The Velocity Report


Opening Contest: Simon Dean verses Matt Hardy
Dean gets on the microphone beforehand and is, well, as lame as always. Lock up and Dean takes Hardy to the ropes, with Hardy forcing Dean off with a punch. Another lock up and Dean gets a hammerlock, choking Hardy blatantly when the referee can’t see, until Hardy gets an armdrag and blatantly chokes Dean for a second. Hardy clubs away at Dean with possibly closed fists, and nails a dragging powerbomb for only just a two count. Dean sends Hardy into the ropes and Hardy comes back with a kick to the chest, and goes to capitalize with a clothesline but Dean sends Hardy through the second and third ropes and his head slamming against the apron. Dean gets a knee drop to the back of Hardy’s head and stomps away, pick up Hardy only to force him back down using the arm and locking in a hammerlock, nailing a knee to the back, as a “Hardy” chant goes through the audience. Hardy gets to his feet, Dean still has the hammerlock applied, Hardy goes for a snapmare but Dean clubs on Hardy before nailing an armbreaker for the two count. Dean locks in a wristlock, getting a two count, as another “Hardy” chant starts up. Hardy begins to get to his feet, nailing some punches to Dean, and nails Dean with the Side Effect after Dean goes for the clothesline! Dean off the ropes into an elbow followed by a leg drop, clothesline and bulldog combo in the corner for a two count. Hardy up top and nails an elbow to the neck of Dean and gets ready for the Twist of Fate! Kick to the gut and Dean escapes by grabbing the arm and goes for an irish whip, Hardy reverses it and sends Dean into the corner, where Dean nails Hardy with a boot to the face. Dean goes up to the second rope, does the Yodel, punch to the gut and a Twist Of Fate gets the three count.
Winner: Matt Hardy

Good opening to Velocity. Seven out of Ten.


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Second Contest: Orlando Jordan verses Gunner Scott
Lock up and Jordan forces Scott to the corner, Scott then puts Jordan in the corner and is forced off by the referee. Another lock up and Scott goes behind only to get an elbow to the face, followed by a snapmare and Jordan goes to work the arm of Scott but Scott gets to work on Jordan’s quickly, locking on a hammerlock. Jordan nails a drop toe hold before getting a headlock, which leads to an irish whip by Scott, Jordan comes back with a shoulder to Scoot. Dropped elbo by Jordan misses Scott, and Scott flips Jordan over using the arm, and Scott nails a nice arm breaker variation using the leg. Armdrag by Jordan is reversed by Scott, who nails one of his own as well, before Jordan quickly gets to the ropes. Punches by Jordan before Scott is sent into the ropes, Scott rolls under a Jordan clothesline attempt and nails a dropkick. Hiptoss by Scott and Jordan rolls to the apron, dropping Scott throat first into the top rope. Jordan nails Scott with a swinging neckbreaker before dropping a knee for a two count. Jordan clubs away on Scott before locking on a headlock, Scott gets up and nails elbows to the gut, Jordan gets a kick to the gut of Scott and nails the Backcracker (!!) for a two count. Jordan reapplies the rear choke hold and Scott gets to his feet, nailing elbows to the gut before Jordan sends Scott into the corner. Jordan slams into the corner and comes back into a Russian leg sweep by Scott. Jordan nails the dancing punches but misses the final one and turns into a flapjack by Scott! Running elbows by Scott is followed by a chop and shoulder body toss. Northern Lights Suplex gets Scott a two count! Jordan gets sent off the ropes into an overhead belly to belly, which gets Scott the three count!
Winner: Gunner Scott

Another good match tonight. Seven out of Ten .. Though, then again, I may just be so used to the crap that’s been on SmackDown lately.


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Main Event: William Regal verses Chris Benoit
Lock up right away and neither get any advantage until Benoit takes Regal to the corner, Benoit getting taken off by the referee. Another lock up and Benoit gets taken down as Regal works the arm, with a “Benoit” chant breaking out. Benoit trips Regal down and works the leg, locking in a reverse sharpshooter – and slam Regal’s head down hard. Regal escapes the hold and uses his feet against the head of Benoit, with the two having their hands locked, Regal flips up to his feet and nails Benoit with a monkeyflip (Regal sure is active tonight, ain’t he?!) and rolls over onto Benoit, still with their hands locked, but Benoit gets a bodyscissors on Regal! The hands are taken apart and Regal gets a one count, with the bodyscissors still locked on, and Regal does his best to force Benoit’s shoulders down – but Benoit sets up for the Crossface! Regal escapes the Crossface attempt and gets a Chickenwing but Benoit gets to the ropes. Regal gets the leg of Benoit but Benoit gets an enziguri, sending Regal all the way across the ring onto the apron. Benoit goes to suplex Regal back into the ring but Regal resists. Benoit nails some knees and joins Regal on the apron, and goes for the German from the apron! Regal elbows Benoit off of him and nails a DDT onto the apron! I love it whenever they do that.


And we’re back with Benoit chopping Regal before Regal knees Benoit down. Regal picks Benoit up for more knees, before kicking Benoit back down and placing his head next to the steel pole and kicking the head. Regal drags Benoit back into the ring for an uppercut and elbow drop for a two count, with a “Regal Sucks” chant going through the arena. Abdominal stretch by Regal and the fans begin to clap for Benoit, and Benoit spears Regal into the corner! Chop to Regal sends Regal stumbling into another corner, before getting a big boot to Benoit. Uppercut to Benoit by Regal before Benoit trips Regal and goes for the sharpshooter, but an eye poke sends Benoit off of him and Regal goes for the Regal Stretch! Regal cannot lock it, so settles for the Mexican Stretch and locks it in! Benoit escapes with elbows to Regal. Regal with a pair of exploder suplexes, followed by a knee drop for a series of two counts. Regal and Benoit both go for Full Nelson Suplexes, and Benoit nails it! Germans! Regal escapes the third German attempt and goes for a double arm suplex, but Benoit flips Regal over! Crippler Crossface! Regal taps!
Winner: Chris Benoit

Ten out of Ten. Duh. This was right up there with Finlay/Benoit from the other week, except with Benoit going over. So this week’s Velocity is .. well .. rather highly rated isn’t it?

Matt Hardy verses Simon Dean: 7/10
Gunner Scott verses Orlando Jordan: 7/10
William Regal verses Chris Benoit: 10/10
Velocity 13/05/06: 21/30

A very welcome breathe of fresh air, with the second 10/10 Benoit match within two weeks. Right now you have no idea how hard I’m praying for Finlay/Regal/Benoit at Judgment Day. Ladies and Gentlemen, Regal and Benoit is your reason to watch Velocity this week. Until Kane verses Rey Mysterio this week on SmackDown, Ciao Y’all.