[MISC] 1PW All Or Nothing 2006 – Night One – Show Report

1PW – All Or Nothing 2006 – Night One

This was my first 1PW event, and I loved every second of it. The crowd was really hot all night. It’s a pity I only got tickets for the first night.

In the opening match, Abyss beat “The Pukka 1” Darren Burridge to advance to the semi-final match for a shot to crown the first ever 1PW World Heavyweight Champ. Was a short match, pretty much a squash. Burridge was golden on the mike before the match though. The crowd loved him, but also loved Abyss.

In the 2nd Quarter-Final match, Christopher Daniels beat Jerry Lynn with a cradle pin in a good, solid match. The crowd was WAY into Daniels, and there were loads of duelling chants (FALL-EN-ANGEL, LET’S GO JERRY) all the way through the match.

Next up was a Fatal Four way Tag Team Match, involving Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick), The Rottweilers, Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm and Spud & Colt Cabana.
Southern Comfort picked up the win, but not before calling for a time-out and challenging every team to a dance off in the middle of the ring. Yes, that’s right… a dance off. SC went up first, with a bit of a jive. Next up were Storm & Fleish, who did some nifty leg work. Then it was Spud & Cabanas’ turn. They both did the robot. It was awesome. Then it was the Rottweilers turn… but instead they just attacked everybody, much to the disappointment of the fans. The match was littered with over-the-top-rope spots and double team dives to the floor.

Samoa Joe destroyed Austin Aries to advance to the semi-finals. Aries was great playing his effeminate gimmick, which the fans ripped the piss out of him for. Joe was brutal, but Aries took most it and made a few comebacks every so often. Great match. Aries got a standing ovation when he left the ring.

AJ Styles defeated Sterling James Keenan with a botched Styles Clash. SJK didn’t put his head back and his neck got bent the wrong way. The crowd pretty much thought he was dead, but he was fine. Decent match, although the crowd wasn’t too into it, probably due to the fact that nobody gave a crap who SJK was, because we all knew Styles was going over.

During Intermission a video was played hyping the next 1PW event (Know Your Enemy), where it was announced that The Impact Players, Lance Storm and Justin Credible, will be teaming up to take part in the tournament to crown the first ever 1PW Tag Champs. When this was announced the crowd popped huge.

In the first Semi-final match, Abyss beat Christopher Daniels, much to my dismay. I don’t like Abyss, but the majority of the crowd loved the guy. Both Abyss and Daniels got huge pops from the crowd, and, like the previous Daniels match, there were tons of duel chants kicking about. Great match with loads of pin attempts, which kept us on the edge of our seats.

AJ Styles defeated Samoa Joe in the match of the night, without a doubt. Nobody can sell for Joe like Styles can. Joe was over huge, even more-so than Styles. Again, the crowd loved to start those duelling chants. I found them annoying after the first few, but meh, that’s just me. Joe beat the snot out of Styles, but yet Styles managed to hit the Spiral Tap for the win. Joe got a standing ovation after the match, and was showered with “THANK-YOU-JOE!” chants as he walked to the back.

Christian beat Rhino in a bit of a let down. Christian can cut great promos, but he just doesn’t do it for me in the ring. I think the crowd was pretty much burnt out by this point too. They both got HUGE cheers when the came out for the match, but they fizzled out towards the end. Crowd was split 50/50 the entire time.

In the match to crown the first 1PW Champion between Abyss and AJ Styles, Abyss won eventually thanks to help from Sterling James Keenan, who for some reason (which also wasn’t announced), accompanied Abyss to ringside. The match was boring beyond belief. The crowd was on a life support machine to begin with, and quite a few people left after the Christian – Rhino match. Abyss seemed more over than Styles, which I found strange, and when he pinned Styles to win the match, he got the only decent reaction of the match.

Anyway, on the brightside, I enjoyed my first 1PW show, I’ll be going back again for the next one, and I got to see Joe vs. Styles.

If you live in Britain, I urge you to go check out the next 1PW show. Good production, awesome atmosphere, quality matches. Everything’s golden.

So, until the next time, I bid you adios!

Danny Wallace.