The NeelDown iMPACT Zone

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The NeelDown iMPACT Zone

– From Orlando, Florida

– Hosts are Mike Tenay & Don West

– Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner come out to start to harass Tenay and West, wanting to know who their opponents will be. They drag West into the ring and choke him. Sting comes out, as does Raven, and they brawl until the heels flee. And yes, Raven still looks like a cancer patient.

America’s Most Worthless v. The Naturals
I don’t know how many times they can recycle this match, each of them more worthless than the last, especially when it isn’t even for the titles. The Naturals are sporting new tights. AMW take over to start after being dumped, and Storm works on Douglas. They collide and Stevens gets the hot tag for some double teaming. Gail tries using the NIGHTSTICK OF DOOM, but AJ n’ Chris stop her and throw it to the Naturals. But they wouldn’t accept a cheap win like that, despite the fact that it would be beneficial to their careers, especially after coming off the long failed attempt at the Chase Stevens solo career. He did have the SSP off the cage, though. AMW take advantage and use the nightstick to get the win. Short and to the point. *
Winners: America’s Most Worthless

– Shelley continues to bring the funny with the Jeremy Borash bashing, until Nash gets involved and says his dick is the Shelley Cam tripod. Oy.

Alex Shelley v. Jay Lethal
Shelley takes him down to start but gets pounded on and dropkicked. Lethal gets a backdrop suplex for two. Shelley gets an exploder for two, then goes into a bridge hammerlock-looking thing. That’s what I love about Shelley, besides his great gimmick and humor, the different variety he brings to every match. Lethal gets out and makes the comeback with a leg lariat from the top and a headscissors. Shelley accidentally gets whipped into Nash, and Lethal rolls him up for the pin. Afterwards Nash and Shelley gang up on him. As usual, these two can always bring the goods, and provided more time they really could have done something. **1/4
Winner: Jay Lethal

– Team 3-Dead rant about Bubba’s chubbiness and some other nonsense. They are really, really trying too hard with this humor gimmick with them.

Jeff Jarrett v. Raven – King of the Mountain qualifier
Raven is in the crowd with a garbage can, so Jarrett goes after him with a chair but gets pounded on. Back inside Jarrett gains the advantage but Raven takes him down with a clothesline. They brawl up the ramp side where a table is set up. Raven tries an elbow from the ramp, but goes through the table. This is basically a made-for TV version of the April 2003 title match between these two. Jarrett gets a chair and wacks him with it a few times and they go backstage to the cheap-looking concession area. That’s probably their only one, so I guess everyone who wanted food when sitting through the next two hours of the tapings are screwed. Jarrett uses the old relish in the eyes trick, then tries an AIR SABU but crashes through the concession wall. Raven then suplexes him through a table there. He misses some chair shots but chokes him with a chain in the tunnel. Raven hiptosses him all the way down the ramp. Back inside Raven gets a kneelift and tries the DDT on a chair, but Jarrett blocks it and bumps the ref. Jarrett tries El Kabong, but Raven locks in a sleeper. Jarrett reverses it, but runs into the drop toe hold into the chair. Raven takes the guitar, but Larry Zybysko comes out and stops him. Jarrett tries the same, but gets held back too. Raven gets it back but misses and El Kabongs Larry, allowing Jarrett to get the Stroke for the pin. Jarrett can certainly still bring the goods in these types of matches with all kinds of nice selling, even despite Raven’s sloppiness. Good match. ***
Winner: Jeff Jarrett

End of show.