[ECW] Tons of News Including Updated One Night Stand Card

– PWInsider.com is saying that it expects next week’s RAW and SD to be very focused on next Sunday’s ECW One Night Stand Pay Per View. Sabu, The Sandman, Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer, as well as Paul Heyman and possibly others should be on the shows, with WWE.com already announcing an RVD/John Cena contract signing for RAW. The live WWE vs. ECW Head to Head special will be on the USA Network next Wednesday, with plans to do “inter-promotional matches” although the final line-up isn’t 100% and plans always change.

– ECW superstars should be involved on Monday Night RAW on June 12 at State College, PA, since it is the day after the PPV and day before the SciFi debut. ECW may very well also have a presense on Smackdown, which tapes before the ECW debut, but will air afterwards.

– PWInsider.com reports that tickets for ECW’s return to the ECW Arena in philly on June 24 will be $25. Tommy Dreamer, Paul Heyman, Rob Van Dam, and several others will be appearing there for the first time since December 2000, with Kurt Angle making his wrestling debut there (he was on a show there in October 1996 following his Olympic win).

– On Smackdown last night, Tazz challenged Lawler to “one last match.” The two feuded years ago on Smackdown, and recently, The King has been talking a lot of smack about The Human Suplex Machine. Tazz, however, has been out of action since becoming a full-time color commentator due to years of injuries. To read a story on this, click here.

– Following Smackdown, here is the official and projected line-up for ECW One Night Stand:

WWE Championship
Champion John Cena (RAW) vs. Rob Van Dam

World Heavyweight Championship
Champion Rey Mysterio (SD) vs. Sabu

“WWE Co-Hardcore Champions” Mick Foley & Edge (RAW) vs. Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer

Tazz vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler (RAW)

Open Challenge
Kurt Angle vs. “anyone from a four-, six- or eight-sided ring”

Of course, we’ll have more on this as it unfolds.