El Presidente – El Presidente Review

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The Inside Pulse:
The odd little quintent out of Glasgow, El Pres!dente follows in the footsteps of fellow ’70s glam revivalists with their eponymous debut. If that’s T-Rex you’re smelling in the air, don’t stop to sniff a second time; El Pres!dente represents the fandom in spades albeit with an update for today’s audience. Glossy, spangly, bouncy, and everything else you would expect from such a thing, it’s a refreshingly upbeat sound without resorting to kitsch.

Positives: For being a project that borrows so heavily from stars of yesteryear, it’s amazing how El Pres!dente has kept their product from sounding dated. Unlike Scissor Sisters, it’s devoid of camp; songs like “Count On Me” definitely recall Bowie, but firmly belong in 2006. All in all, there’s some top-notch pop structuring presented in a manner where influences are easily derived but contemporary soundalikes are much more difficult to find. The icing on the cake is Dante Gizzi’s distinctive voice: great pop vocalist, but when stressed, he sounds almost like Axl Rose.

Negatives: Welcome to the land of super-dippy pop lyrics. Nearly all of the songs on El Pres!dente are pretty empty-headed. It seems they put more of their efforts and talent into the music itself, and while that’s perfectly acceptable, it doesn’t excuse some moments where even Britney Spears would cringe at the generic, anonymous babble.

Cross-breed: Slade gets a grown up kick in the butt by David Bowie and is coached by Oasis.

Reason To Buy: Fun, fun record that won’t sound like much else in your catalog. And there’s really not that much pop out there that’s written so distinctly as well as non-monotonously. Forgive the lyrics and you’ll never be happier.