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What are these? These are the first pages of the next few months of Marvel’s biggest deal. Civil War is about to break out and these are the first few pages of Illuminati written by Bendis.

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Craig Kyle and Chris Yost have an interesting world to work with. Their kids are constantly seen in the backgrounds of all of the X-Books, but what are they doing now that the school isn’t a school anymore?

This interview is a fine example of the evolution of the X-World. Given that we are now (twenty years later) seeing one of the mainline X Teams with Warpath and Cannonball, with Siryn floating around in X-Factor. The mutants are floating around, and a good writer will take who we are being introduced to now, and make them tomorrow’s great characters. Kyle and Yost have the fine job of developing them in the toughest time of mutanity… and I look forward to what they do.

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Craig Kyle is also one of the writers behind ULTIMATE AVENGERS: ANIMATED so click on that to get a bunch of spoilers. I will say that I am looking forward to seeing how this DVD does, as everything I’ve seen looks great.

(Minus Fury NOT sounding like Samuel L Jackson.)

Now this review paints it with a two sided brush, which leads me to believe that people who can get past a comic being PRECISELY like it’s source material will be disappointed. People who don’t mind there be a change up a bit… they will be ok.

I’m buying it. That’s all I know.

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Yes yes yes – May time solicits… I do my best to give you all the best stuff, and skip over the obvious stuff. Let’s see what fun ya yas are coming for us in May!

ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #30 – Oh, the Doom is back. The zombies are loose. IT’S MASS HYSTERIA! I love the zombified FF team, so I look forward to it.

ULTIMATE DeadpoolSPIDER-MAN #94 – The end of the Deadpool story, and this is the first cover I’ve seen of it.. and if that’s the DP outfit.. I’m going to be muy upset.

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #95 – Morbius is coming, and with five issues left… what are they going to do to Ultimate Spidey this time? I really have no idea, since they killed Gwen in such a simple way. My prediction? G’bye Aunt May. That’s right. Aunt May.

CIVIL WAR #1 – With a pretty cover by Michael Turner, and apparently ‘one mis-step that causes a war’ it looks like this is the book to read…

SHE-HULK #8 – Nothing of note.. just a REALLY awesome cover.

LAST PLANET STANDING #1 & #2 – I heard great things about last year’s book, and it should be known they are doing it again. With lots of secondary multi-universe Marvellites… good times. Good times indeed.

SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED #15 – A Klaus Janson story. Nuff said.

FOUR #30 – MK4 ends. I never read it, heard good things. Que sera.

EXILES #80 & #81 – Heroes Reborn Universe.. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

SON OF M #6 – So.. apparently whatever happens here effects Civil War! The fact is it’s been a great series, so I have no worries about the finale being just as good.

WOLVERINE: ORIGINS #2 – Someone’s meeting Nuke!? Neat!

X-MEN: FAIRY TALES #1 – Kitty Pryde’s fairy tales retell the history of the X-Verse. Sounds pretty neat! Although the description makes me wonder whether it’s a telling of folk stories with X-Folk or stories of X-Folk in mythology. Eh, whatever.

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Brubaker discusses here our new team of X-Men in Uncanny, and how it all ties together with Deadly Genesis. It seems they will be heading off into space which is going to limit their time in Civil War, but where does that put them in place of Planet Hulk and Annihilation.

It’s like a big game of chess, isn’t it? My question is what Brubaker is considering after his first year on the book.

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Do you know who Simon Furman is? Yeah, you might not. He is the guy that made Transformers comics badass. He’s the one that made so many kids love them as they read Marvel’s exploits of those robots in disguise.

Well now he is going to be a part of Annihilation, with Ronin – the story of a Kree Supreme Killer Guy Of Doomness has been let go. So what does someone who used to have the Kree empire shaking in their boots anytime they so much as a touch cross do now that he is roaming the countryside, the universe, free?

Out of any of the Annihilation books, this is the one that I am most interested in. It might actually be enough to pull me in…. possibly.

(Courtesy of Joe Friday’s)

Just so Alpha flight folk don’t spend the entire weekend bummed out, don’t worry too much because there are big plans in the works for our Canadian super team. I think when it all comes to fruition; all our Marvel faithful north of the border are going to be thrilled.

That’s from Joey Q’s mouth. After seeing Alpha Flight decimated in New Avengers, and as they are one of my favorite teams – it seemed I should inform the world that something might be coming for them. Good. That page got on my nerves.

(Courtesy of Joe Friday’s)

FF: Death In The Family – Solicited as a book that is going to kill the Invisible Woman… well Joey says two folks are dying. Two Fantastic Four folk. Is it true? They say it’s in continuity… but I can’t imagine how.

Karl Kesel might have some ‘splainin to do.

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Just announced in the New York Times of all places – Paul Jenkins is going to be writing a story about Civil War from another place. Using Sally Floyd, the darling of book Generation M, and the tale of a mutant girl somehow watching this all from afar – this ten book bi-weekly is going to give another perspective on Civil War.

Sounds good to me!

So what did =I= read?

DAREDEVIL #82 – Brian Michael Who? In a doublesize issue that amazed the hell out of me – Brubaker is here on Daredevil, and I feel like he’s been here since the beginning. Him and Lark have done an amazing job of capturing the feeling that this book has had for years, as well as easily making it their own. Excellent read.

GENERATION M #4 – One issue to go. One issue to go. Such a good fun book. Can’t wait to see who the killer is…

NEW AVENGERS #16 – The energy of thousands of mutants had to go somewhere… why not some dude who decided to destroy Alaska and march across Canada. In an issue that’s power is that it never features the Avengers, it’s a neat set-up.

RUNAWAYS #13 – A Molly issue! YAY!

X-MEN: Deadly Genesis #4 – A review on this is forthcoming.


Neat eh? You just got smarter! You did that by enjoying another fine edition of Marvel News & Views. I’m James Hatton – better than Tim Stevens – and we’ll see you next week!

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