Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet II – Recap – Episode 17

Last week, we got the last male gauntlet. was supposed to be the last male gauntlet, but they ended on a cliffhanger. The “veterans” lost and Derrick had to face Timmy in the gauntlet. He wanted to face David, but Timmy wanted to go in instead. So Derrick was like whatever and Timmy it is! Who will go home and who will stay to compete in the final challenge tonight? I don’t know..lets find out. And here are how the teams look going into the final episode….

The Veterans


Robin (Real World: San Diego)
Montana (Real World: Boston)
Beth S. (Real World: Los Angeles)
ANEESA (Real World: Chicago) (Team Captain)
Katie (Road Rules: The Quest)
Julie (Real World: New Orleans)
Jisela (Road Rules: The Quest)
Ruthie (Real World: Hawaii)


DERRICK (Road Rules: Xtreme) (Team Captain)
Timmy (Road Rules: USA Tour II)
Adam (Road Rules: The Quest)
Mark (Road Rules: USA Tour I)
Ace (Real World: Paris)
David (Real World: Seattle)
Syrus (Real World: Boston)
Brad (Real World: San Diego)

The Rookies


Jamie (Real World: New Orleans)
ALTON (Real World: Las Vegas) (Team Captain)
Adam (Real World: Paris)
Randy (Real World: San Diego)
Landon (Real World: Philadelphia)
MJ (Real World: Philadelphia)
Jeremy (Road Rules: South Pacific)
Danny (Road Rules: Xtreme)


Jo (Real World: San Francisco)
Cameran (Real World: San Diego)
Susie (Road Rules: Down Under)
Cara (Road Rules: South Pacific)
Ibis (Road Rules: Xtreme)
Jillian (Road Rules: Xtreme)
Jodi (Road Rules: Xtreme)
KINA (Road Rules: Xtreme) (Team Captain)

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet II – (Episode 17)

Cue the music..cue the entrances..cue the cool water scenes where everyone comes up through the water to the surface and they are dry as a bone! Those were some of the veterans and the rookies. Now the rest are already on the beach and they fight it out…

We open up to where we left off. Derrick says he is 4-0 in the gauntlet so far. And he has one last one. He is praying that he doesn’t lose. We see Derrick and Timmy shake hands and Katie with a worried look on her face. She says they are both strong players and likes both of them. She thinks that Derrick has a good heart and deserves to be here more than anyone else. Timmy is a good asset to the team, though.

TJ rings the bell the gauntlet begins! It’s “Reverse Tug-O-War”, if you forgot. Timmy is bigger and pulls Derrick along a little bit, but Derrick fights back. David is cheering for Timmy. Derrick digs deep, but Timmy is close to the end and he grabs the flag! Timmy wins! Derrick is going home! Shocking to me! Jodi says her heart aches for him. Everyone looks sad. Timmy is pissed. He won the gauntlet, but Derrick should be here at the end. This sucks! Derrick said he failed. He didn’t make it to the end. The last gauntlet and he got the boot.

Derrick tells Timmy to “keep his head up”. He beat him fair and square. Timmy says he doesn’t want to see Derrick go home, though. Julie says that Derrick kept the “veteran” team together and their team is now in a sorry state.

TJ comes in to declare Timmy the winner..officially..and has no words for Derrick. He went out as a champion. He must leave now, though. Kina, Aneesa, and Jodi look to be crying a little. No one wants to see Derrick go. Everyone comes to say goodbye to Derrick. Alton says that it’s hard to see the “undefeated champion” go home.

Now everyone is back at the house and clapping for Derrick. He is a “man among men.” Derrick is leaving and has some final words for the “rookies” and the “veterans”. He says “no gain.” This final challenge will be one that will hurt for the “rookies”. They better bring everything, because the “veterans” will be ready without him. They will fight to win without him! Derrick walks away as we go away!

Commercial time!

We come back to see that it’s clue time! “It’s time for your final challenge. It’s time to go ‘all in’..get your ‘booty’ ready at 9 a.m.!” Everyone eats their last meal here, which is pizza.

Now they all get ready. Timmy jokes around that Beth left her jumbo-size underwear here. He says the “veterans” are ready. They are ready to upset the “rookies”! Ibis says there is not a chance in hell that the “rookies” will lose this final challenge.

It’s time for the final challenge! Timmy says that “everyone looks ready to throw up”. A lot has happened in this game and now it’s the final challenge. TJ says the name of this challenge is “Bet Your Booty”. It is worth $150,000! There will be 3 competitions in this challenge. The first one is eating “12 Pounds of Roti”. The next one is “Pirate Memory”, which is a basic memory game. And the final one is called “Sand Sprint”. It’s a relay race to the end! Now all the players can only compete in one of the competitions today. The catch is that there will be 250 pirate gold doubloons. Each team will bet a certain number of coins on each competition. The maximum bet is 248. Julie says that at least one person has to play in each of the competitions, but they can stack up the team in any one competition, if they want. And you have to bet at least 1 coin in each of the games. Whichever team has the most gold coins at the end..wins the final challenge and the money! They have 30 minutes to discuss strategy!

It starts now! Randy says the key to this mission it to bet the most on the event they think they will most likely win. They believe they have the faster players and think they should put it all in “Sand Sprint”. Jamie tells us that MJ, Alton, and Landon will be doing the “Sand Sprint” for the “rookies”. They will bet 248 coins for that event. They will then bet 1 coin each for the other two events. Randy, Jamie, Ibis, and Jodi will all be eating the “12 Pounds of Roti”. And Kina and Susie will be doing “Pirate Memory”.

The “veterans” have the same strategy as the “rookies”. Julie and Timmy say put everything in on the “12 Pounds of Roti” and get everyone on that. Mark says they will try to get the first event right from the start and win it there. So they bet 248 coins on “12 Pounds of Roti” and they have Timmy, David, Mark, Robin, and Julie on that event. They bet 1 each from the other two. Katie is doing “Pirate Memory” and Aneesa is doing “Sand Sprint”. Both teams have the same strategy on different events and both feel that is the best. So it will be interesting to see how this turns out. It looks like it could come down to the “Pirate Memory” to fight over those last coins!

TJ comes in to talk about the first competition, which is eating “12 Pounds of Roti”. It’s a delicacie here on the island. David says it’s like a burrito, but it has bones and potatoes in it. Parts of the chicken. The first team to throw up..loses. But if both teams keep it down, then the first team to finish it all will win!

Here we go for the first challenge! And everyone stuffs their faces! And they continue to eat and eat! Jamie is the first one to feel like he is going to throw up. Julie is surprised that the “rookies” are keeping up, since the “veterans” have 1 more stomach than the “rookies”. Jodi says she will not eat another potato again! David says do anything they have to do to eat it! Alton says that Ibis looks solid! It’s VERY close! And both teams are yelling that they are done! Everyone is yelling, but the refs don’t call anything yet! They give it to the “veterans” looks like. But the “rookies” say that Robin and Julie are still eating. TJ finally comes in to try and calm everyone down. Kina is yelling. Everyone is yelling. TJ is going to check the tape to decide. And that means we take a break!

Commercial time!

We come back and TJ looks at the tape. Meanwhile, the yelling continues between both teams. HA! TJ checks the tape and sees that Julie still has food in her mouth. It’s clear that the “rookies” have won this competition, so they get 249 coins!

Now the “veterans” are screwed. They went all in on one challenge and lost. They have no hope of winning or so it seems. Mark says they have to continue, though. Timmy says there is more of them and they have no chance. Aneesa says there is no way she can sprint against Alton, Landon, and MJ by herself. So as a team..the “veterans” decide to walk away. They give it to the “rookies”. The “rookies” win! The “rookies” don’t want to win this way, but the “veterans” say it doesn’t matter. They can’t win. Julie says that if you look back at the whole thing, the “rookies” deserved to win this game. They were a great team and continued to win.

TJ comes in with the official verdict. The “rookies” won! They get a grand total of $240,000, while the “veterans” had $60,000! Alton, Landon, MJ, Randy, Jamie, Kina, Ibis, Jodi, and Susie are your winners of ‘The Gauntlet II’! Susie, Kina, and Alton can’t believe they just won. They are rich now!
Susie says that the “rookies” have gone through a lot together and hopes that they all stay friends. Now we get a video montage set to music. YES! We get clips from all the previous episodes of this show. Mark says that they were in Trinidad & Tobago and had one of the best times of their lives! The video continues. Ibis talks about the tears that were shed during this show. It was worth it in the end, since they won. Kina says that without Randy here..she didn’t know if she could had competed with as much intensity. More highlights. Alton says he has learned a lot during this game. He has learned to be a leader and a team player. Timmy says it was a great game despite their loss. He says that the memories he has from this show is WAY better than winning money! More highlights. And we close out with Alton saying..”life is a competition..the gauntlet doesn’t end here!”

And that is all we got! We are done with this show!