Paatos – Silence Of Another Kind Review

Website: Paatos

The Inside Pulse:
Swedish quintet Paatos unleashes their third album Silence of Another Kind, a dark and moody affair. Singer Petronella Nettermalm’s voice floats with nuance above layers of very subtle instrumentation. It’s calm, it’s wistful, and it’s spooky, but all of this masks some very haunting lyrics. What at first glance seems to be a gentle pussycat of a record turns quickly in to something much more complex.

Positives: Opening track “Shame” is a bit more rambuncious than the rest of the album, but provides a solid platform nonetheless. Later in the album, “There Will Be No Miracles” adds a bit more catchiness to the mix as one of the only really uptempo and rock-laden tracks.

Negatives: Oh, if only there were more of those rocking-out tracks, as Paatos does them so well. The rest of the album is aimless, meandering, and coma-inducing. There is nothing energetic about Silence of Another Kind and provides almost nothing that will stick with the listener.

Cross-breed: The Gathering’s sleepiest tracks with Lush’s sleepiest tracks. Add in Mazzy Star’s sleepiest tracks.

Reason To Buy: If you’re an insomniac.