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Welcome once again to Marvel News & Views – the place on the web that sits and really tells it like it is. Now, recognize that when I say that, I mean the following:

…the place on the web that sits and cracks smart about what’s going on in Marvel Comics, and whines about how come things aren’t the way they used to be – all the while making potshots at Chris Claremont and Tim Stevens…

Now that we have that squared away, let’s get us to some news!

(In the lines by Newsarama)

In an interesting way to do a variant – Issue #5 of NEXTWAVE – you will be given a black and white line version of the book so that you can color it in yourself.

Now as far as I go – I am not a big variant guy. I’ve said it before. This though, is at least interesting. It’s doing something that’s in theme with the book (and if you don’t know why it’s in theme with the book, you really need to read this book), and it’s being sold as it’s own item and not as a ‘BUY 30 OF THESE AND 20 OF THOSE AND ONE OF THESE AND YOU MIGHT GET ONE OF OUR VARIANT’ type books.

Let people decide which cover/interior they want, and be done with it.

Fun idea, and good for Marvel for pushing a book that’s not hitting the American market the way they want it to.

(Hired from Newsarama)

Well a week or two ago, I toldja that Heroes For Hire was coming back. I also eluded to how that it’s going to be a pain in the butt, given that Luke Cage is now Bendis’ little love puppy, and he’s DEFINITELY not strong enough to be on two books. (Especially when one of them is the Avengers)

So who is going to be our team du jour? Let’s take a glance:

For those needing some help, from left to right you have Humbug, Misty Knight, yes the Black Cat (inexplicably left off the list when this story was first published), the new Tarantula, Colleen Wing, and Shang Chi – Master of Kung Fu.

The writing team is going to be the same as Daughters of the Dragon with Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Now on art, we have a special special special little name to throw in here: Billy Tucci. If you only read Marvel, you’ve never heard of him, as it’s his first Marvel work. If you’ve ever perused the wall of books at your local pulp peddler, you might have seen 30 different #1’s by him. If you are REALLY into comic history, you can site him and Awesome! comics for being influences on why the industry shattered. (Separately of course)

He created Shi a book about a kabuki chick that I’ve seen lots of pin-up books for, and never an issue #3. You figure it out.

And that’s one to grow on…

(Hatched off of Newsarama)

So it’s an article about Brian Reed’s Ms. Marvel title.

I’m not going to get into what it says – mainly because I haven’t read it.

I have both issues of Ms. Marvel sitting on my nightstand waiting my personal enjoyment, and I’m not having it spoiled by some cockamaime article.

If you want to know about Ms. Marvel, The Brood, or Brian Reed – YOU go read it.

(Top of the Newsarama heap)

Once again on the sales charts – Marvel wins the percentage battle, but not the war;
In the top ten – Marvel gets:
#6 – ULTIMATES 2 #10
#9 – UNCANNY X-MEN #470

Half of them… mostly the even numbered. Then if you follow down into the teens, it starts to get VERY Marvel heavy with Ultimate titles and things. So go Marvel, and it seems people do give a shit about Civil War, and the only thing they care about nominally more is Infinite Crisis.

Now all we need to do is get Young Avengers on that list…

(Worn in by Newsarama)

On big nights like the Emmy’s – the Oscar’s – the Tony’s – the Porny’s – the Razzy’s – and the Nicolodian Kid’s Choice Awards, you might hear that infamous question:

“So who are you wearing?”

My hope is one day when I’m standing there accepting my award for ‘Biggest Prick In A Movie’ (I’ll let you decide which ceremony I’m at..) – and I get asked that question. I can quite happily say ‘Her name was Beth’.

What will STORM say when she weds Black Panther in the most racially charged wedding since Luke married Laura?

The design of the dress for the upcoming Black Panther/Storm wedding was created by none-other-than Shawn Dudley, the Emmy-Award Winning Costume Designer for TV’s Guiding Light.

Here’s a link to a photo which is probably the cover to the damned book: CLICK RIGHT HERE

Now upon looking at this photo a little closely – I want to know when Bishop got into making bukkake movies, and why the hell did he visit the set of one right before the wedding?


Seems Flight might be about a bunch of US characters who flee to Canada post Civil War…. I’m intrigued.


Click the image to see why it gets its own spot.


Last week I asked people to send in their opinion on Superhero Registration:

We got THIS response from reader Colin P.

Absolutely not. While I would agree that it would be nice if heroes would be held responsible for reckless endangerment and whatnot, the fact is that every time Daredevil saved someone, he would be sued for stubbing their toe. Frivolous lawsuits are brought up every day.

And I’m also sure that this registration would also lead to some sort of Marvel version of OMAC/Tower of Babel-type stuff.

Also, superhuman activity is technically illegal, as it is vigilantism, and would put your Spider-Mans in compromising situations.

Well Colin – the issue right here is right in your first paragraph! Reckless Endangerment. In a world with superheroes battling it out in (primarily) New York City, how many damned times are we going to have to rebuild the statue of liberty after Magneto drops it – or put back all the bridges that Onslaught took out – or the countless apartment buildings that Daredevil and Luke Cage have lived in.

What we are talking about here is ACCOUNTABILITY!

Let’s say for example that Spider-Man and Rhino are battling through the city because Rhino has stolen money from a bank. It happens enough that I think we could say that it is a nice and average situation.

If Spider-Man had never shown up, Rhino would have obviously gotten away. That’s bad, but we know he did it. It’s hard to miss him. Along the way Rhino might cause a certain amount of property damage. He might push a car, or throw a pedestrian. Now add Spidey into the mix and we have a fight on our hands, where both Spidey and Rhino alike are going to end up flying headfirst into cafes. Rhino is going to throw cars and use electric poles as baseball bats.

If our ‘Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ hadn’t shown up, this NEVER would have happened. We would have a minimal assessment of damage, and casualties at worst. Add in this X-Factor of superheroics, and we now might have people trapped in buildings… for what!? For bank money that is insured.

Now I understand there are situations that fall outside the jurisdiction (ie: Galactus), but a registered team of superheroes, when dealing with a threat that is so supernatural as to almost be an act of God himself, can be put into place and absolved of damage done much more readily than a family of self-proclaimed heroes doing the same because they choose to.

So shackle the heroes. Put them away. God Bless America.


Write me at the link below and tell me why Colin’s wrong, or why I’m right… or some other combination of these words.

And until then.

Make Your Marvel, Me.

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