The Sunday HEAT


— Todd Grisham is still flying solo on this edition of HEAT that is kicked off by one half of a former and current tag team and is topped of by the other. Hmm, sounds ironic doesn’t it?

– Goldust vs. Trevor Murdoch
Arm drag take down starts off the match for Goldust and takes the early offense with the atomic drop and clothesline. Goldust continues on the left arm of Murdoch, but he gets hung up on the ropes neck first. Murdoch takes the wheel and a headlock slows down the match. Powerslam from Goldust as three consecutive two counts get nothing for Murdoch. Goldy back on top and starts to clear the ring with a few clotheslines and solid hits, as we go on top and get the 10 head shots up in the corner BUT Murdoch counters and gets the roll up pin with the ropes for the win.
Winner: Trevor Murdoch

– Eugene vs. Tony Drake
Jeeze, this jobber guy sounds like if I should be calling him Robin, get it… Robin- Tim Drake… nevermind. Lets just hope this is a quick match. Anyway, Drake isn’t dressed as a super hero but takes a super hitting on Eugene quickly. Drake grips down on the right shoulder blade of Eugene for a while until he starts to get the cheap rip-off of “Hulking-up” and boy am I tired of this guy. Stunner finishes.
Winner: Eugene

– Torrie Wilson & Viscera vs. Victoria & Rob Conway
The only good thing mentioning about this match is Torrie Wilson in a practical lingerie-bikini outfit. And then of course, the sometimes interesting Victoria. Would you like a picture? Of course you would….

Other than that, Victoria gets the pin with the Widow’s peak.
Winner: Victoria & Rob Conway

– Snitsky vs. Lance Cade
Does Cade’s face get chubbier, or is it just me? Anway, he does the “mean-guy” thing and start to slug it out with Snitsky, but the foor sniffer clears the ring. Match spills outside, but thanks to Snitsky’s low IQ, Cade runs him into the metal post and targets the arm. Back in the ring, Cade takes the upper hand by still working on the left arm of Snitsky. I don’t know I thought of this, but where’s Ashley, is she still broken? More arm stuff and then Snitsky no sells the arm work with his second wind. Murdoch comes out of nowhere and attacks Snitsky from the corner to get the DQ and re-team the cowboys. Goldust runs in to make the save and meee thinks we have a tag-match for the MAIN EVENT of next week’s HEAT.
Winner: Snitsky

The HEAT Wave
Does anyone know if there is a petition site where we can switch the announced ECW show taking over Velocity to HEAT!? Because I sure wouldn’t mind covering EC’dub instead of HEAT, I mean, it couldn’t be any worse could it? Well if you want, you can still check out this weekends show if you click THIS. Till next time, I’m out. Peace!