Islands – Return to the Sea Review


The Inside Pulse
On Return to the Sea, former Unicorns members J’aime and Nick Diamonds return with an arguably less quirky mix of beautiful and eclectic songs. With the assistance of about half of Arcade Fire on about half of the songs, Islands have crafted an engaging set of pop miracles, seamlessly fusing styles to create an indie-rock hybrid of sea-shanty, hip-hop and country. Boldly going where no one had the chutzpah to go before, Islands have created something else, which is a feat unto itself.

Every track is a gem. From “Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby” to the faux rap of “Where There’s a Will (There’s a Whalebone)”, Return to the Sea is completely engaging. The production is very intricate, making this the perfect headphone album. There is a sense of “accidental perfection” that comes with experimentation, and every rough edge creates a fun new facet.

It doesn’t go on long enough. The album may not have a all-encompassing flow, but it really leaves you wanting more at an official ten tracks (11 including a bonus).

Somewhere between Beck’s Odelay, The Arcade Fire, and maybe Guster?

Reason to Buy:
What reason is there not to? Fans of Arcade Fire will most probably enjoy, as would those who have liked what’s been coming out of Montreal these past few years.