Deep South Wrestling TV Report for May 14, 2006

May 14, 2006 airing on Comcast Sports South
Taped on February 16, 2006 at the DSW Arena in McDonough, Ga

The show opened with highlight clips from last week showing Roughouse O’Reilly defeating Willam Regal with the Roughshot and Tony Santarelli beating Kid Kash with the Satellite Enzuigiri.

Cut to Bill DeMott with the long-awaited announcement of the DSW tag team tournament. He was interrupted by “Queen Diva” Angel Willliams. Instantly, a pack of DSW Divas including Michelle McCool, Tracy Taylor, Kristal Marshall and Tranisha were all in DeMott’s face. The divas demanded a spot for a female team in the tournament. The arrival of the Gymini shut the Divas down. Gymini Jesse told DeMott that he was a tough guy in his day, but his day was done. Jesse told DeMott that Gymini would be the number one seed in the tournament, and they would become the first champions. Jake said DeMott was the only one protecting the Assassin. They couldn’t get to Assassin but DeMott could. DeMott said the interview was over.

(1) Gymini (Jesse & Jake) beat Ray Gordy & Damien Steel in 2:50. Gymini were pointing at DeMott as they entered the ringside area. Jake beat up on Steel and gave him a rude shove out of the ring. DeMott said Simon Dean had programmed Gymini to be ruffians (his word not mine). Gordy used a drop toehold to set up a basement dropkick. It was barely good for a one count. Gordy fought the good fight, but Gymini beat him down as well. When Gordy scored with a last gasp sunset flip, Jake kicked out at one and knocked him for a loop with a lariat. Gymini hit the (a two-man Oopsy Daisy) to score the pin. Gymini took turns dropping elbows on Gordy, until O’Reilly pulled him out of the ring. Gymini continued use intimidation tactics on DeMott on their way out. DeMott stood up at the announcer’s table and glared.

Michelle McCool was with Johnny Parisi. McCool asked Parisi for his opinion of his opponent, Rough House O’Reilly, who was coming off a huge win over William Regal. Parisi said “Outhouse” had one too many pints at the Irish pub if he thought he was going to avoid the Shaft. “Speaking of the Shaft, my little McCool, maybe I could interest you in a shaft or two, because that’s the way I swing.”

O’Reilly was with Kristal Marshall. O’Reilly said he had beaten a legend, something Parisi had never accomplished. “You’re not just in any ring. You are in my house. And it’s not the outhouse. You have just stepped foot into the Rough House.”

(2) Rough House O’Reilly beat Johnny Parisi in 6:40 with the Roughshot. DeMott said Parisi made a big mistake when he mocked O’Reilly’s moniker. Parisi slapped O’Reilly across the face. O’Reilly slapped him back. Parisi went down and checked for a loose tooth. DeMott called attention to the chants of “O’Reilly” from the crowd. As O’Reilly tortured Parisi with a knucklelock and tried to twist his shoulder out of its socket, the commentary focused on the story of the match: the arrogant, wily veteran against an up-and-comer showing newly found confidence. Parisi backed O’Reilly into the corner and blasted his midsection with shoulder blocks. Parisi showed the effects of O’Reilly’s assault on his arm. O’Reilly reversed a whip, but Parisi stepped aside and O’Reilly ran smack into the turnbuckles. Parisi dropped O’Reilly with a hangman neckbreaker and cradled him for a near fall. Parisi hit a short arm clothesline. O’Reilly fired back from his knees. Parisi staggered, then grabbed a side headlock and punched O’Reilly in the face. Parisi landed a pair of stinging chops. Parisi pressured O’Reilly’s neck. O’Reilly came back with a knockdown shoulder block, but Parisi cut him off with a hotshot drop toehold across the middle rope. Great looking spot. Parisi hooked a leg and O’Reilly kicked out at two. Parisi jackhammered O’Reilly’s jaw. Parisi stalked his man. Parisi applied a sleeper hold. When O’Reilly rose to his feet, Parisi jumped on his back. O’Reilly countered with a sidewalk slam. Both men down. O’Reilly made a delayed one-armed cover, and Parisi rolled a shoulder at two. O’Reilly was feeling it on the comeback. O’Reilly hit a high speed corner-to-corner lariat. Parisi took a spin as a fell to the mat. O’Reilly moved in for his finisher. Parisi stunned O’Reilly with a reverse elbow and went for the Shaft. O’Reilly reversed it into the full nelson slam for the 1-2-3. Sherrod said O’Reilly was one a winning streak.

Palmer Canon and his attorney, Quentin Michaels Esq. entered the office of the Assassin with ace reporter Matt Striker in tow. Michaels started spouting legal mumbo jumbo at Assassin. Michaels said he had legal evidence that Assassin was no longer capable of performing his duties as president of DSW and Canon was taking over. Canon said just to show that he had no malice towards Assassin, he was giving him a full hour to clean out his office. Canon told Assassin that the photos on the wall were DSW property, so they were staying put. Assassin called Canon a pompous windbag. Assassin was great here. Assassin said that if Canon thought he was taking over DSW without a fight, then a) he wasn’t as intelligent as he thought he was and b) he was crazy. “You give me an hour to get out of here. I’m giving you about 30 seconds to get your ass out that door and take your sleaze bag lawyer with you. Now, move it.” Canon said that despite the harsh words, he thought he had a spot for Assassin and his wife in the janitorial services department.

Quick promo from “”Mack Daddy” Johnson, who said he had been impressed with himself ever since his arrival in DSW.

(3) Mack Daddy” Johnson beat “Silverback” Ryan Reeves in 4:37. Reeves flexed for the camera. Scary. Johnson struck a muscle pose of his own. Reeves threw Johnson off like a rag doll. Johnson faked Reeves out on a test of strength. Reeves abused Johnson with his power game. Johnson raked the eyes in desperation. Johnson’s dropkick connected for a near fall. DeMott said Johnson had the best dropkick in the game. Johnson hit a rolling neck snap for another two count. Johnson tried to choke off Reeves’ air supply with a sleeper. Reeves rammed Johnson’s back into the buckles to break the hold. Reeves hit a gorilla press slam, but Johnson hooked the ropes with his feet just before the three count. Reeves speared the bejeezus out of Johnson in the corner. Reeves tried it again and Johnson caught him flush in the face with a kneelift for the pin.

Perez cut a promo with Angel Wiliams holding the mic. Perez told the viewers to bow down to Peurto Rico’s greatest. Perez switched to putting himself over in Spanish. “At the end of the day, I don’t come to see you. You people come to see me.”

(4) Eric Perez pinned Damian Steel at 2:47 with the Boriqua Bomb. Perez pounded away. Steel was sucking wind in no time flat. Perez used a variation on the X Factor. Perez signaled that it was over. Naturally, it wasn’t. Steel hit an inverted DDT to spark an uninspiring comeback sequence. Perez begged off and hid behind referee Mike Posey. Steel fell for the distraction. Perez headbutted Steel in the gut and hit his finisher, an implant DDT.

(5) The Giant (Great Kahli) destroyed Slaughter Brothers (Joseph & John) in a matter of seconds (39 to be exact). Slaughters attacked Giant as he came through the ropes. Gian put them down with a double pie face. Giant shrugged off a double top wristlock. Giant wasted Joe with a massive headbutt for the pin. Deacon made it onto ring apron, despite Canon’s valiant effort to stop him. But before things got physical, Canon pulled Deacon out of the ring. Canon had his hands full trying to force Deacon up the ramp. Deacon was slapping himself in the face. Sherrod said that a showdown between the two monsters was inevitable.

Cut to the lockerroom where Mike Knox pulled up a seat next his partner, Derrick Neikirk. Knox said he wasn’t mad about his title match against Neikirk, even thought his arm was almost broken. Niekirk said he wasn’t mad either (but he sure didn’t look happy). Knox wanted to make sure everything was OK with them. Knox admitted that he had an issue with Neikirk showing up late last week. Neikirk said he still made it. Knox said yeah, but not until I lost. Team Elite set their differences aside and agreed that tonight would be the end of High Impact. Knox asked for a hug. Neikirk declined. Knox said it would make him feel better. “I’m not hugging you. Why can’t you just let bygones be bygones?” said Neikirk. Knox threw an arm around Neikirks’ neck. The champ looked ill at ease.

Promo by High Impact. Mike Taylor said that High Impact was back together again. Taylor said that when Neikirk tried to jump him from behind last week, he was doing exactly what Impact expected him to do. Santarelli ran down the list of bad guys that had jumped them. Taylor said they were sick of it, and tonight, Team Elite was going to have to meet them face-to-face.

Canon and Williams made their grand entrance to lend a helping hand with the commentary. Williams looked smoking hot again this week. Williams stroked DeMott’s forehead.

(6) High Impact (Mike Taylor & Tony Santarelli) beat Team Elite (Derrick Neikirk & Mike Knox) via countout in 15:54. Santarelli wrestled Neikirk even-steven in the opening minutes. Impact took over with some nice work on Neikirk’s leg. The commentary focused on the upcoming tag team tournament and the bitter rivalry between the two teams. Impact made a wish with Niekirk’s lower extemities. Knox interjected himself into the match at 6:00, and Neikirk smoked Santarelli with Saito suplex. Knox unleashed a MERCILESS attack on Santarelli’s back. Knox hit an 18-second stalling suplex for a near fall. Williams said it turned Santarelli’s hair purple, but her preference was pink. Neikirk knocked Taylor off the apron to thwart a tag. Taylor went nuts and DeMott said Taylor’s temper was overriding his judgement. Palmer was laughing as he gave a graphic description of Knox’s fists making contact with the Santarelli’s face. Santarelli’s desperate struggle to make a tag conveyed a legit sense of urgency. Impact hit a killer double backbreaker. Santarelli was in agony. When Knox busted out a slingshot senton, DeMott called him the most agile big man in the business today. Santarelli hiptossed Neikirk, who cut him off inches away from a tag. Knox executed a series of DDT-like maneuvers on Santarelli’s leg and rolled him into a single leg crab. Santarelli finally shook Neikirk off to make the tag. Taylor exploded on the Elite. Taylor nailed Knox with a high crossbody for a long two count. Taylor hit a sitout leg lariat on for an even longer two count. Impact rammed Elite’s skulls together. Impact hit tandem spinning heel kicks. The Elite ended up flat on their backs at ringside. Impact tossed Elite back in, but they immediately bailed out on the opposite side. Elite looked like they were hurting, as the elected to allow Nick Patrick to count them out. Canon said the Elite were showing wisdom by not wasting energy prior to the tag tournament. Sherrod said this feud was far from over.

Comments and Random Thoughts: They made a huge deal out of the tag team tournament throughout this episode…The warm afterglow of DeMott’s return to competition turned ugly in a hurry, as the heat between Gymini and DeMott kicked into high gear. Gymini treated Gordy and Steele like cannon fodder. One of the best things about DSW is the classic mic work of the Assassin, a throwback to the heyday of Southern wrestling…Parisi and O’Reilly had a good match. Making a big issue out juvenile name-calling was weak, but the match worked fine in the larger scheme of things. O’Reilly is in the midst of a major push, scoring back-to-back wins over William Regal and Parisi, both clean in the middle with his finisher. His work had improved dramatically, and it’s icing on the cake that the DSW Arena faithful are totally in synch with it…Two matches were inserted from previous tapings. Johnson/Reeves was from 11/23/05. Johnson retired not long after this match was taped. Perez/Steel took place on 11/10/05…Kahli’s manhandling of the Slaughters, the Mulkey Brothers of DSW, made for a great visual, as did the confrontation between Deacon and Giant. Deacon’s intensity really gave that segment a boost…The chemistry between Knox and Neikirk is growing on me. They have burning issues that threaten to detonate at any moment, yet play them out in an understated way. It’s refreshing to see a pro wrestling storyline that doesn’t insult the viewers’ intelligence…Team Elite/High Impact was the inring highpoint of the hour. The announce team did their best to get it across, but there is no way for CSS viewers to get the full sense of a rivalry that dates all the way back to DSW’s first show in September 2005…Both teams displayed some nice dissection of the body part. Santarelli communicates two key messages when he’s taking a beating: 1) This hurts like hell and 2) They’re going to have to kill me because I ain’t giving up. The count out finish worked fine here…Sherrod cut off a conversation between Canon and DeMott that was going nowhere, quite the ballsy move for a 20 year-old… Reeves has the freakishly chiseled physique of a comic book superhero.