Kaki King – …Until We Felt Red Review

Website: Kaki King

The Inside Pulse:
Known for being a solo acoustic artist with her two previous albums, Kaki King has decided to scrap all that by plugging in and opening up her mouth. King was critically praised for her expressive and intense style; this hasn’t changed one bit on …Until We Felt Red. It’s emotionally delicate with charged moments, very pretty with the occasional harsh tone, and an overwhelming atmosphere that pleads for introspection. The instrumentation is complex yet seemingly random, and therein lies the appeal of Kaki King.

Positives: As far as art goes, …Until We Felt Red is near the top of the charts. Surprising turns in songs like “You Don’t Have To Be Afraid” and “I Never Said I Love You” break up a slow pace. The entire album is quite atmospheric.

Negatives: This is certainly a niche album, and even with changes in instrumentation, Kaki King isn’t going to burst out of the artiste scene anytime soon. Regardless, the album crawls along like a snail and songs often meander so far into their own existence that one wonders how they can relate. Art for art’s sake, as the saying goes.

Cross-breed: Kate Bush’s intensity, but performed by Mazzy Star on Quaaludes.

Reason To Buy: It’s a beautiful piece of art. But if that’s not what you’re going for, stay clear.