[MISC] 1PW – Know Your Enemy 2006 – Night 2 – Show Report

“Final Tournament to decide who will be the first 1PW World Tag Team Champions PLUS 1PW World Title Defence! Featuring Christian Cage, Abyss, Steve Corino, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Doug Williams, Al Snow, Chad Collyer, The Blue Meanie, Colt Cabana, Nigel McGuiness and many more!”

To kick things off for Night two of Know Your Enemy, a 6 man cruiserweight scramble rules elimination match was interrupted before it could get underway by Andy Simmons. Simmons pretty much slagged off all the wrestlers in the ring, then started making his way to the centre of the ring. Spud then tapped him on the shoulder, sucker-punched him, then all the cruiser’s beat Simmons down, then threw him out of the ring.

Finally, the match got underway. Pac picked up the win, after a great spot-filled match. Pac is crazy. Moonsaults to the outside and more. Crowd was very behind Pac.

The new colour commentator (didn’t catch his name) made his way to the ring, and he announced that apparently he had infact managed to convince Samoa Joe to defy doctors orders and fly over here to make an appearance for 1PW.

Joe’s music and video hit, but then ‘Flawless’ Jay Phoenix came out instead. A nice ‘little thing’ that I thought was great, was as soon as people realised it wasn’t Joe, the screen changed from “Samoa Joe” to “fears Jay Phoenix”. I loved that.

Anyway, Phoenix cut an average promo calling Joe a “soaking wet pussy” (which actually got some cheers from the crowd), before he was interrupted by Nigel McGuiness. McGuiness has had his wallet stolen, and was accusing Phoenix of stealing it. They had a good match, with the crowd really wanting to see Phoenix get his ass handed to him. McGuiness is built like a brick shit house. No surprise to anybody that he won.

Next up was the fist semi-final tag tournament match between “The Dream Team” AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs. “Team SHAG” (Street Hooligan Adventure Gang) Colt Cabana and Darren Burridge. Styles and Daniels won a VERY entertaining match, but not before having a dance off and getting loads of comedy spots in from both teams. I can’t describe how funny this match was. If you ever have the urge to see Chris Daniels and AJ Styles enjoying themselves, breaking character and doing some really old-school dance moves, then buy the DVD.

To get the crowd into “Team Shag” there were videos played throughout the night called “SHAG around Doncaster” and basically showed what they were up to before the event. Really funny, and the crowd loved them for it. Apart from Styles and Daniels, Team SHAG were the most over tag team the entire night.

The second semi-final tag tourney match was up next, featuring Jonny Storm and Jody Fliesh against Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers and Chris Hammrick). As per custom, another dance off ensued, but Southern Comfort copped out at the last minute. After a good ‘give and take’ match, Storm and Fliesh emerged victorious. After the match, Southern Comfort cut a promo, giving props to Storm and Fliesh, and basically putting them over.

The next match was supposed to be the four tag teams that didn’t win during the previous night’s quarter-final tag team tournament matches, but for some reason Justin Credible didn’t show, so we only got a three-way tag match. Never the less, Generation Next (Strong and Aries) eliminated the Japanese Team (I forget the names), then the BWO (Meanie and Al Snow) pinned Rod Strong to win the match. A good, solid match.

After the match, Ulf Herman came out and cut a promo saying that because he was unsuccessful in beating Abyss for the 1PW World Title last night at KNE Night 1, that he was considering retiring, much to the dismay of the fans.

Iceman (some fat English wrestler) then came out and basically beat the shit out of Ulf after throwing Ulf into the steel guard rail outside the ring a couple of times. Ulf was way over… Iceman was… not. Although he did get some “You Fat Bastard” chants.

Chad Collyer vs. Ricky Reyes went to a double count-out, which the crowd shat all over. Neither guy was over much either, but they worked hard and put on a great technical match none-the-less.

Sterling James Keenan held the rope to beat Chris Hammrick, who was pulling double duty tonight. Standard match, with back and forth action. Keenan will be a big player in years to come if he can keep up the good match quality he has. He’s got the look, he can talk, all he needs is a main-event feud or a bit of a rub, and he’ll be there.

Doug Williams beat Lance Storm in for me, the match of the night. A perfect pairing of opponents, the match was clean, crisp and technical, with great give and take actions. The crowd was red hot for both Lance and Williams too, which made it all the more memorable.

Jonny Storm and Jody Fliesh beat AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels to be crowned the first ever 1PW World Tag Team Champions. The match flowed well, and both teams gelled well together, probably due to their similar styles of wrestling. After the match, Styles and Daniels put over Storm and Fliesh, then the British duo thanked the fans, opponents, management, etc. The crowd was hot all night, but this sent them over the edge.

The main event of the night was a triple threat match involving 1PW World Champion Abyss, “The Kind of Old School” Steve Corino and “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage.

As per usual, the main event was awesome and involved the use of barbwire tables (Corino was power bombed through one), barbwire steel chairs, barbwire baseball bats and in the sickest spot I’ve ever seen live in my 15+ years of watching the sport, as all three men were fighting in the stands, Abyss wrapped a rope around Corinos neck, then momentarily hung him over the balcony, before letting go and dropping Corino into the merchandise table some 15/20 feet below. That will probably live with me forever. The crowd blew the roof of the place when that happened, and I can’t blame them.

Once Abyss and Christian Cage made their way back to the ring, Corino’s son came out and an angle was played out from the night before where Abyss “hospitalised” the kid, and was about to chokeslam him until Christian made the save. Christian then hit the Unprettier on Abyss, and as he was helping the kid out of the ring, Corino quickly covered Abyss to become the new 1PW World Champion.

The crowd went wild. Christian congratulated Corino, and then Corino made a long speech thanking 1PW, Management, the wrestlers in the back, and most importantly, the fans.

Overall, a solid show. Just goes to show you why 1PW is fastly becoming the hottest “Indy” fed in Europe.

– Danny Wallace