The Velocity Report

Sorry about the lateness once again everyone. I’ve got one more Velocity until this is all over, and I should have all my work done before then. Either way, let’s get this out of the way.

Opening Contest: Gunner Scott verses Simon Dean
You’d think with Benoit’s temporary departure, Scott would have gotten much more of a push. Scott takes Dean down a few times for a few one counts. Dean gets a knee in, but runs off the ropes into a hiptoss by Scott. Scott goes to follow up with a crossbody onto Dean but Dean ducks and Scott lands on the rope, which looked a bit painful actually, and Dean gets a two count. Dean takes it to Scott with kicks, knees, and punches before Dean reverses a sliding back pin, sending Scott into the turnbuckles, and bounces off the ropes with a spear to Scott. Dean gets a stomp on Scott for a two count before he clubs away on the ribs and locks on the abdominal stretch. Scott reverses with a back drop, inverted atomic drop follows as well as a dropkick to Dean. Scott kicks away on Dean in the corner before he nails a bad hiptoss, followed by a german for a two count. Dean runs right into a big boot, Scott misses the clothesline, and Dean runs right into the overhead Belly to Belly for the victory.
Winner: Gunner Scott

Nice match to open Velocity; Seven out of Ten.

Still to come: Mysterio / Angle from SmackDown and London and Kendrick take on the Mexicools.


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Batista returns! I forget how many days!

Second Contest: Gregory Helms verses Wavel Star
Interesting name. Helms goes behind with a hammerlock before taking Star down with an arm lock, Star gets up with Helms still working the arm. Star turns it into a hammerlock of his own briefly before Helms gets a drop toe hold into a reverse headlock. Helms shoves Star and Star shoves Helms, who runs into a few hip tosses. Off the ropes and Helms throws Star out of the ring. Helms takes it to Star on the outside, sets him up on the apron and gets a kick to the chest for a two count. Suplex by Helms before he goes up top and jumps of with a crossbody for another two count. Helms gets a chicken wing on, nailing some knees to the forehead, for a two count. Helms locks in a cobra clutch on Star, but Star fan fave’s to his feet and goes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Star nails some rights to Helms, irish whip into the corner but he runs right into an elbow shot, followed by a dropkick by Helms! Nightmare On Helms Street for the victory.
Winner: Gregory Helms

I like Gregory Helms, and Star wasn’t too shabby either. But a squash, no matter how good, is still a squash. -Two out of Ten.


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Sabu ECW Video

Third Contest: Tatanka verses John Williams
Aw crap. It’s too cold for this crap. Williams attacks from behind to start but Tatanka gets a hiptoss.Tatanka man titties to rival JBL’s, they could make a high profile feud out of that actually. Tatanka gets a chop in followed by another hip toss and a clothesline. Suplex by Tatanka. Williams makes a comeback, Tatanka runs into the turnbuckles and Williams gets a few stomps onto the chest. Romero and Matthews talk about the additions to the SmackDown Diva Roster, which just proves how good this match is. Tatanka gets a comeback; shoulder body toss leads into a chop, scoop slam, and a running .. shoulder block or something, he missed by a mile anyway. Trail’s End for the victory.
Winner: Tatanka

I try to be positive when it comes to wrestler’s I don’t like, but this was just boring. -Four out of Ten, I didn’t go the whole five yards because they actually kept some sort of a pace.


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Main Event: The Mexicools verses Brian Kendrick and Paul London
Handshakes to start. Aww, how sportsmanly. Crazy and Kendrick start with Kendrick getting a hammerlock, Cdazt trips Kendrick down but Kendrick rolls back to his feet and Crazy works the arm, Kendrick rolls and reverses it, as does Crazy this time getting a hammerlock. Kendrick flips over Crazy, misses the clothesline and Crazy goes for a full nelson but Kendrick rolls down into a pinning combination which Crazy rolls into one of his own, both getting a two. Lock up and Kendrick gets a headlock, off the ropes with a shoulder block, Crazy jumps over Kendrick and rolls down for a monkey flip but Kendrick jumps up onto the ropes and gets a moonsault, missing Crazy but landing on his feet. Hip toss by Kendrick, Crazy lands on his feet from a monkey flip by Kendrick who then nails Crazy with a hurricanrana, but Crazy rolls it into his own two count. Crowd obviously cheers an another handshake; London and Psicosis tagged in. Psicosis behind but London gets the arm of Psicosis, before mpsicosis works the arm of London and picks London up for a fireman’s carry but drops him down into a headlock; Psicosis off the ropes with a shoulder block, but London doesn’t get knocked down! Psicosis goes for it again but London doesn’t go down (cough) once more. Psicosis goes for a clothesline but London grabs the arm and tags in Kendrick, dope toe hold by London and Kendrick with a high elbow drop for a two count. Hurricanana on Psicosis for a two count. Kendrick off the ropes with a crossbody but Psicosis catches him and nails a x-factor face plant for a pinfall, bringing in London and Crazy, who soon take it outside. Kendrick goes for the Sliced Break No. 2 but Psicosis catches him, drops him on the ropes, and School boy – while holding the ropes – for the three count!
Winners: The Mexicools

Post match the Mexicools are a bit worried about the way they won, but celebrate their victory none the less. Absolutely terrible ending to what would have been a great match. Seven out of Ten. So this week’s Velocity stands at;

Gunner Scott verses Simon Dean: 7 / 10
Gregory Helms verses Wavel Star: -2 / 10
Tatanka verses John Williams: -4 / 10
HooliganZ verses The Mexicools: 7 / 10
Velocity 3/6/2006: 8/40

It was what it was. Hopefully the main event is just a lead in to a storyline between the Mexicools and the HooliganZ, but a totally forgettable episode outside of that. Until SmackDown, Ciao Y’all.