The Colour – Between Earth and Sky Review

Website: The Colour

The Inside Pulse:
Go, LA! The Colour joins the scene of revamped alt-rock, combining stripped-down riffs with pure attitude. Where Between Earth and Sky differs from its contemporaries isn’t so much uniqueness, but rather in vibe. It’s deeper than party rock, but not overly intense, either. The sound The Colour creates feels more natural than many of the popular “The” bands that populate the airwaves. In such, Earth and Sky feels cohesive and non-contrived.

Positives: “The Devil’s Got A Holda Me” marches in with an R&B influence not unlike ’70s radio rock staples, but certainly not patterned after them, either. And that’s the mood that permeates the entirety of the EP; laid-back, swagger-ridden alt-rock. (So many hyphens, so little time.)

Negatives: The Colour has huge potential to get lost in the shuffle as their redeeming qualities are considerably more subtle than most listeners search to find. Between Earth and Sky is wonderful when taken on its own, but tossed in with the rest of current pop culture, it’s a blip on the radar just like all the rest.

Cross-breed: One big bathtub of HIM, the Rolling Stones, U2, and The Strokes.

Reason To Buy: If you like the genre, you won’t be displeased. While not groundbreaking, it’s a fine album in its own right.