Cassius. After the “Cataclysm” storyline (the big earthquake) Cassius went to Gotham. He got caught up with the DEO and they took a sample from him.

Dr. Malley came in contact with the sample and they bonded, becoming another member of the Clayface family: Claything.

Batman bumped into Karlo during No Man’s Land, but I don’t think that the Mudpack has appeared recently. I’m guessing the Clayface that appeared in “Hush” was Karlo, but that’s just an educated guess.

Ok so with a quick tally, we’ve got Karlo(I), Hagen(II), Payne (III), Fuller (IV), Cassius (V) and Malley (VI). While they technically aren’t all “clayface” we’ll pretend just for the sake of making thinks easy.

The latest guy was just a firefighter who stumbled upon some of the magic “oily substance” that Hagen encountered. He was the latest Clayface (VII) and he was also a pawn of Hush’s in his plan against Bats. However, he died. But the good news is that Cassius is on the loose so, you’ve got that going for you.

Tim, is there such a thing as too many Clayfaces?

…yes…yes, there is.

Soak1313 lives his life in an emerald haze.

Ok I have another question. this one is involving Kyle as Ion. 1st off how did he get the ion powers originally, what were the extent of those powers, and why did he give them up? I do remember flipping through an issue back then that made him seem almost godlike. 2nd(and this might be answered with the 1st part) I just read the spoilers for the R/T one shot that has you know who die and give Kyle her powers which lets him become Ion again. Was that kind of what happened the 1st time around?

Ok well when Hal Jordan reignited the sun he left some of his energy there. Kyle, subconsciously drawing on this energy, created an entity called Oblivion. Eventually, Kyle realized that Oblivion was nothing more than a product of his imagination and made his disappear back into the ring. Finally, Kyle absorbed the remnants of Parallax’s powers in the sun and became the uber powerful Ion.

But with great power comes great responsibility. Kyle soon mastered his new powers, but he realized that he didn’t need to sleep or eat. He was also almost omnipresent. He actually reignited Jade’s “power pulse” which she had lost. But with his new power he feared he was losing his humanity.

So, rather than lose his humanity, he decided to use his powers to repair the Central Power Battery on Oa and “give birth” to a new batch of Guardians. With his Ion powers spent, he returned to being just a normal Green Lantern.

As for your second part, when Kyle restored Jade’s power pulse, he didn’t sacrifice anything. If anything he was showing off. So his gesture to her wasn’t nearly as heartfelt as her gesture to him in Rann-Thanagar War Special.

He didn’t sacrifice anything but I’m not sure he was just hotdogging. He knew that Jade missed being powerful so he gave it back to her. I think of it more like a guy giving his girlfriend a new set of earrings to replace the favorite ones that she lost. That’s right. I liken superpowers to earrings. Is that going to be a problem for anyone?

Tim, we know your take on Kyle’s mask, but what do you think about his future in the DCU?

I want to be optimistic. Marz created Rayner and “got” him better (with the possible exception of Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns) and longer than anyone else, so that’s a good sign. However, the sample art to the new series looks…rough to me (especially the coloring) and the idea of Kyle returning to Ion because of Jade’s death and possibly losing it seems both pat and ill-advised all at once. However, I’ll still be there for the first few issues (at least) and hopefully my pessimism will be revealed to be silly and unnecessary.

Neil comes down from Yellow Mountain, on a dark, flat land he rides

I’ve been scooping up some issues of the mid 80’s Legion comic (the volume that preceded FYL) and in latter issues Wildfire is sporting a new look. The issue I got last week featured Quislet’s origin (as an aside, what are the chances of seeing Quislet joining the Legion ever again?) and had mention of Quislet teaching Wildfire how to control his anti-energy form. Was that the reason for the new look or did I miss something else?

Neil, I love you. I really do. But there are also times when you frustrate me. You always ask great questions about comics or eras that I hold dear to my heart. But invariably you ask me to spoil stories for you. It kills me to do so, but I’ll try my best.

You are correct; Quislet did help Wildfire get more control over himself.

Well…after that intro, that hardly seemed hard at all.

Now let me comment on your aside about Quislet’s return; I can see it happening. There’s a chance that he’ll show up in the very next issue of the Legion of Super-Heroes which features Tyrocc, Dawnstar and Blok on the cover.

But I could also see a canny writer introducing Quislet to the team somewhere further down the line. The way I see it is that it plays out in one of two different ways. The first is that there’s an invasion or a threat from another dimension. The Legion turns them away, with the help of Quislet, a being from that dimension. They then extend him an invitation to the team.

The second has Quislet joining the team, but as a plant for an impending invasion. All of the old Legion fans will be so happy to see him back that they’d never suspect that he’s be the traitor on the team. But he ends up being the traitor and potentially an archenemy like Nemesis Kid.

But that’s just how I see it, or how I’d do it.

Tim, is it possible that the two negatives of Supergirl and Legion of Super Heroes, could be positive in that you’ll pick up the OYL book?

There was a character named Nemesis Boy who ended up being a traitor? Wow, that must have been some surprise.

I kid, Legion fans, I kid.

Anyway, in your response to your question, no. I’m sorry to say that the equation of “Supergirl x Legion” does not follow mathematical law and will therefore not yield a positive result. Sorry. I’ve grown to accept that not everyone digs characters like Argus or Double Down like I do. I think it may be about time for Legion fans to reach the same sort of peace with me. I respect the title (and its other incarnations) but, that is the most I can promise I’ll ever feel towards the Legion.

Neil is caught in the flame of his own burning love, it grows higher and higher

Also, in issue #52 of the FYL Legion, we see Timber Wolf’s memories of Black Dawn. In it, we see Wildfire sacrifice himself and he’s wearing his original costume, as he is when he returned two issues beforehand. So was that a retcon having him go back to his classic look before his sacrifice or did FYL ignore the new look?

Ah, this is what I’m talking about when it comes to spoilers. I could easily explain everything to you. But, that would really spoil a dramatic and frankly emotional moment that’s in my past, but your future.

I will tell you the answer to your question happens before Five Year Gap, so keep picking up those issues. And I’d suggest that you read the Five Year Gap in order, which is confusing enough (and if you can find it, pick up Who’s Who in the Legion, which will be a great aid to you in piecing together the wondrous puzzle that it the 5YG Legion.)

Oh and Neil, it’s Five Year Gap.

Tim, if you were in the Legion, what would your power be?

Wow…that’s a tough question. My top super power, if I was ever given the chance to have one, is always, bar none, superspeed. However, that does not feel quite right for the Legion. Plus XS has it covered already. Or she did…whatever. Superspeed, it is not.

If I was kicking it Legion style (which would undoubtedly set off the universe’s Irony Meter (patent pending)), I would possess the power of “super persuasion.”

I envision a storyline in which I, the fresh newcomer, commit a daring daylight act of protest. This, of course, engenders me to those rebellious Legion kids. They catch up with me and we bond over our rising up against authority. I reveal to them I am a big fan of theirs and that I too have special powers. When they ask what I demonstrate that I can “make” people afraid with the power of my mind. As far as they (or the readers) know, it is my only ability.

Before you know it, I am a member dubbed “Dread Boy”. But are they offering me membership because of they truly think I belong or have I “persuaded” them of it with my power?

The mystery deepens as most of the members seem to take an instant liking to me. Only Chameleon does not, but I outcharm and outmanipulate him at every turn. Soon, the readers and Chameleon know my secret, that I have been concealing the true nature of my powers.

However, as Chameleon rushes to stop me, it is too late. Using my super-persuasion, I have pushed a large part of the team into going off on a dangerous, foolhardy, and gloryhounding machine. By the time Chameleon convinces Brainac, the team has already been badly beaten and demolarized. Three members were taken prisoner in the mission, several others injured (to varying degrees). My lies exposed, I confess that yes, I did use my power on them, but I never meant to betray them. Divided and confused, the Legion eventually votes me out, but does not enact further punishments. I slink off. While I return? And if so, as friend or foe?

Of course, anyone who would write themselves into a Legion comic would either be crazy or arrogant. So, I’d never do it. But, that would be the story if I do ever become crazy or arrogant. And yes, I know Dread Boy is a lousy name. Got a better one?

Y’know I’m going to call it a column. I hope everyone enjoyed everything. We’ll see you next week, which will probably feature costume makeovers and possibly Infinite Crisis for Dummies (if Jason Torres ever sends me his darn questions.)

But before I go here’s my question to you; Where do you stand on Kyle’s becoming Ion again?

“People pushing by and walking off into the night.”