Who's Who in the DCU

Man, I just finished watching Constantine. It was ok. I thought that kind of had the character type for John down at times, but it didn’t quite work that well. I think that the movie was far too story driven than character driven. It wasn’t so much “Constantine” as it was “a guy with occult connections and terminal cancer who uses his wits to save his soul.” I think that it would have been much better if the screenplay had been written by someone who “got” John. I was actually thinking that the script should have been written by someone British and “translated” into American English. And what’s up with Chas dying?

I’m sorry I had to get that off my chest. Anything you want to vent about?

Hmm…not really. The Olympics are off TV so that gripe has been taken care (yes, I know, how awful of me…whatever, the Olympics are about 8 thrilling moments interspersed amongst 56 hours of coverage). Yeah, I guess I’m pretty golden right now.


IP Music writes the songs the people sing.

IP TV has kicked off the oppressive Olymics yoke

IP Games is just playing around

IP Figures strike provocative plastic poses

IP Movies are all about those there talkies.

IP Culture is refined.

IP Sports kicks off the second part of the NHL season

IP Moodspins is unpredictable.

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What I Read Last Week

JLA Classified #17 – I’m so not interested in this story. I’ve not read the last two JLA books that I’ve purchased. I think I’m done with JLA now.

Green Lantern #9 – I really liked this issue. I loved the art. I’m glad that Abel’s attempt at living the straight life has been acknowledged. And that Bat/GL mash up was a great look.

And just in time to miss last week’s column. It’s like DC is messing with us.

Anyway, I liked it too. Didn’t love it, but I haven’t really loved anything this series has shown me yet. If its not my favorite issue to date it is certainly in the top 2-3 (jockeying for position with the first two parts of Van Sciver’s prior arc).

Supergirl #5 – Talk about a lack of a resolution. This issue was so not worth the wait. It did look good and this probably means the book will ship monthly now, right?

It should…I think. A lot depends on whether the entire delay was because of Sam Loeb’s untimely demise (which Loeb has gone on record as being the reason) or if Churchill’s art played some part in the proceedings.

Batman #650 – Drama! I liked the cover. I even kind of dug Battle’s art. The story was great though. I’m really going to miss Winick on this title.

Me, too. Although Morrison’s gonna make it all alright, I have no doubt.

Hyperion #4 – I actually liked this issue. I dig how it now makes sense, because the alternate timeline is actually the future. Pretty interesting stuff.

Ugh…I hated this issue. HATED it. Boring with no sense of dramatic momentum. Plus, does this mean all the relaunch is going to be is an amoral/brutal version of Gruenwald’s work?

Vigilante #6 – Tim liked this book way more than I did. I’m so disappointed with it. This was a tale that Bruce Jones wanted to tell. It had nothing to do with Vigilante or Metropolis. Where were the established DCU characters or locales? Did Supes show up at all? I’m considering suing DC for false advertising. If I knew I was going to be investing in a book that had no bearing on continuity I’d have not wasted my time.

I hardly think what I “liked” this book. I just thought it was inoffensively below average. But that could be the law of diminished expectations speaking since I’ve gotten used to the idea that Jones does not deliver the goods.

The American Way #1 – This issued started slow, but ended strongly. This should be a pretty good mini. I highly recommend it. The writing is strong and really draws you in. The art was just killer.

Black Panther #13 – This is a pretty fun book to read. But what are all of these Black characters going to do when Black Panther wants his solo book back?

Wonder Woman #226 – This was a pretty good final issue. I liked how the relationship between Kal and Diana is explored and shown. What a solid ending.

Solo #9 – I love this book so much. It’s so enjoyable to see artists doing their thing. I love that Hampton kept a letter that he found. I loved the story about the changing of comic tastes. This really is one of the most consistent books that DC publishes.

Legion of Super Heroes #15 – Nice to have some throwback stories. Nice to see I was right about Quislet showing up. The letters page was great as always, but I think that a who’s who would have worked better next issue, since it’s a jumping on point.

Bizarro Time!

Here’s a quick recap; at some point in the future we’re going to do a Bizarro column where you answer our questions. Again here’s the first round of questions from Tim and I;

Question one; So, my girlfriend has a kid in grade school and I really want to introduce him to the DCU. But I don’t know what trades would be suitable for kids. Can you give me a few trade suggestions with iconic characters or fun stories?

Question two; I was arguing with my best friends and we almost came to blows. Our argument was over the worst DC movie, with one of us representing Superman IV, Catwoman and Batman & Robin? So, which one is the worst DC movie? And can they really compete with Nick Fury the first Punisher or the first Fantastic Four?

Question three; I despise Guy Gardner. What one story arc of Warrior, would sell me on the character?

Tim, would you care to toss some questions into the Bizarro Pit?


Question the first: If you read this column, you know I love my villains. Especially the obscure (some would say lame) ones. Who’s the “lame” villain you think is cool and what (if any) storyline shows him or her living up to their potential badassness.

Pregunta Dos: Who’s the best non-superhero sidekick/mascot in the DCU (you know, of the Jimmy Olsen, Snapper Carr, Harold, etc types)? Why?

La Terza Inchiesta: Think of your favorite writer of DC Comics (past or present). Got it? Good. Now what’s their biggest misstep? You know, their worst storyline or single issue? Why’s it so bad?

Now it’s time for the new batch.

Question #1 – Help me out. I’m not a fan of The Flash but my friend keeps telling me about something called The Speed Force. He makes it sound kind of new age-y, can you shed any light on this “speed force” concept?

Question #2 – My brother told me that DC and Marvel actually had a storyline where the combined characters like Batman and Wolverine into one person. What was that all about, and was it any good? Did they combine any other heroes?

Question #3 – I used to be way into comic books, (I was a huge fan of the Justice League International). But when I got to college I fell out. Anyway I read somewhere that the Elongated Man’s wife was raped and killed and that Max Lord killed Blue Beetle. How did this happen and is DC intentionally trying to destroy the JLI?

Oooh, provactive, Mr. Erhardt. Plus, I totally bought the method acting turn (especially the “I’m not a Flash fan, but…”). In the same vein, let me ask my questions:

Η πρώτη έρευνα– Grant Morrison has dropped some hints about his first storyline concerning the son of Batman. Batman has a son?! What is Morrison going on about?

De Volgende Vraag– Kingdom Come was SOOOOO good. Did DC ever milk that cash cow further? If so, when and how?

Ð’опрос 3– So I’ve heard of this thing called, “Superman Blue/Superman Red”. What’s the deal?

Normally this is the part of the column where I mock people for not placing the lyric at the end of last week’s column. But this week is different. Had someone placed the lyric I’d have mocked them for knowing the song. So count yourselves lucky that no one placed last week’s lyric.

Ooooh, how very devious of you, sir.

Brock grovels well…it pleases me.

Tim, a request for you: Please, oh so very pretty please use Mirage (of Team Titans fame) in your next The Revamping! Please!

This is my column! Before Tim gets his greasy hands on her I’m going to fill in some of the blanks. How about that?

Miriam Delgado was born with the ability to cast illusions. She was part of the Team Titans who, ah let’s let “Ben Morse from the past” handle that whole mating ball;

The Team Titans first appeared during “Titans Hunt,” then their “origin” was given during Armageddon 2001, when Waverider touched Nightwing and saw a group of future Titans, led by ‘Wing, fighting in a future run by Lord Chaos, Donna Troy’s son grown up very wrong. The Teamers came back in time, minus their Nightwing, to try and kill Troy before she gave birth, but instead they ended up teaming with the original Titans and defeating Lord Chaos, who followed them back, and somehow prevented Donna’s son from ever becoming him. After that, they stayed in the present for awhile, living with Donna and her husband Terry Long, and their Nightwing came back as well, but hooked up with Raven, who was evil at the time, and became Deathwing, a poorly dressed villain with two nipple rings, which was lame, as opposed to my one, which is cool. However, Zero Hour revealed that the future the Team Titans thought they came from had never actually existed; Extant, aka Monarch, aka Hawk, aka Hank Hall, aka a continuity nightmare, had created their, and hundreds of other, timelines with “Titans” in each whom he could activate a mental control over and make into an army of slaves at his whim. He did so during Zero Hour, pissing off people who had read the title and suddenly saw all their favorite characters become mindless zombies in an army of nameless hundreds; to make matters worse, after Zero Hour, they all ceased to exist…except for Mirage, Terra II and Deathwing, who for some reason did not vanish. During the “Year One” Annual, the Time Trapper showed up and revealed to the three that they were actually from the DCU proper but he/she had implanted them with false memories so they could be sleeper agents in Extant’s army…one would at this point wonder why the Trapper thought three sleeper agents, none of whom were particularly powerful, would do squat against an army of hundreds…but I digress. Mirage was some South American chick, Deathwing was just some thug and Terra didn’t want to see who she was, because she was afraid she was the original psycho Terra, resurrected by the Trapper. Mirage and Terra would serve a bit more time with the core Titans team until they disbanded; Deathwing faded into obscurity and is probably currently residing in the Bay area. Mirage and Terra still do cameos during big Titans events like JLA/Titans

Mirage was actually Brazilian and in her false memories she and Nightwing were a couple. Of course that “Nightwing” became Deathwing who, after being implanted with a Trigon Seed, raped Mirage.

That rape resulted in a pregnancy. The pregnancy was miscarried, or so everyone thought. Actually Mirage had used her powers to fool everyone into thinking she had lost her child, but she eventually gave birth to a baby boy (New Titans #130). However for some reason when she shows up in JLA/Titans #3 she’s got her daughter, Julienne.

Oh and when she tussled with Psimon he said that she had some hidden psionic powers.

So there you have it Tim, she’s a young single mother with illusion casting powers, hidden psionic powers and false memories who used to be a Titan, oh and her daughter used to be a son. Any thoughts on her?

To quote Janelle, “Oofda,” (it’s a Norwegian thing, appartently.). That’s quite a back story. Quite. A. Back Story. Plus, she wear this:

“So, Paris be damned, I said,” Mirage told Nightwing, explaining her fashion sense

Is it just me or does the whole thing have “Scarlet Witch, the DC years” written all over it. But, have no fear Brock, I will not go all Bendis on your favorite. I will take your challenge. It will take some pondering though so let’s say two weeks for this Revamp. Sound acceptable?

Shameless Poser loves the sight of bad blood.

What exactly led to Alan Moore leaving DC? Did it have to do with Twilight of the Superheroes getting rejected, or did he just want a change of scenery?

Well DC and Moore have quite the history. Moore helped DC (and the comic medium) get credibility in the 1980’s with The Watchmen and his work in Swamp Thing. Moore also wrote critically acclaimed stories The Killing Joke and Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. Everything was pretty peachy, right?

Unfortunately DC decided to release a button set in conjunction with The Watchmen which featured images from the series. Moore and his collaborator Dave Gibbons didn’t receive a dime from the sale of those buttons because DC viewed the set as a “promotional item” as opposed to “merchandise.” Moore was less than pleased with that decision.

And when DC was toying with implementing a rating system for comics (which basically translates into some degree of censorship) Moore decided to take leave from the company.

Things remained chilly for years. Alan Moore set up America’s Best Comics with Wildstorm and was content to create. However when DC bought Wildstorm, things got tense again. Wildstorm did their best to assure Moore that DC wouldn’t interfere with his work. The situation seemed to have an uneasy balance to it.

However when DC shredded every copy of League of Extraordinary Gentleman because of a potentially inflammatory, if genuine, advertisement from the era that ran in the book things got tense again. Things got worse when Paul Levitz objected to a story in Tomorrow Stories #8, had it removed and delayed the issue. Those incidents lead up to the dissolution of DC’s planned 15th Anniversary of The Watchmen, which was to include DC Direct Figures and a deluxe hardcover treatment of the tale (which we eventually got last year.)

Now we got off a little tangent (which will make sense later) where we find out about Moore’s beef with moviemakers. Moore was never too keen on seeing his creations on the big screen (he never endorsed them), but he really soured on the idea of adaptations when 20th Century Fox settled a plagiarism lawsuit involving League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which, to Moore, seemed like an admission of guilt.

At a press conference for V For Vendetta Joel Silver said that Moore and Larry Wachowski had spoken about the upcoming movie and that Moore “was very excited about what Larry had to say.” Well that just caused a gasket to blow. Moore demanded an immediate and public retaction and apology from Warner Brothers and DC.

Sadly that never happened and Moore immediatedly severed his association with Wildstorm and by default DC and Warner Brothers.

And that’s the story of the relationship between Alan Moore and DC. It’s not quite What’s Love Got to Do With It but it’s pretty rough.

Man, I’d really have liked to have those Watchmen Figures.

Tim, what’s your unbiased opinion on the whole Moore/DC fiasco?

I do think that Moore is probably a bit curmudgeonly and that he was unfair to punish DC for its movie making parent’s (Warner Brothers) unwillingness to retract his “endorsement” publicly because, I imagine, the comics division would have little to no influence over the giant corporation as a whole.

All that being said, Moore is completely within his rights and DC did plenty to push him the brink of this before the final “V for Vendetta” straw. It is the age old story of art vs. commerce and, as usually happens with comics, commerce won out. DC, in my opinion, was crazy silly not to do everything to keep Moore happy, especially since he tends to equal money (especially if we are talking Watchmen licensing). He’s not a complete “victim” but DC has done to him over time that I get why he did what he did. I think the real losers in the whole thing were Wildstorm who lost Moore as a talent and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as a franchise because they were, essentially, stuck in the middle of this years old feud.

Jag stops just short of calling Batman a sissy. Probably a good call, that.

Why is Batman “afraid” of Hal Jordan? It seems like a running joke or something on message boards. Did Hal kick his a$$ buttocks or something?

Ok, when Hal Jordan came back in Green Lantern: Rebirth Batman was getting all uppity and mouthy. So Hal had to pop him once in the mouth for good measure. Hal gave him the old “Jack Johnson” and Bats settled down.

(It was also a nice homage to when Guy Gardner and Batman engaged in fisticuffs back in the 1980’s.)

Of course the rematch in last week’s Green Lantern #9 Bats returned the favor and settled the score by felling Jordan with “one punch.” However as you can see by the cover of the issue, they’ve since kissed and made up.

The variant cover which implies a reconciliation of sorts (or Batman beating up Hal and stealing his ring)


The “original” cover in which, it could be construed, there will be much open mouth kissing.

Tim, what’s your favorite Batman/Green Lantern confrontation?

My favorite actually has nothing to do with Batman and Hal. It was back during the Emerald Knights storyline where past Hal came to the future (it sort of made sense, I promise) and Kyle felt shoved aside by the JLA to make room for the “best GL ever!!!!!”. Feeling sorry for himself and sulking through an issue, Kyle goes to bed only to awaken to Batman standing over him. Batman basically verbally slaps him out of it and assures him that Kyle is the JLA’s GL and that’s final so stop being a baby. It was a cool moment that showed Batman was not such a dick as you might think and that Kyle had really arrived.

Funny what a difference a few years makes, eh?

Even better news for Kyle in that issue was that, post-Batman’s departure, he got some from Jade. YAY!

Jag watches the Daily Show all the time…what? What do you mean, “the other John Stewart”? Oh, that guy. Ahh. Wow, do I feel like a @$$ buttock now.

Will DC give John Stewart the respect that he deserves? That cartoon showed who was the coolest Green Lantern, man…

I’d be lying if I said that I held any high hope for John Stewart getting too much respect. I’ve said it before but here’s what I can rule out about John’s future;

JLA – Based on what I’ve read it seems like Hal’s going to be the “GL” of the League. Which boots John from the closest thing he’s had to a regular gig in a decade.

Green Lantern Corps – John probably won’t appear here, because this is a space book. It’s also going to focus on the characters introduced in Green Lantern Corps: Recharge, and I don’t recall John having a presence in that mini.

Ion – C’mon, I can’t see John appearing in this title. However it would be pretty cool if he did. I mean John did wield amazing powers and hang out in space (Green Lantern: Mosaic so he could probably serve in a mentor role to some degree. But can’t see that happening.

Green Lantern – Geoff Johns didn’t bring Hal Jordan back to have him share the spotlight with John Stewart. This is probably the book that you’re going to see John in the most (I’m guessing a cameo every few months), but it won’t be substantial. And it certainly won’t be what he deserves.

Again let me emphasize how great a character John Stewart is. He’s accidentally destroyed a planet, he lost a wife and a sister, he’s been paralyzed, been imprisoned, a Darkstar and a Green Lantern, possessed the power of a Guardian and he’s got a public identity. Doesn’t that seem like a lot to work with? It’s surely enough for him to have a solo book, right? Oh and did I mention that John Stewart is the Green Lantern who’s got the most media saturation right now?

Still, with all of the OYL stuff that’s been announced John’s pretty much got nothing on the horizon. Even with the Brave New World stuff it’s still devoid of John Stewart. It seems to me that DC is really dropping the ball with this character. Of course that could mean that he’s slated to die in Infinite Crisis.

Tim, are you optimistic or pessimistic about John Stewart’s prospects.

He won’t die in Infinite Crisis, I’m fairly sure of that. Beyond that, as you pointed out, GL is your best bet to catch him. Given that he’s only appeared once or twice in nine issues, however, be prepared for a bit of a wait and having to keep your eyes peeled. Although, since we are entering OYL, perhaps the next nine issues could be a wildly different story.

I do think there is a “sort of, kind of” spot open for him in Ion though. Given Kyle and John’s relationship prior to Kyle going all cosmic and such during the end of Winick’s and all of Raab’s run, it would not be insensible to have the two hanging out and busting heads together. Not saying it will happen (my guess is that it won’t, and least not for a while or consistently), just saying that I think it would work.

Neil values security

In Robin # 146, Tim mentions that the Luthor/Cadmus facility they are breaking into is a nine (“a hard nine”) on his ten-point ranking scale for facilities with the finest defense capabilities.

Mia asks “what’s ten?” Tim replies, “There’s one on the moon, one in Washington, D.C., and one that keeps moving. Right now, it’s in Coast City.”

So what are these three facilities? I’d think the Watchtower for the one on the moon, but Tim speaks in present tense, whereas the Watchtower is a “past tense” since “Crisis of Conscience.” So did he mean the Watchtower or is there another hard to break into facility on the moon?

I’m guessing the one in D.C. is either the White House or some government building.

But which is the one that can move? Is he talking about Haven (I think it is called Haven), the roving super-hero home of the Ultramarines? Or did Batman build something to monitor Hal? Or is it something else I’m missing?

I’m thinking that “the one on the moon” is indeed the Watchtower, maybe Tim misspoke or maybe the word about the Watchtower hasn’t gotten down to the Teen set yet. The one in Washington is possibly the White House, but an equally safe bet would the Pentagon. I think that the White House gives tours, and functions more as a symbol than something that’s actually used. The Pentagon on the other hand is very functional and top-secret stuff goes on there.

The mobile one, and I’m just guessing here, is Air Force One. The Haven disappeared when Coast City returned. Superbia, the base of the Ultramarine, crashed in the early issues of JLA:Classified, plus the Ultramarines are in the infant universe of Qwewq right now.

I am unaware of Bats constructing anything to monitor Hal, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

However I’m sticking with Air Force One. Even though I’m pretty sure there’s more than one, it’s got to be pretty difficult to break into and it moves with the President. But again, I’m grasping at straws here.

Tim, what places do you think the other Tim was referring to?

I have zero clue. The Air Force One choice is as good as any theory that I could dream up. Of course with the fictional geography and institutions of the DCU it could be some obscure moving fortress. On the other hand, you are the master of the obscure, Mathan, so certainly you’d be aware of that sort of thing, right?

Oh! I just thought of it! Haunted Tank!

To know Haunted Tank is love Haunted Tank. You’re all about to get to know Haunted Tank.

Oh yeah, Haunted Tank!

Neil is looking for a summer home

Aside from figuring out what three he mentioned, let me open it up, what DCU facilities would rank as a nine or at least an eight?

Ok, were talking about defensive capabilities? Well, I’d like to think that the Fortress of Solitude would be difficult to break into. I’m guessing that Kal will have some sort of method set up to gauge the threat level and take the appropriate action, so as to not vaporize any civilians who pass by.

I think that the various prisons in the DCU (The Slab, Iron Heights, Lockhaven, Stryker’s Island, Belle Reve) would be pretty difficult to get into (though not necessarily get out of). I think that I’d put Iron Heights above the rest because Warden Wolfe has the nifty power which would up the defensive ante a bit.

I think that the Titan’s Tower and JSA Brownstone would prove pretty difficult to get into. JSA has Mr. Terrific’s tech savvy to enhance security. And the Titan’s Tower has a pretty solid, if occasionally fallible (see the recent Jason Todd/Tim Drake brawl) security system.

Also in the post Identity Crisis DCU I think that the homes of most heroes have increased security precautions added, making them pretty tightly sealed.

Tim, can you think of any secure places that I missed?

Well, there’s the Batcave, perhaps you’ve heard of it? I understand that that Bat character tends to like to keep a pretty tight ship, so I’m guessing his lair reflects that attitude.

I’d also nominate the Ghost Zone, where Prometheus lives, because there is only one way of getting in (the Cosmic Key) and that’s usually around the neck of one of the most dangerous fighters in the DCU (the aforementioned Prometheus).

Oracle’s clock tower was pretty secure but that has gone the way of the dodo. Her current housing I think would make the list too though.

Oh wait, maybe her aircraft is the movable one in question above. You know what, I think it very well might be. Although, my answer of Haunted Tank does show promise.

On another note, the JSA brownstone? That’s been broken into at least three times that I can think of off the top of my head. That place is the suck security wise. A five, maybe.

Talowolf says “bam, pow, biff”

In the Sounds of Violence story of Green Arrow a silent villian with targets all over him was hunting down D-Level heros and then shot Connor Hawk. What was his name and was anything else ever done with him?

Onomatopoeia is the character that you’re thinking of. He was indeed a cool character. He was cool because he was killing heroes that Kevin Smith had created to be killed. He was cool because he was so mysterious. He was cool because he made it out alive.

Sadly he’s not been seen since. Apparently A.J. Lieberman had intended to use Onomatopoeia in his run on Gotham Knights which also featured Hush. I guess Onomatopoeia was supposed to be in the role that Prometheus filled (which really explains Prometheus’ odd characterization in the story.)

And it kind of makes sense. The first time we see Prometheus in Gotham Knights he’s in Star City fighting Green Arrow. And Onomatopoeia probably would have fit in much better at Hush’s side (and probably wouldn’t have tarnished him as much as Prometheus was by the story.)

Lieberman was instructed that the character (that I’m assuming was Onomatopoeia) needed to be changed. Perhaps DC has plans for him. Or perhaps they’re keeping him on the side on the off chance Kevin Smith comes back to comics. Who knows? But it does look like yet another cool character is getting squandered.

Tim, should be Onomatopoeia get more play or stay on the bench?

I love ‘im so I vote for more play. Measured play so he does not end up like Prometheus (poor, poor Pro), but he should still pop up every now and again. He just holds too much promise not to have someone else at least give him a shot.

How can you bench a guy who was feature on a cover this cool?

“Oh, hi. Didn’t see you there. Yup, just breaking arrows, you know me.”

Neil better get his damn newspaper this Sunday

Spurred by this past week’s Justice League Unlimited episode, “Patriot Act,” when was the last time we saw the Newsboy Legion or their adult counterparts?

Ah Neil, poor you, I really hope that you’ve not been holding your breath waiting for them to return.

For those of you not in the know the Newsboy Legion were the pals of the Golden Age Guardian. They were typical ruffians who crossed paths with the Guardian and were promptly brought to justice. However he was afraid that the judicial system would harden them to he took them as his wards. Their legit job was hawking newspapers, thus they became the Newsboy Legion.

They had some exploits but eventually grew up and became scientists. They began working at Project Cadmus and eventually cloned themselves, creating a new Newsboy Legion who in turn worked with a cloned Guardian.

As many of you who are familiar with Superboy know that Cadmus played a huge role in his creation, thus Cadmus played a pretty big role in Kon’s title where the Guardian was a familiar face.

However when Cadmus had a change of management in Superboy #56, the Newsboy Legion and their adult counterparts left to go back to Metropolis. Sadly they’ve kept a low profile ever since.

Tim, would you rather read Legion of Super-Heroes or Newsboy Legion?

You’re playing a dangerous game, Mathan…a dangerous game. I’ll say Legion even though I know it means months more of “so…wanna read Legion now Tim?” style questions.

Glen D. has called in the lineup.

At the end of every DC title before OYL, there are several versions of the title characters shown. Can you identify all of them?

I don’t actually read every DCU title, but I do read quite a few of them so I’ll give this my best shot. (I’ll start in the foreground and work my way back.)

JLA #125 – This should all be pretty obvious. First is the blown up Watchtower, next is the cave in Happy Harbor (the JLA’s original HQ), then it is the Hall of Justice and finally the JLA’s satellite HQ.

Green Arrow #59 – Our Ollie, the Silver Age Green Arrow, Ollie from Dark Knight Returns, stranded on an island learning the art of archery Ollie, and Ollie from Justice League Elite.

Outsiders #33 – This is a tough one. First is our Roy, next is Roy as a junkie, next is Roy if he stayed Speedy, I’m guessing the next guy is Red Arrow and I’ve got no clue who the masked character is.

Superman #226 – First is our Lois, next is the Silver Age Lois, next up is a Black Lois (where’s the Black Pete?), Bizarro Lois and Super Lois.

Hawkman #49 – First up is our Hawks, followed by some Thanagarian Hawks, the Golden Age Hawks, and Kingdom Come inspired Hawks.

JSA Classified #9 – Ours come first, then what looks like younger or Silver Age Versions, Kingdom Come inspired versions, and finally I know it’s an Elseworlds version, I’m pretty sure it’s from the Unholy Three story.

Yup, that’s them from Unholy Three.

Manhunter #19 – Ours, I’ve got no idea, but I’ll pretend that it’s a grown up Ramsey, Paul Kirk, Mark Shaw and finally a person I really can’t place (sorry.)

Action Comics #836 – Modern Jimmy, Silver Age Jimmy, Elasti-Lad Jimmy and Bizarro Jimmy.

Wonder Woman #226 – This is all just made up stuff.

You mean Superman never cross dressed as Wonder Woman? Color me disappointed.

Batman #650 – Modern version, I have no idea about the second guy, Silver Age Version, Owlman, and I’m drawing a blank (its way late.)

Batman #2 is one of the Batmen from “Brotherhood”. The last Batman, I believe, is intended to be the Golden Age (thus Earth-2?) Batman.

Tim, can you place any of the ones that I couldn’t?

Sure. I’ll try.

Nightwing #117– This one’s easy. Dick and Barbara kiss as their childhood/teenage alter egos do the same in the clouds behind them.

Teen Titans #32– This isn’t the last page, per se, but this is the closest they get to the echo effect. I’m not so good on my non-Morrison Doom Patrol, but I can tell you some of the things we see.

In the upper right, you can see Morrison’s Doom Patrol. One panel has Robotman preparing to engage the Scissormen, one has Crazy Jane and Robotman standing on the Danny the Living Street, just above Beast Boy’s left shoulder is the face of the Butterfly Collector, below him is the Query (who has every superpower you haven’t thought of) and below that, with the eye in her stomach is Rhea. Below all that is Arcudi’s Doom Patrol and then…I’m not sure. I think we see the Doom Patrol from Crisis of Infinite Earths battling Anti-Monitor’s shadows and some more, undoubtedly, classic Doom Patrol stuff, but I just don’t know it.

Birds of Prey #91– We see various versions of Huntress here. Starting from the front and working backwards, we have current Huntress, Silver Age Huntress, the villainous Huntress from early DC and…not sure who the fourth or the shadowed fifth one are.

Catwoman #52– Hmm, what have we hear. First is current Cat. Then we cruise on back to another brief costume worn during the Silver Age and features (though you cannot see it here) an attached tail. Third is the third (fittingly) costume she wore in the Golden Age. Fourth is her first costume which was really just a green dress that she often paired with a literal cat mask. Fifth, we have what I think is a 1960’s version of her costume. Finally, although I cannot see it too clearly, we have what I have gathered from other internet sites the 80’s purple skirted version of her costume. Whew…

I think that’s all for me. I am tapped!

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My question for you this week; Now that Brave New World has been announced, what’s your take on it?

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