Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat – Recap – Episode 2

This time around I am going to present to you the list of teams and how I would rank them week-to-week. It will be strictly based on performance in the challenges. I will use a basic points system with 12 points going to first place in a challenge, 11 points for second place, 10 points for third, and so on..all the way down for 1 point for last place. The points for first place will reduce each week as teams get eliminated.

I forget to mention last week, but this “Fresh Meat” challenge has more of a ‘Survivor’ feel to it! I mean it uses exile for starters and exile seems like something straight from ‘Survivor’. Probably because it is. CBS does own MTV, so it’s not totally illegal. Just saying.

Anyways..last week, we saw MTV switch things up and pair a Real World/Road Rules “alumni” member with a “fresh meat” person. After that we saw all the teams gang up on the “newbie” Real World: Austin cast and put Danny and Ev head-to-head with Wes and Casey. After both teams went to exile, Danny and Ev were eliminated. Will another Austin cast member be eliminated this week or can they stick together and survive?! Find out next!

Here is how I would rank the teams after Week 1…

The Teams

#1 – Coral and Evan
#2 – Shane and Linette
#3 – Wes and Casey
#4 – Darrell and Aviv
#5 – Theo and Chanda
#6 – Katie and Eric
#7 – Tina and Kenny
#8 – Tonya and Johnnie
#9 – Derrick and Diem
#10 – Melinda and Ryan
#11 – Johanna and Jesse
#12 – Danny and Ev

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat – (Episode 2)

Cue the music..cue the entrances..cue the video game effects with each team being shown together as it gets loaded onto your TV or computer screen. The “alumni” are dressed in black, while the “fresh meat” are dressed in red. Oh..and it’s TJ Lavin as the host playing this “video game”…

Derrick talks to Diem and he says that she is the only person he can trust in this game. He asks if there is anything she is afraid of and that leads to her telling him that she has all of these problems. She had a cyst and had to have an ovary removed along with a bunch of other stuff. She also has ovarian cancer. This was all a month ago. Diem didn’t want to lie to Derrick. She wanted everything out in the open so that he knows that she is not being weak or anything. She says that she has a bigger battle after this game, but she wants to be here. Derrick says he can’t let Diem down. He will give it 110% so that she can get the most out of this experience.

The teams get their clue. “Trust and support go hand-in-hand.” Jesse says he is worried since his partner is Johanna and she is from the Austin cast. They have sucked lately and if they don’t do any better..they will probably be sent to exile. I would agree, but since he said probably won’t happen. Coral talks to Evan. They want to put more of the Austin cast members up against each other like last time. Melinda says they need to win first place today to stay out of exile.

TJ explains the rules of this challenge to the teams. It is called “Hang On”. One person from each team will be hanging upside down. They will grab the other person as they get hoisted into the air..about 20 feet up. As soon as their toes leave the water, the time starts. The time ends when they lose their grip. Coral and Evan get to pick the order for the teams since they won the last challenge. Wes says the same thing as Melinda. They need to win to stay alive, since everyone is after them. Evan tells us that they are putting two Austin cast member teams up first. By the way, two teams get hoisted up at the same time. They are not competing against each other, though. It’s overall time that wins. But Evan feels that once Wes sees a weaker person like Melinda let go, he may be more willing to let go sooner than he should. Wes tells Casey to hang on tight. He will be the one to let go..not her. Ryan feels he is at the bottom of the pole since he is with Melinda. Why? You guessed it..he’s with an Austin cast member. We get the point!

Time to start this thing! Melinda and Ryan along with Wes and Casey are up first. Melinda says she is scared of heights and her hands are slippery from being wet. She doesn’t even know if they can hang on at all. That means it’s time for our first break as the drama builds!

Commercial time!

Ryan says that all the water that is on your body slips down your body and onto your hands. The same for your partner. It’s slippery. And surprise..Casey drops in the water first. Wes doesn’t look happy. Ryan hangs tough for a little bit longer until Melinda falls. Melinda tells Johanna to dig her nails into Jesse to stay on longer. Do whatever it takes. Evan tries to get advice from Wes, but Wes is not stupid. He knows everyone is after him.

Darrell and Aviv along with Johanna and Jesse are up next. Aviv says she doesn’t like the water and Darrell doesn’t like heights, so this should be an easy challenge for them. HA! Johanna is done fast! Before the crane is even up all the way and she is sure that she is going into exile. That would make sense, but who knows. Aviv is done not too long after them. Jesse says water is the biggest factor in this challenge.

Katie and Eric along with Tonya and Johnnie are up. Johnnie says that he and Tonya are going to go a different route. He is going to grab one of her arms with both of his hands. Katie is done fast. Tonya stays on a little longer. Eric says the salt water leaked into his eyes and that is what cost him.

Tina and Kenny along with Shane and Linette are up. Tina says that she has better upper body strength than the rest of the girls so they have an advantage. Shane says that Linette has “man hands with bird arms”. Tina is down and out quickly. Coral says that Shane and Linette are a great team to the surprise of everyone. TJ says that may have taken the lead there.

Darrell gives Derrick some last minute advice. Chanda says that Shane and Linette did a great job and they hope to do the same. Derrick and Diem along with Theo and Chanda are up. TJ says that Derrick looks solid. He says the same for Theo and Chanda. Diem is the first to fall. Tina thinks that Theo and Chanda did the best around 55 seconds.

Evan says they can do a minute. Coral and Evan are last. Ryan doesn’t want them to win another challenge, since their egos would be outrageous! Eric says the top three will be Theo and Chanda, Shane and Linette, and Coral and Evan. It’s close.

TJ now ranks the teams on how they did. Here is the order:

#11 – Johanna and Jesse – 0:08
#10 – Katie and Eric – 0:10
#9 – Wes and Casey – 0:12
#8 – Tina and Kenny – 0:16
#7 – Tonya and Johnnie – 0:31
#6 – Darrell and Aviv – 0:34
#5 – Melinda and Ryan – 0:38
#4 – Derrick and Diem – 0:42
#3 – Shane and Linette – 0:43
#2 – Theo and Chanda – 0:49.30

#1 and WINNERS – Coral and Evan – 0:49.72

Evan says it’s a joke at this point. They keep winning! Theo is pissed at that and he will stop it himself!

Johanna thinks she is going into exile and we hear Coral and Evan confirm this. Wes knows it’s Johanna and he doesn’t know what to do about it. Coral says she wants to piss people off, but not so that her life is threatened. We get the decision after the break!!

Commercial time!

TJ asks Coral for the decision. And they go with Melinda and Ryan. Just what I thought. No everyone else gets to vote for the other team. Wes and Casey are going to see how the votes are going, but if need be..Wes is willing to step in front of Johanna and go back to exile to save her. Casey trusts Wes and agrees with him.

Now it’s time to vote! Katie asks Derrick who he is voting for? Derrick says he is going with Johanna and Jesse since they suck and they are from Austin. Why? You guessed it..because they want to send the Austin people home! Derrick asks Wes who he wants to go in and he wants it to be Tonya and Johnnie. But Wes realizes that is not going to happen, so he is willing to step in.

Darrell steps up and says their vote goes to Johanna and Jesse. Wes tells everyone that he wants to go into exile, since he thinks he can come back and be with Johanna. Tina asks if they should even vote any more then. Casey says her vote is for Wes and herself. She would do the same thing Wes is doing. Johanna says she couldn’t live with herself if Wes went in for her and he went home and she had to stay alone! She cries. Tina says it is too dramatic with all the crying and stuff. And that’s why Tina is an idiot. It’s always freakin’ dramatic! Just because they are girlfriend and boyfriend doesn’t mean anything. If they weren’t, then you would find some other reason to be dramatic. It’s the ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge’! Drama is #1! So get over it! Back to the votes. Tina and Kenny goes with Wes and Casey. Shane and Linette do the same. So it’s official. Wes and Casey!

They have a chance to save themselves, though, if they win the next challenge. Johanna says she loves Wes for doing that, but she is scared that he may be going home. Melinda tells Wes that he is going down. They all laugh. Wes says he is more confident in himself going into exile than sending Johanna in there. If one of them goes, then the other is pretty much lost without them. Ryan is confident that he and Melinda are going to beat Wes and Casey if it comes down to it. Ryan says Melinda better try her hardest to win the next challenge, so they won’t have to go into exile at all.

Diem says that if you have a positive outlook on anything, then you can heal yourself. She wants to prove that she can do anything that anyone else can do! And Derrick informs us that he is attracted to Diem. She is beautiful on the inside and the outside. He can make a difference in her life and that is possibly better than any money! sweet!

And we are out until next week!