Marvel Team-Up #17

Reviewer: Paul Sebert
Story Title: League of Losers Part 3

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Penciler: Paco Medina
Colorist: Studio F’s Marte Gracia
Inker: Juan Vlasco
Letters: VC’s Rus Wooton
Editors: Molly Lazer, Aubrey Sitterson, Andy Schmidt, Tom Brevoort, & Joe Q.
Publisher: Protip – The name of the book is not “DC Team-Up!”

A brief recap for those who missed the last couple of issues. A futuristic super-villain named Chronok has traveled to our time, bringing with him an extensive knowledge of the Marvel Universe’s super heroes, and an army of well armed thugs. Striking quickly and without warning Chronok’s minions quickly killed EVERY SUPERHERO but a scant handful of plucky survivors. The remaining heroes; Darkhawk, Gravity, Sleepwalker, Araña, Terror Inc, X-23, Dagger, and Speedball banded together to oppose him as a team unofficially known as the “League of Losers.”

The first battle with Chronok did not fare well as the Losers lost one of their own, with Araña being slain in an explosion after a botched rescue attempt by Speedball. Luckily the heroes managed to swipe Chronok’s time machine returning to the future one month before Chronok’s attack. Now exhausted, bewildered, and confused the L.o.L find themselves trapped in the strange far off future of 2099.

Don’t find yourself too excited if you’re a fan of Spider-Man 2099 or even Ravage 2099; these are not the druids you are looking for. (Although that 2099 has recently shown up in the pages of Exiles.) No this is the 2099 world that Kirkman created in a series of one-shots a couple of years ago. Now these strangers have to face Sentinels, a corrupt political government, and entirely different grim scenario in which the earth’s super heroes have fallen. Luckily the League now has Chad Channing AKA Mutant 2099 and the disembodied brain of Reed Richards to help them out. Now the League has to regroup, get their act together and become real heroes in time to save the world.

Kirkman continues to display his knack for good old fashion superhero stories while thankfully stepping away from the darker humor that permeated the earlier issues. Kirkman does a very good job of explaining the set-up for the future universe, while fitting in a couple of subplots, there’s even an implied romance between two of the new teammates.

On the artistic end, Paco Medina’s art style applies very well to the story. Though more animation based in style than most Marvel artists it fit’s the story well. In the earlier issues it helped keep things from being too dark, while in this half of the story ads a kind of glitzy high-tech wonder to the 2099 future world.

While the story continues to entertain things aren’t quite perfect. Like most time travel stories, the more you think about it. Won’t all of this time travel cause a paradox of sorts? Shouldn’t the Time Variance Authority be concerned about this plan? And why does Chronok wear a breath right nasal strip? Also this issue feels just slightly padded compared to the usual brisk pace of MTU.