Nine Black Alps – Everything Is Review

Nine Black Alps

The Inside Pulse

The sound of Everything Is is instantly recognizable. Instead of relying on the baggy or Factory influence of their hometown Manchester, Nine Black Alps instead chose to channel the fuzz and loud/fast dynamics of that other rainy, gloomy town on the furthest side of the pond. Without unfairly using the “g”-word or comparing them to a certain OTHER “N”-band, the Alps construct their catchy, tuneful songs with a familiar, fuzzed-out, two-guitar assault.

The Positives

The Songs. As evident on their 2005 EP, Nine Black Alps are capable of writing straight-to-the-point rock. Not pop-rock. Rock with a capital R. The last time we heard the direct influence of the American Underground come out of the UK was when Mr. Rossdale and friends sang about everything zen. Thing is, Bush didn’t come off as genuine as the Alps. Lacking the slick overproduction of their contemporaries, Everything Is has strains of Sonic Youth and Husker Du, with the tunefulness of The Vaselines. “Behind Your Eyes” breaks up the assault with an acoustic, finger picked melody that does not feel out of place on this epic.

The Negatives

The guitars are high in the mix. Is this a bad thing? No. Could it be perceived as a “negative”? Maybe. A little variation in the mix might make the melodies stick out a little more.


Foo Fighters’ first album mixed with some Cracker and Husker Du.

Reason to Buy

Been missing out on unpretentious rock? Everything Is is a great starting point for catching up.