Thursday – A City By The Light Divided Review

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The Inside Pulse:
Quite possibly one of the biggest punk/emo bands in the world, Thursday caught critical acclaim with their last record War All The Time. After nearly breaking up in 2005, Thursday hit the studio and recorded A City By The Light Divided. Can these New Jersey stalwarts live up to the hype generated by their last album? Or will they falter and buckle under the pressure?

A fantastically entertaining album. Thursday have been able to keep the tempo high and the different twists and turns taken on each track are very good. Thursday are also very successful at keeping the slower tracks from dragging down the album at all, as they are spaced in the record at what seems like the right time.

It also seems as if vocalist Geoff Rickly found his groove and the right balance of screaming/singing/power vocals for this record. He’s spot on on nearly every track.

As seems to be the case over time, this album may be a hit or miss to older Thursday fans. This isn’t a screamo record by any stretch, but it’s also not a complete Dashboard Confessional-ish tissue box rock record.

This is what Far may sound like had they remained together combined with a pinch of prog-rock. Thursday have been able to establish themselves as bending the punk/emo/screamo genre.

Reason to buy:
A very solid and enjoyable disc from start to finish. High recommendation.