[SD] World Heavyweight Title Update

Originally, the plan was for Rey Mysterio to drop the World Heavyweight Title to JBL at Judgement Day. This was mainly due to JBL’s recently injured back being a more pressing issue that requires more urgent action than Mysterio’s injured knees. JBL is expected to be out for around three months. Also, Mysterio has been the sole constant shining light in Smackdown’s ratings this year, even after his treatment by the likes of Mark Henry and Khali. He is expected to hold the title until at least the Great American Bash. It is still unconfirmed whether or not Chavo Guerrero will turn on Mysterio at some point. There had been talk of doing an angle where Chavo and Mysterio’s wife would be having an affair, but this might not go ahead. Vickie Guerrero, Eddie’s widow, was backstage at Judgement Day to go over a script for Chavo’s upcoming storyline, so it may well simply revolve around Chavo’s jealousy towards Mysterio’s use of his uncle’s name.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)