[WWE] Bret Hart Makes Wrestlemania Decision Known


– Bret Hart interviewed with the Calgary Sun where he says he will not be at Wrestlemania, talks about coming back to do the DVD and discusses his decision to accept induction into the Hall of Fame (without pay). Some excerpts:

“I think a lot of it is a sign of good faith,” Hart said. “I don’t think either of us has ever really forgiven, but Vince and I have made peace to a certain extent.”

“I just wouldn’t want anyone to think I have finally got in bed with them enough that I can accept what they did to me. At this point, I’m set to fly out of Chicago early in the morning, before Wrestlemania.”

“They’re going to sit me down and talk to me about all kinds of stuff. But I’m not planning on doing anything more than walk out in front of people at the Hall of Fame. That’s my only promise.”

“I’ve basically told them that if I see Shawn, I’ll get back in a cab and go straight to the airport. They’ll have to get him to do my induction speech. I just feel that there’s too much anger for me. Too combustible.”

– In a separate interview, also with the Sun, the Hitman talks about how much he loves Calgary, even though he now resides in Italy. You can read that here.

– Chris Jericho has opened a MySpace account at here. He joins Gregory Helms, Ashley Massaro, Kristal Marshall, John Cena and other wrestlers with ‘official’ MySpace accounts.

– Lance Storm has posted his Wrestlemania predictions on his official Web site.

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