Teen Titans #32

Story: Doom’s Day
Reviewer: Paul Sebert

Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciler: Todd Nauck
Colorist: Jeromy Cox
Inker: Lary Stucker
Letterer: Phil Balsman
Editors: Jeanine Schafer, Eddie Berganza
Publisher: Detective Comics Comics

Just a few thoughts upon reading Teen Titans #32.

ï‚Ÿ This is more or less an extension of the big fight scene from Infinite Crisis #4 in which Superboy-Prime beasts up the current Superboy, two wings of Titans, the JSA, The Flash Family, Krypto, John Byrne’s Doom Patrol, Amethyst, The Powerpuff Girls, ‘Mazing Man, Young Heroes in Love and the Inferior Five. Really they’re all there the crowd scene is just so crowded you can’t see them all.
ï‚Ÿ One of the key highlight of this issue is Beast Boy meeting the “All New, All Unnecessary, Watch Me Outdo Grant Morrison” Doom Patrol which actually proved slightly less successful than that third incarnation of Doom Patrol which was essentially New Mutants co-starring Robotman.
ï‚Ÿ You kind of got to feel bad for Bushido… This kid gets a whopping two appearances in the comics, manages to get a spot on the Teen Titans Cartoon, and then gets killed off in one of the most gruesome manners imaginable.
ï‚Ÿ I wonder if that “You don’t even have a cape” line was a swipe by Geoff at the kinds of overzealous fans who made him write Green Lantern Rebirth?
ï‚Ÿ Oh this is the issue where we finally get to see what Speedy’s Blue Arrow is. You know the one she pulls out in every big fight scene, then puts it back at the last moment. Yeah that arrow. I’m not going to spoil it for you.
ï‚Ÿ So why do Terra II and Flamebird get left untouched during the big slaughter scene? Because DC has a shortage of pretty white blond female characters. Oh and they share names with characters that were once relevant. Not that I’m bitter…
ï‚Ÿ The art in this issue is really well done and in fact I actually find it a lot better laid out and less cluttered than Phil Jemenez’s art on Infinite Crisis. That said as a Young Justice fan, I find it incredibly depressing to see Nauck homogenized into DC’s House style.
ï‚Ÿ In this issue Geoff untangles the cluttered mess that Byrne made the Doom Patrol’s continuity in the DCU and all I can say is “Thank God!” Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol and “New Doomutants” are back into the folds of DC canon while the current batch now survive as time anomalies. So everyone’s happy. Except maybe John Byrne.
ï‚Ÿ It’s implied in this issue that Superboy-Prime and Alexander Luthor may somehow be responsible for the time displacement of the original Doom Patrol members. I’m going to guess that they had the Psycho Pirate corrupt John Byrne’s mind years ago, causing him to ruin the Wonder Woman and Spider-Man franchises along with that Avengers West Coast run that inspired Disassembled/House of M. Animal Man’s appearance in the early issues of the series suggests that the shocking finale of Infinite Crisis will be an omnipotent fourth-wall breaking John Byrne battling an omnipotent fourth-wall breaking Grant Morrison with the fate of all comics at hand.