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Hi kids – I know that I didn’t really do a column last week – and there was justification for that. The justification is the same as why the column this week seems a little bare.

There is no news.

That’s right – Marvel seems to be under full lockdown.

I have no verification on this – although I’ve been skulking around and looking for it. There is a creative summit going on for Marvel over the next week, but it seems things are all just in line to go ahead now. Civil War is well underway, Planet Hulk is trudging along, Annihilation has blasted off, and I am left sitting here going – ‘Well, I have 7 minutes of X3… woo?’

So I do apologize for the seeming lack of news, it really isn’t my fault. I just comment on what I’m given.

Now some of you out there might expect a bit more from me, maybe that I should go and hold up Marvel like the Nakatomi building from Die Hard – and then I’d have TONS of news to write about. So let’s first get that story out of the way.

(Courtesy of Bruce Willis)

Earlier this week – The Marvel building in New York New York was held up by seemingly unwaivering terrorists. Their leader, Hans Gruber, was quoted as saying that he ‘Would not release the hostages until members of the Red Dawn terrorist organization were set free’. Chicago Police Officer (Yes, I know in the original he was from New York) John McClaine somehow ended up in the building and stopped the terrorists.

After a long showdown, we can only assume that this was in response to the possible rebirth of Uncle Ben.

Marvel has not made any comment.

Now onto other, more cromulant news…

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

This is actually a very decently written article about the breakdown of why various Marvelites sided the way they did in Civil War – such as why Cap’n America turned his back on the government. If you are one of those people that scoffed, then go check out this article which is rife with discourse about Nomad, S.H.I.E.L.D., and Iron Man.

Now I generally agree with every single point made in this article – my only concern, as I mentioned in my reviews last week, is that I’m still not precisely sure why SHIELD went from loving Cap to attacking Cap.

I’ve discussed this around the water cooler, and the only general belief we can come to is that SHIELD recognized that Steve wasn’t going to side with the good guys (America MUST be the good guys….. right?) and were prepared to take him down before he became a liability. When the guy who calls himself CAPTAIN AMERICA doesn’t agree with a new American policy, you might be thinking on the wrong side of the elephant or donkey.

See – editorial content… I’ll make this column awesome yet…

(Courtesy of Newsarama…shocked?)

This is part two of the same set of columns that brought you the last news tidbit. This time they are discussing the X-Teams and how they are going to be split in twain.

The fact is – they won’t.

X-Men have always been anti-establishment, and any leanings towards the establishment have always lead to their downfall. Registering as a superhero is only one step away from registering as a mutant. (It’s actually fairly synonymous) They’ve fought that since Dark Phoenix Saga as my new X-Men Omnibus has taught me.

(No Courtesy to Lying In The Gutters)

The new Miss Martian is based on Wizard writer Ben Morse’s girlfriend Megan, and her secret identity is Megan Morse”¦

Now I understand this would/should fall in the DC line of things, but it must be addressed given that Ben is a former staffer here at the fine Nexus, and his darling Megan, who is a lovely person, is recieving this honor.

What I need to now address is Danielle. My lifepartner in arms. My fiancee. My darling sweet who is, or at least was having read this news, asking me to whore her out so SHE could in fact be in a comic. So to all of you folks out there – creators – artists – Danielle wants to be a comic book character, and she apparently won’t:
A) Take no for an answer
B) Have any shame.

You can find her at: Dani’s MySpace or Email me at

We can discuss payment for the woman.
…Thanks Ben

(Courtesy of Dell)

Oh that title header killed me when I thought of it.

I wasn’t kidding earlier – that’s 7 minutes of X Footage. Here are my thoughts, done in a fine bullet style.

* Beast looks fantastic

* This movie is going to have a threadbare plot – based on Joss’ ‘Cure’ storyline, the rest is going to be mutant Civil War. This might not be a bad thing.

* Warren Worthington III leaps out the window and doesn’t get cut a bit… I think it would be funnier if he leapt at the window and it was made of plexiglass.

* Kitty Pryde also looks pretty neat.

* Juggernaut I’m torn on.

How they are going to shove the Famke Jansson storyline in there has yet to be seen, and as faithful readers of this column might remember – I have NO love of Halle Berry in her role in this movie.

Why? She sniveled about her place in the second film, stating that she is was completely understated. Now I recognize she is an award winning actress, and listed as one of the most beautiful women in the world in just about every list you can find, but X-Men is an ensemble movie. (Ok.. except Wolverine) It has an ensemble cast, and if you don’t feel that you can play equal footing with other Hollywood stars, then really you should just shaddup.

Otherwise, I don’t have amazing hopes for the film, but I do believe it’s going to be fun action. What else should I want out of one of the ‘almost’ Summer blockbusters?


That’s Tim Steven’s column though.

(Courtesy of Joe Fridays)

What I found interesting is that no one seemed to address a very important point I made last week. Knowing that having a child or getting divorce, annulled, separated, or widowed and all those sorts of things aren’t an option, there is not a single story of a married Peter Parker that can’t be told with a single Peter Parker. On the other hand, the exact opposite isn’t true.

How about the issues of two people who love each other and are happy together?
How about stories about how Peter has finally found just a little slice of happy in the world that he has been hated in?
How about stories where he has a support circle that he’s built over the last ten years (story time)?
What about marital problems where people work it out and remain together?

These are all stories that CAN NOT be told in a world where Peter is not with MJ. They are part of the canon that JMS has given us in the last three years. He has made the relationship between Peter and MJ so strong that it’s hard to consider a world without them together.

Quit trying to convince us Joe and relent that people are HAPPY with them together.


(Thank God I Have Solicits from Newsarama)

These are the partials – so next week I’ll expand, but anything that fills time…

Secrets wanting to be brought forth?
Speedball on trial?
We will be there!

From the cover art it seems Peter and Tony aren’t getting along very well anymore. This was expected, as I can’t imagine Spidey wanting to side with Stark at the beginning of this – it’s the guilt that gets him there.

Now if Tony controls the suit… who control’s the Spidey?

Who indeed…

Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti – we’ve discussed it here. I’ll say it again.

Colleen Wing loves me.

She will continue to love me in this ongoing series.

It’s in the gutters.. both literally and figuratively speaking.

Having read the description of this book, I was confused how it would be a Civil War Tie-In, but it seemingly is! Cable spinning the registration act towards his own goals. It’s really quite neat – which leads me to another brief editorial.

When are people going to start wondering what the hell Cable is up to? I know he’s going to be appearing as a mainstay in a future X-Book, but he is quite literally gaining more land the Vatican.. or DOOOOM! (Sorry, this column was feeling a touch Doomless) – Aren’t the world governments concerned? Or is it just nice because he’s ‘not in our backyard’?

Either way, the fact that he’s playing the politico game is pretty neat… and that’s one to grow on.

(Courtesy of E3)

These are the games we can look forward to in the coming year:

ULTIMATE ALLIANCE – Already predicted the greatest game ever invented… ok, maybe not that good – but if you went and looked at some of the preview bits on it, it is pretty. Very Very Very pretty.

As a sidenote – this game is going to be available for: PlayStation(R) 3, Xbox 360(TM), Nintendo Wii(TM), PlayStation(R) 2, Xbox, Sony PSP(TM), Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and Windows PC platforms.

Meaning? Are you reading this? You will be able to play this game. Oh, unless you own a Mac.. suckers. Then again, if you own a new Intel Mac…

X-MEN: THE OFFICIAL GAME – Based on the movie and has Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Iceman as playable… a strange choice of characters.

MARVEL TRADING CARD GAME – For PSP, DS, and PC… an interesing choice for a game, I’ll be interested in seeing how they do ‘buying packs’ or even if they bother with such. It’s been fairly well-knownst that card games on the pc don’t work, but I enjoyed the old original MAGIC: THE GATHERING card game for the PC (No, not Battlemage).

GHOST RIDERFeaturing many of the characters and motorcycles from the comic book and upcoming movie, Ghost Rider will engage gamers in an immersive, supernatural third person world with a seamless blend of hand-to-hand combat and high-speed motorcycle action.

So it’s going to be Road Rash? That’s kinda neat…


So I took what was a crappy week in news and turned into gold.

That’s what I do.

I make gold.

I’m Rumplestiltskin Bitch!


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So until next time kids… Make Marvel Mine

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