The Sunday Heat


Sunday Heat Wave
Back from another break as this time we get some new matches for this weeks episode of HEAT!

Goldust vs. Lance Cade
The returning Goldust is here as he actually gets a small chant, hmm, weirder things have happened. Lock up starts things off as the ref gets in between the two to break things up. Another lock up goes on with Goldust going to the ropes and dropping to the knees to get the fist to the face as he gets Cade out into the apron. Boot to the face on Goldust as Cade gets in some offense there, following it up with an elbow to the side of the face for a two count. Goldust reverses a fist and gets in his own with an inverted atomic drop hitting Cade and setting up the cirtain call for the win.
Winner: Goldust

Chavo Guerrero vs. Johnny Parisi
This guy is still employed!? Damn, he’s having a longer run here in the ‘E’ than the Heartthrobs did. Chavo starts off fast with a few kicks as he follows that up with an arm drag and toss down to the mat, keeping his lock onto the arm. Lets Go Chavo chant starts up as he gets the shoulder block down on Parisi and a few arm drags to get a hold of the arm once more. Parisi finally gets in some offense here as he gets a few knees into the midsection and tosses Chavo against the ropes, but reverses that into a sunset flip for two! Parisi tries the near fall for two himself as he starts to work on Chavo’s arm. Abdominal stretch is locked onto Chavo, slowing down the match untilChavo finally breaks out of the whole with a few right hands and forearm as Chavo gets his second win with a drop toe hold and dropkick to the head for two! Backbreaker for Parisi for two! Chavo goes up top, and sets up for the frog splash tribute and win.
Winner: Chavo Guerrero

RAW Re-cap: Edge & Lita vs. John Cena & Maria
Match starts off with Edge and Cena as Edge puts Cena into the turnbuckle shoulder first. And forcing Maria to tag into the match while Edge starts to dominate Cena on the outside. Lita finally tosses Maria in the ring (did I mention Maria has a very cute wrestling attire?) Lita begins to control Maria with Cena still out on the outside. Cena finally gets in to break things up as he puts in a “You cant see me” in there and Lita accidentally puts a hurricarana on Edge. With Cena about to go after Lita, he sides steps the Spear from Edge which nails Lita. Maria gets tagged in and picks up the won over Lita. Next Weeks Special Ref = Mick Foley
Winner: John Cena & Maria

#1 Contender Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team Match: Heartthrobs vs. Snitsky & Tomko vs. Val Venis & Viscera
Well HT comes out first and you know that they aren’t winning this one as this is their FINAL match here on WWE. And everyone else follows as well, breaking the long streak of HEAT having the no entrance, no win theory. Snitsky quickly comes in and big boots Venis to make Antonio start of the match first against the big man. Double team by HT gets both Snitsky and Tomko out of the ring. Snitsky back in against Antonio as a sidewalk slam eliminates HT from the match. Viscera however is the first one in as Venis comes in to help with the double team and Viscera powers down on Snitsky as more double team continues to completely take out Snitsky of the match for a while. Meanwhile on the outside, Tomko levels Venis to get in the tag as Tomko changes the tide of the match, drilling Venis in the corner. Tag in back to Snitsky as he nails Venis with a boot to the mid-section and locks him up into a bear hug in the middle of the ring. Val finally gets some shots into the head of Snitsky to break the hold, but a it is reversed into a sleeper hold that Val quickly breaks into a back body drop. Crawl gets the tag into Tomko as an inzeguri knocks out Tomko and gets the tag into Viscera. Vis cleans house and the Visagra is nearly placed on Snitsky until Tomko breaks it up. Double team on the Tomko and Snitsky as both of them are locked into the corner and Viscera trains into both of them. Samoan drop hits Snitsky, followed by the Money shot and Viscera drop to obliterate Snitsky and get the win and Tag Title shot.
Winners:Viscera & Val Venis