[WWE] Notes on European Tour & TV Tapings


WWE is taping RAW today in London, headlined by Shane vs. Michaels, and Smackdown tomorrow in London, featuring Kurt vs. Rey for the World Title.

Additional European shows happening this weekend are Smackdown today in Newcastle, England, RAW tomorrow in Nottingham, England, and shows Sunday in Cardiff, Wales and Cologne, Germany.

WWE officials are reportedly trying to keep Palmer Canon on the roster, even though he gave notice and flew home after the first day in Europe due to JBL hazing him. According to Dave Meltzer, the hazing almost led to a confrontation between the two men, and so far he has turned down WWE’s requests to reconsider. He has been pa member of the Smackdown roster as a “network executive,” credited in the storylines for bringing in Ken Kennedy, the Juniors, Boogeyman, Matt Hardy and others in a “new talent initiative,” but has recently been seen speaking out against The Miz.

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com

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