[WWE] Late-night News Dump


– Thanks to Inside Pulse reader Bryan from Brisbane for sending in the following:

I was at the show in Brisbane when [Gregory Helms’] nose was broken, I thought I’d send in a quick note about it…

It is hard to say when it happened, but it happened during a 6 man tag match with Helms/Kash/Noble vs. Spanky/London/Funaki.. During the match London broke Helms’ nose, so he tagged out, it wasn’t until later that we all noticed profuse bleeding, and noticed his nose was bent.. BUT

1. He continued on in the match (true he had to wipe his nose every other minute), he didn’t just stay on the apron, he was a VERY active particpant.

2. He used it in the match, he kept going crazy on London screaming about his nose, and pointing at it and yelling, and wiping the blood on London and everything, I thought that was particularly impressive, he incorporated the nose into the performance.

– The New York Daily News interviewed Candice Michelle about Saturday Night’s Main Event, Wrestlemania and Playboy, as well as her future acting aspirations.

– Paul Bearer was introduced at Smackdown last night as a “true legend” for a cool off-air moment, according to PWInsider.com.

– Also from PWInsider.com, Mick Foley has been in attendance at some World Baseball Classic games. He’s a big baseball fan.

– Dave Meltzer at WrestlingObserver.com is reporting that John Cena gave a speech to the football team at his alma mater, Springfield (MA) College, yesterday, and was filmed for a WWE feature on him to show his off-screen persona. He is reportedly a really nice guy who has not let his stardom get to his head, and Melzter has reported in the past that he works very hard out of the ring doing every promotional appearance, etc., asked of him (such as this appearance at the Sanremo Music Festival).

– Stevie Richards is scheduled to be back on Smackdown after Wrestlemania, according to Meltzer.

– WWE.com has posted a video hyping the debut of Mike “The Miz” Mizanin doing a reality show gimmick for Smackdown. Perhaps they will put him into a cruiserweight feud with Gregory Helms, (he IS about the right size)?

– Also on WWE.com are entrance videos featuring the new music of Kristal, Randy Orton, Spirit Squad and Paul Birchill, as well as the latest Foley is Blog.

– The Louisiana State University school newspaper has a story on Dr. James Andrews, featuring quotes from WWE superstar Dave Batista.

– According to PWInsider.com, WWE announced to their department heads today that Vince McMahon’s personal assistant and confidant Beth Zazza has left the company, with no reason given as to why. She was a trusted employee and has been described as his “right hand.”

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