The Sunday HEAT

— You know the old saying, “Lights, Camera, Action!”? Well don’t worry, if you don’t, you’ll see what it means as HEAT’s got it all this time.

– Eugene & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Caden Mathews & Navajo Warrior
When I press play to start this match, I get the sudden feeling that I’m watching dumb and dumber for some reason, I wonder why? Well you know who’s going to win as the jobber tag team get the no-entrance treatment. As time goes on some more, I remember watching The Ringer with the Jackass star, only that was funnier. Hmm, maybe I’m just in the mood to watch some movies. Eugene and Hacksaw hulk up or whatever they do, three point stance clothesline for the win.
Winner: Eugene & Hacksaw Jim Duggan

– Charlie Hass vs. John Williams
Now from going to movies, we go to the music portion of our show with special world re-known conductor John Williams, he we all have to have soundtracks to movies. Oh wait it isn’t that John Williams… ok nevermind. Well being a conductor he doesn’t even get a theme song. Hass takes control early on and getting down an arm drag for two. Williams fights back for a bit, until Hass targets the arm once more. Hanger over the ropes followed by a belly to belly gets two for Williams. Hass gets in a belly to back, few punches close in followed by the high big boot. Hass puts in his kicks to the back and one to the face to set up the inverted DDT.
Winner: Charlie Hass

– Goldust & Snitsky vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
And we come to the entertainment part of our show today. We get the lovable duo who shouldn’t be together, going against the bad guys who want to stop them in their tracks. Almost sounds like every other movie that’s been done for the last 10 years. Goldust starts off the match against Cade and gets the upper hand quickly, setting up Cade and his partner up with atomic drops, clearing out the ring. Cade and Murdoch yell at each other outside for a bit before regrouping and taking a few knees to Goldust. Murdoch is tagged in and some double team gets the golden one reeling. Drop-toe hold from Cade stops the potential tag with a leg drop for 2! Murdoch back in, and hot tag to Snitsky as this time he clears the ring, slamming the opposing team. But Cade goes low and Trevor goes high in the clothesline department to get the sudden 1-2-3.
Winner: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

– Carlito vs. Rob Conway
Wow what did Carlito do to get shot down to HEAT 3 weeks in a row!?!? But he is in our MAIN EVENT. Does this make him our un-official HEAT champ? And Carlito probably makes a run for the title as he slaps Conway around for a bit. But Conway gets in a huge clothesline before tossing Carlito out of the ring and take him ring edge to the post. Back in the ring, Conway follows it up with a few elbow drops. Carlito finally fires back after losing most of this match, kick to the gut and a high knee followed by a clothsline. Spring board back elbow connects for just 2! Reverse knee back breaker hits for Carlito.
Winner: Carlito

The HEAT Wave
Wasn’t a very good show this time, yes I know it’s HEAT, but to much jobbers in here that really didn’t give you a “I wonder who’s going to win?” feeling. Its good to see Hass picking up the wins as well as seeing RAW talent such as Carlito, but the last two weeks they’ve been making him job most of the match before picking up the win. And that’s not cool . Till next time, I’m out. Peace!