Talk Soup


Hello everyone. This is to be my farewell column, unless I make a comeback several months down the road. Part of the reason is my schedule, but most of it is that I just don’t have the passion for wrestling much anymore. I relocated from Buffalo, NY, to Cleveland, OH, back in October, and I haven’t watched any wrestling since then. I’m sure a lot of that had to do with the state of WWE, as the product they were putting out was mediocre at best. What I noticed after a few weeks, though, was that I really didn’t miss watching it that much. I thought it was just WWE that I had grown away from, but it turns out I was wrong there too. ROH was here a couple weeks ago, which I was really excited for a few months ago. When that night came, though, I just sort of said “meh” and stayed home. I think that about sums it up. So yeah, naturally, it became hard to get motivated to write a weekly or bi-weekly column about wrestling. I thought it might just be a phase and that I would get back into it. Well, that may be true, but for now, I’m going to take my leave, because it’s not fair for anyone involved for me to put out a sub-par column, if I put one out at all.

That said, I have to thank some people before I take off.

“¢ First of all is Widro, for giving me the opportunity. Thanks man!
“¢ Matthew Michael, for his infinite patience with my lateness.
“¢ Ross Williams, for getting me this gig in the first place, and for being an all-around splendid chap. Cheers!
“¢ Iain Burnside, for just being a good mate.
“¢ Gordi, for writing excellent columns more consistently than anyone on this site. “¢ And finally Lambert, for our “feud.” Good times, buddy, good times.

You’ll still be able to catch me in the Comics Nexus every week, for those of you who need your Campbell Fix (all zero of you). So, thanks to everyone who has ever read me, and especially those who took the time to write. Much appreciated, folks!

AIM = GoldenAce 007