InsidePULSE’s WWE No Way Out Report


InsidePULSE’s WWE New Year’s Revolution Report
Announcers are Tazz & Michael Cole
Report EXCLUSIVELY for InsidePULSE by: PK

Sunday Night Heat
Simon Dean vs. The Boogeyman
Dean ran around scared for a bit, and gets caught in the Meltdown quickly.
Winner – Boogeyman

Video montage with Undertaker/Angle and Orton/Mysterio.

Gregory Helms (c) vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Paul London vs. Funaki vs. Psicosis vs. Super Crazy vs. Nunzio vs. Kid Kash – Cruiserweight Title
They all go after Helms right away, and he runs away. Melees ensue. Scotty flips over on top of Helms on the outside. Kash sends Psicosis to the outside, and flips over the top with a hurra canranna. London and Kendrick take down Super Crazy with a double drop kick, then hit top rope splashes to the outside on Nunzio, Scotty, and Funaki. Kash hits Psicosis with a Dead Level, but Super Crazy moonsault’s Kash. Helms comes in and scores the pin on Psicosis.
Winner and STILL Champ – Helms

Booker and Sharmell beg Long to cancel the match, but Long said that he has to wrestle or else he loses the title.

Kristal starts talking, and Finley comes in and wants to fight. He kidnaps Kristal, and takes her to the ring. Lashley comes down for the save, and him and Finley brawl. JBL comes down, and it looks like its going to start.

Bobby Lashley vs. JBL (w/ Jillian Hall)
Lashley with a series of power moves, and hits a trifecta of belly-to-belly suplexes. JBL’s eye is all busted up and bleeding BADLY. Finley, who I didn’t realize was still at ringside, tosses Tony Chimel in the ring to distract the ref, and he gets on the apron, drilling Lashley with a shillelagh, and setting Lashley up for the Clothesline From Hell.
Winner – JBL

Chimel introduces the special guest, DAVE! Dave basically says that he misses being in front of the fans, and he will be back to take his title back.

MNM (w/ Melina) vs. Matt Hardy & Tatanka
And nobody is excited about Tatanka. He did bring his Tomahawk down to the ring with him. MNM dominates the match, mostly Tatanka. Matt gets the hot tag, and he takes out MNM. Tatanka back in, and he hits Nitro with The Indian Death Drop, while Matt hits the ToF on Mercury for the pin.
Winners – Hardy & Tatanka

Booker comes out and says that he is still hurt, and he has to forfeit the title. Booker walks away, and Sharmell tells Benoit that this is all his fault. She then slaps him a few times, and Booker hits the ring, and jumps Benoit.

Booker T (c) (w/ Sharmell) vs. Chris Benoit – US Title
Lots of back and forth action. Booker T goes for the Houston Hangover but misses. Benoit with a German, and he goes up to the top. Sharmell gets on the apron and distracts Benoit, and Booker crotches him, pulls him down. Booker goes for the Axe Kick and hits it, but he takes too long to pin him, and only gets a 2 count. Benoit back up, shoves Sharmell down, locks on the Sharpshooter…then turns it into the Crossface for the win.
Winner and NEW Champ – Benoit

Mysterio, and a bunch of the SD guys celebrates with Benoit backstage. Vicki & Chavo Guerrero are there, and then they all wish Mysterio luck.

Video Recap of Orton/Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton – Title Shot at WrestleMania
Back and forth action. On the outside, Orton picks up Mysterio, and tosses him into the post. Orton works over Mysterio’s arm. Orton has Mysterio on his shoulders, and climbs the ropes for a SUPER Electric Chair, but Mysterio slides down and hits a power bomb! Mysterio lines up Orton for the 619, but Orton ducks it, and folds Mysterio up, and pins him holding on to the rope.
Winner – Orton

Mysterio is devastated. He goes backstage and apologizes to Chavo and Vicki. Chavo tells him to pick up his chin, and he has nothing to apologize for.

Video Recap of UT/Angle

Kurt Angle (c) vs. The Undertaker – World Heavyweight Title
Angle works on UT’s legs the whole match. Angle locks on the Figure 4 on the ringpost. They fight on the outside, and UT starts to tear apart the announce table, but Angle comes up from behind and Angle Slams UT through the table. The ref almost counts out UT, but Angle stops the count, and says that he wants to ‘beat this f*cker in the ring.’ Angle goes out of the ring after UT, but UT takes him and whips him into the steps…and as Angle falls over, he catches his throat on the pieces of the announce table. UT tosses Angle back in the ring, and he goes to the top rope, but Angle runs up the ropes and hits the belly to belly off the ropes. Angle locks on the Ankle lock, but UT finally wiggles out of it. UT picks up Angle for the Last Ride, but Angle goes over his head and locks on the Ankle Lock again, but this time, UT is able to reverse it into the Triangle Choke. Angle gets out if it, but UT sets up and had Angle up for the Tombstone. Angle reverses it, flipping UT over, and going for a Tombstone of his one, but UT flips through AGAIN, and Angle slides out of the Tombstone, locks on an Ankle lock again! And, again UT reverses it into the Triangle Choke. Angle tries to fight it off, but he rolls UT over, and pins him!!
Winner and STILL Champ – Angle

After the match, UT tells Angle that he isn’t through with him.

Show Over.


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